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  1. Hi, we are would like to sell our house, which is located in-between Erding and Markt Schwaben near the S-Bahn (S2) stop St.Koloman   In summary and to avoid confusion: Its a huge but old 7 room (4 Bedroom) house with 30 sqm, 2 room Annexe (rentable/airbnb), that totals 164sqm living space on the 1158sqm plot, that borders a small forest and stream. Its already at a very good/character/rustic standard as parts of the house have been renovated, but depending on your own expectations, more could be invested to achieve an even higher standard.   The reason to sell is that we will be moving closer to her family (200km West of Munich) and with current/future home office policies, we no longer need to reside in the Munich area anymore. But at least only commute back here a few times a month.   Please take a look at the Expose below:   Our intention is to try this privately for the time being, if this doesnt work we will then go to immoscout.