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  1. Teenager neighbor's noise driving us nuts

    Oh my, what a load of great responses & wonderful stories ;-)  Sorry for taking time to read & reply, things have gotten busy lately.   So here's the current status:   I ran into the mom on the 30th Dec and had a friendly chat with her... She took it well but seemed quite surprised (and more than a bit embarrassed which I was somewhat glad to see). She actually let it slip that she was "wondering where our bedroom was and was hoping it wasn't above his son's room" so when I confirmed to her that it was indeed right above the ruckus, she took the point and said how sorry she was etc. etc.    Turns out the kid is having his little parties (he's 17 btw) when she's not around and she said she'll talk to him. I thanked her and told her that we naturally don't expect him to live like a saint -  would be quite unrealistic for a teenager anyway - but stressed I will be forced to call the police on him and his mates if this doesn't get any better (and added that I would hate to be that neighbour).   Then a couple of days silence, but earlier this week they were at it again, I saw 7 of them leaving around 1 am with bottles of wines under their arms heading up the street, probably heading to one of the mates' house (or into the woods, who knows). I also heard him this week with his music but he stopped around 11 pm so that's already a bit of improvement.   I've started keeping the noise journal  - the mom did ask me to let her know immediately if it continues - and will wait another week or so to see what happens. It's a bit weird as sometimes for weeks it's all quiet, and then out of the blue, he's at it again.   Thanks again for all the advice, much appreciated.    
  2. Neighbour keeps turning the heating off

    Does your building have a Hausverwaltung (building management company)? I would try them first & then the landlady...    In our building - also centrally heated in some kind of boiler room with individual metered radiators in the apartments - which is a similarly small complext of 5 apartments, every now and again we have the issue that the Hausmeister accidentally turns OFF the heating/hot water/sometimes both when he comes to switch it on or off twice a year.   Once we ended up with 13°C in the apartment over a long weekend with no hot water AND no heating. My usual recourse is calling the Hausvervaltung who send around their maintenance guy or the Hausmeister to check. If I can't reach them I ask the landlord to take care of it. Although it has to be said that none of the tenats have a key to the boiler room so we have to go through the Hausverwaltung either way.   If your building does have a Hausverwaltung, they (and their Hausmeister) should lock the room and hang on to the key where the boiler is so this 'lovely' neighbour does not have free roam to change the settings...  Is that an option for you?
  3. Teenager neighbor's noise driving us nuts

    Contact between 2 households and up to 5 people  I think - having a bunch of teenage kids hanging together I highly doubt any of them are siblings. So yes, it's even "illegal" right now.   I'll try talking to the mom and see where that goes.   Thanks!  
  4. Teenager neighbor's noise driving us nuts

    Hello good folks of TT,   It's been a while so let me start by saying i hope everyone here enjoyed some peace & bliss during the holidays :-)   Now for the topic I'm hoping you can help figure this out...  We live in an old and badly insulated building with just 5 apartments, all couples or singles, some pets and no kids. Except the one teenager downstairs, I'll come back to that in a minute. The building has an odd layout, with angles & split levels everywhere - this is only relevant because of the noise issue we're having recently.    So a single mom moved in around the same time we did with an angelic-looking son and up until this year it was all good, then hormones kicked in and the kid started turning into a teenage monster. He's around 16 now. His bedroom is directly below ours, on the ground floor, his windows overlooking the front narrow strip of a 'garden' (really more of a walkway to the back with a hedge blocking the street), He tends to consider this outside area and the building's main entrance - next to his bedroom and below our terrace, which is next to our bedroom - as his 'hangout'.    He has his mates over regularly on weeknights and weekdays, a mixed group of teenage boys / girls, about 6-7 of them at any one time. They mostly stay in his room which is fine, although we do hear the chatter and music, but nothing unmanagable. That I can put down to the crap insulation, although admittedly a tad annoying. The problem comes when they get into 'party mode' - that is, start going in and out of the house either via the main entrance, or later in the night (perhaps once mom locked up for the night?) through his windows.     Then they start chattering, drinking, smoking, laughing histerically, listening to crappy music on their phones, dancing around, sometimes running around; doing what generally slightly drunk and stoned teenagers do - right under our bedroom windows. Oh and when going in and out of the building for a smoke/spliff, they bang the front door or windows or pull the blinds up and down so that the whole building shatters like some bomb hit it.    About a week ago there was so much commotion I nearly fell out of the bed due to all the door/window banding... From what we could gather, turned out they decided going down  to the Keller for a quick spliff and one of them fell down the stairs drunk and stoned.   We did call out the kid and his mates a few times telling them to keep it down and then it was fairly quiet for the rest of the night, but that's not a permanent solution. I'm currently listening to some weird mumble rap seeping through the floor and just had to shout out the window to one of the mates to stop flicking his cigarette butts to the front door.   Anyway, I won't bore you with more details. The point is, the kid is in that really unmanagable stage of life with a bunch of equally idiotic little mates around him and is beginning to become a real nuisance with all the noise they make during the nightly 'hangouts', and as he gets older the worse it will be until he either gets a job and starts appreciating a good night's sleep, or f*cks off to college.    I don't know what the mom thinks of all this, or if she's even home (or sleeps really deeply), but since the parties happen quite frequently I doubt she's too much bothered by it all. What I do know is that we don't want to constantly sleep with earplugs, and we cannot move our bedroom. Also moving apartments is not an option so we need to fix this somehow with staying here and if possible, not wrecking the otherwise very civil neighborly relationship with the mom :-)    Question is: do we talk to the mom? Do we talk to the son? Do we just call the police on them next time they act stupid? Or do we just plan some prank / revenge? (my hubby's all for that option - I'm not a fan, as it can so easily backfire. We did go as far as throwing a snowball on his blinds one Saturday morning to wake him. He didn't, sleeps until 11 o'clock like every teenager).   Your sound advice is appreciated, as always :-)   Thanks, Dot