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  1. Looking for english-speaking lawyer

    Yes. Unfortunately, they ask we speak German or bring someone who can speak fluent German along with us, which we currently do not have access to due to the Covid situation.
  2. Looking for english-speaking lawyer

    Hello. We're looking for a lawyer to help us clarify our current rental contract. Our German isn't great, and whilst we thought we translated the contract well enough when we moved into our apartment, there are still some questions remaining. Basically, we rushed into the apartment and are now getting charged over €2000 for mould-related damages. We air out the apartment, wipe off condensation, bought a dryer and tried cleaning the mould ourselves... but when we looked behind the furniture, we found a load more of it. The landlord has sent two different people round who point the blame on us, so we contacted but they said they cannot help us in english.   We have liability insurance and home insurance, but at this point we just want to understand our contract better. We're unsure if, in the case we pay these repairs, we'll have to pay again next winter (if mould returns) or, if a pipe bursts, we will have to pay the costs for that. There was water damage in the wall behind our bathroom last summer and our landlord checked we were insured, which confused us because we don't think building damages should rely on our insurance. Our landlord also says they will pay half the fee, which again, has confused us as this isn't in our contract. Only small repairs are listed in our contract, so we want help knowing where we legally stand. Our previous apartment contract said we pay up to €150 for large damages, after which the landlord paid the remaining fees, but with our current one, there is no such thing. Also, as I rent out my apartment in the UK, I know I cannot ask £2000+ up-front like this to pay for repairs. Renting in Germany is so different... Anyway, we're looking for recommendations for lawyers who can help us.