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  1. Wedding planner in Frankfurt

    I'd like to revive this thread as my fiancé and I are considering getting married in Frankfurt. We are both British expats, do not speak much German and do not understand how weddings work in Germany. For a while, we thought we would get married in England, but we live here, can organise it more easily, and prefer it here anyway! However, we're looking for an english-speaking wedding planner to help. It seems like a few people here may have known someone...?
  2. I'm really fed up of accepting neighbours parcels... I have recently moved into a new apartment block (ground floor). I work at home, often on a calls or recording, and the doorbell goes 3-4 times a day, disrupting my work, and it's rarely for me. 2-3 times, it's parcel deliveries for neighbours (the other times, it's for the doctor's next door). Then, they hand me a small stack of parcels every day. Barely a thank you from the neighbours when they're collected.   I said to the DHL delivery guy I won't accept anymore but he got aggressive and shoved the neighbours parcel in my hand. I complained to DHL but nothing came of it. They still continue to ring.   So, I just don't answer the door anymore, but the noise is still disrupting my work. I may just unplug my doorbell since it's rarely for me! And I'll collect my own parcels from the packstations since they're only a minute walk away.   Anyway... I was wondering if there was anything else I can do here? Is it normal for ground floor apartments to accept all mail? They NEVER call any other apartment. I'd like to keep my doorbell if possible.
  3. Taxed on UK rental income in Germany

    Brilliant  Thank you so much!
  4. Taxed on UK rental income in Germany

      Thank you Panda  I want to check if this is all up-to-date? The link to the double tax treaty in the second thread is missing.   I have experienced changes already due to Brexit (regarding my health insurance, living accommodation) so it seems to me like Germany is treating UK expats as though the UK has already left EU... Could this be what's going on? Or has the law officially changed? Or maybe my accountant has just got it wrong?
  5. Taxed on UK rental income in Germany

    No, no. Good to know it's right!  Thanks
  6. Taxed on UK rental income in Germany

      No, it's total bill for the year. It adds up, as you say, just checking if it's meant to happen at all whilst UK is still in EU.
  7. Taxed on UK rental income in Germany

      I did and this is what they came back with. I just need to know if it's correct before going back to them/ finanzamt. From what people have said, it seems correct since it's earnings from overseas but I thought, whilst UK is still in EU, this was exempt. I am wondering if Germany is already treating me as though UK is no longer in EU (there's still time!). This happened with my health insurance already, you see.
  8. Taxed on UK rental income in Germany

    Rental income was approx €4000
  9. Hi. I'm sorry there are a few posts on this, but I need specific advice... I am self employed. I have a German accountant who handles my tax, finances etc. I received my last tax return recently saying I owe €3000 to Finanzamt. I earnt approx €20000 for that year, so this seemed too much. When I enquired, they said my UK rental income from my property was taken into consideration. I sent them my UK tax assessment (after submitting my self assessment to HMRC) because they asked for it, but I didn't think I was to be taxed on it as well, since UK is still in EU.   Finanzamt will take the €3000 out of my account next month. Is there anything I can do or is this all correct? From what I've read in other posts, this seems like a mistake?