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  1. Bank account hacked - bank refuses to refund!

      Damnit, I had no idea I needed that, but will get it in case this happens in the future. I thought banks were supposed to have their own insurance against these things?
  2. So, my bank card was recently hacked, I believe while checking out at a hotel in Switzerland. They made two charges amounting to €3000. My bank (N26) refunded one of the charges, however refuses to refund the second because apparently a PIN was used for the transaction.   They claimed they are not responsible since I was "grossly negligible" -- they sent me their terms which state that if you are careless with your PIN (e.g. sharing it with others or keeping it written down somewhere on/near the card) it is your fault, not their's.    The thing is - none of that is true. My PIN is memorized, never written down. I did not even use any ATMs leading up to the incident. I was alone in the hotel lobby, with my hand over the machine instinctively, and yet the PIN was stolen. Likely from a hacked card machine. (Of course, the hotel vehemently denies any wrongdoing...)    My question is - how can I get my money back? It strikes me as wildly unfair (in addition to inaccurate) that just because one's PIN was stolen, the bank automatically blames the cardholder and will not refund them.     Any ideas of what legal recourse I may have?   
  3. Surviving as a Freelancer w/high taxes and insurance?

     Yeah, I just meant the next payment I’m getting from my freelancer employer for my next assignment. I don’t receive a regular salary. 
  4. Surviving as a Freelancer w/high taxes and insurance?

    Haha, wow, I’ve been cited! Yes, that’s true. 
  5. Surviving as a Freelancer w/high taxes and insurance?

    Thanks for the background information — that actually explains a lot about why the system seems to fail those who are not high-earning. Still odd, though, since for me, being a freelancer is not really a privilege, but a necessity.    At this point, I think that making 1k a month with minimal taxes versus what I earn now with higher taxes is almost the same in the end. The only difference is that I work a lot more.     
  6. Up until this year, I was a low-earning freelancer (less than 1k a month). Now, I've recently scored some lucrative contracts and my income has almost tripled. At first, I was psyched -- I finally "made" it! But then the giant increase in taxes and insurance payments dawned on me. I feel rather demotivated, knowing that the entirety of my next paycheck will be used for taxes, and not my actual living expenses.   I know that this is part of the gig, but is it just me, or is it particularly difficult to survive as a middle-earning freelancer in Germany due to the taxation & insurance system? How much does a freelancer actually need to make so that they can still reap the fruits of their labor? Should I just go back to earning 1k a month?   (And yes, I am looking for salaried positions -- there just don't happen to be many in my field, so for now, I have to keep freelancing.)