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  1. On 28/10/2019, 15:13:13, Malt-Teaser said:

    Currently, VDSL with 1&1 is fast enough for me and so far totally reliable. When I upload changes to my website the speed is faster than anything I've had previously so all I can say is that my experience with 'German internet' is pretty good bearing in mind my website currently has about 200 pages some of which are quite large and loads of photos. Overall the site has 4500 files and around 250MB.


    I need to say I am amused that in the thread where people complain of the state of the ISP infrastructure in Germany one of the big points is someone who runs fairly big web site apparently without CMS but uploading modified HTML files to the server.


  2. 5 hours ago, krakp said:

    One more thing. Wet walls (especially in the winter) are very dangerous - Schimmel (mold) could develop and this stuff is really nasty, unhealthy and difficult to get rid of. My neighbors that had a similar issue, actually had huge industrial drier running for a few days in the flat. All this (+ their hotel!) was paid by the insurance. In your case (if this should be necessary - this depends on the extend of the water damage) this should be paid by the owner ('s insurance). So if I were you I would not just wait for it to dry - you may need a specialist to evaluate this and possibly dry it in a professional way...


    Hope this helps!




    Ok, our humidity in the rooms is between 35 and 45% in the winter (central heating, and all), same goes for the currently 'wet' one. I don't think we'll have this problem, but in general I will send the owner (company) e-mail asking them what do they plan to do next, mentioning some of the worries outlined here also.


    Thank you all!


  3. Hallo Leute,


    We have recently had a water damage in one of the rooms in the apartment we rent from a fairly big company due to leaking external roof. Owner of the apartment/Hausverwaltung (same entity) has hired company to fix the roof and that has been done.


    The damage is, though, kinda extensive, since it took over a month for the owner to move pawns to get the problem resolved. It's a factor of slow hausmeister, who then ended up on a sick leave, then additional factors etc... Not to bother you with details, the root cause has now been resolved it seems - we don't have an active leak anymore. But it was rainy in the previous months and the leftover stain is significant.


    But the room needs to be repainted (at least the whole ceiling and parts of two walls) when the damage gets completely dry.


    My question is - who is typically in Germany (Munich) responsible to fix damage under such circumstances? If it's us, no biggie, we have decent insurance coverage and the cost of repainting should not be too much anyway. But who *should* this? Owner or us, tennants?


    Thanks in advance!


  4. 14 hours ago, desdemona said:

    Did anybody here grow up as a minority in a Muslim majority country that over time went further towards fundamentalism? Well I did. And that's the reason I left. 

    While we tried not to force each other's belief down anyone's throat, the hypocrisy and arrogance were suffocating. For example, they'd build a mosque right next to a Hindu temple and blaring prayers through loudspeaker five times a day, even as the Hindus prayed in their temple next door.

    The prayers were also blared five times a day from mosques all over  the city, disregarding those who were not Muslim and had nothing to do with it (and perhaps still wanted to sleep at 5 in the morning). 

    Unwritten rules in politics are that leaders must be Muslim, so when a new city major happened to be Christian, the Muslim preachers openly objected him due to his disapproving religion. 

    Pork meat is virtually invisible anywhere unless you go to the limited non-Muslim dominated areas. 

    During Ramadhan, most restaurants and shops are closed, even though the non-Muslims would probably like to eat, but we have to tolerate the Muslims, you see? Never mind if they don't tolerate us.

    After fundamentalism got the hold of the Muslims things just got worse, old friends distanced themselves and became more exclusive, they don't even wish Merry Christmas anymore because it's apparently against their religion (their words), every Christmas the Christians have to be worried about bomb attacks in their churches, then came one terrorism after another, etc. 

    So, not all cultural changes are the same. I don't mind cheddar cheese but definitely wouldn't accept if German culture (yes, Goethe, fasching, Christkindlmarkt, all of them) is replaced by Muslim culture. 


    I feel with you, bro. I've grown up as a member of atheist minority in a Catholic majority country that over time went further towards fundamentalism. And that's the reason I've left. I shit you not.


    It's not like (after the 1990s) anyone threatened me or my family openly, but hipocrisy and arrogance were suffocating.


    For example, they would build a church right next to the shopping mall, children play parks and cafe bars. Bells would ring up to 30 times a day, with disregard to anyone who is not a Catholic. Sometimes bell noise would happen only once, sometimes even 12 times.


    Unwritten rules in politics in Croatia is that leaders must be Catholics, so when a new President happened to be agnostic the bishops in the churches and through the media openly objected him due to his disapproving religion. He ended up going to Christmas masses even in the last year of his presidency, but wasn't re-elected nevertheless.


    I literally couldn't find a place anywhere where I could eat dog or cat meat. What's worse, I don't even think I saw anywhere near churches any vegan restaurants, you would really have to go to some weird dark streets to have a vegan meal to go.


    Church pushed for the laws banning shops to work on Sudnays, no exceptions. When constitution court knocked down those laws, church started widespread campaign against rule of law and free market, which they are running even today. It's resulting in most of the practicing Catholics to start acting like hard core socialists in economical issues.


    I could continue 1:1 on the rest of your examples, do you want me to? :-)

    P. S. Speaking of Croatia.


  5. 12 minutes ago, airwave said:


    Correct. But as discussed earlier, a "closed system" (be it the state-funded system in Germany or the ISIS-controlled internal trade in the ME) does not generate money out of thin air (except by printing them, which leads to inflation). Hence the first port of call - economy-wise - is to cut off whatever capital inflow they have, by blocking trade and by pressuring their external financial backers into withdrawing this support.



    You are (again, we are discussing, so this is IMO) mistaken by applying a logic of regular functional economies here. You expect a functional state to be something which aims for economical growth to sustain welfare of its citizens, while heads of ISIS are perfectly comfortable most probably with minimally functional state which survives in a limbo of internal trade (and influx of direct monetary and armed body count aid from the political backers, again, primary Saudi family). They need just enough money to sustain propaganda and repressive apparatus, and that is not so expensive the way they are doing it.


    There is no long-tail considerations here, not prosperity of generations to come. It is a doomsday movement which just aims to survive and spread long enough for the world to come to an end (and hopefully with their help :lol:).


  6. 10 hours ago, airwave said:

    True, you can't "kill" an ideology. But you can bring it into irrelevance. 

    My colleague also said another smart thing: the key is not bombing the crap out of Raqqa or wherever, they will just regroup somewhere else. The key is cutting off the funding from some regional rulers by applying economic pressure. And when nobody - US, EU, Russia - buys your oil, whatcha gonna do?



    This is generally OK, but with one huge difference - comparatively little of money is coming from the oil these days in the territories under control of ISIS, and wast majority of it is coming from *internal* oil trade. I am not sure that I could actually say any money is coming from international oil trade at this moment still. That whole oil trade thing is a simplification of the truth. ISIS collects taxes from civilians living under their rule, and most of the trade is centralized (i. e. under the control of the wannabe regime), so there is a hefty  cut in all the transactions (people under terrorist rule still have to eat, live, have tools for their daily work).


    ISIS will not be fully defeated by military means, they are already under the heavy fire from almost all of the significant military powers in the world (and China seems to be joining), that is true. There is no "central quasi-government" figures to nuke out of existence, there is no fixed infrastructure to destroy (only the loose web of the infrastructural items). Bombs can't destroy that, nor the boots on the ground would be effective enough.

    Putting pressure to their political allies (primary Saudi Arabia), that is another thing and would be effective. But it will not be done from what I can see.


  7. 3 hours ago, zwiebelfisch said:


    So, French police had good reason to think terrorists ended up in the church. It is a known fact islamic terrorists usually take shelter in Catholic churches. :D


    So, if we put aside jokes about policemen and their intelligence, what does that leave us with?


  8. 1 hour ago, arbeitarbeitarbeit said:


    Absolutely not. But why would Turkish police present this drawing as a key evidence to the news agency is completely another issue. ;)


    Btw, an update to this - two of them were unconditionally released, rest of them released but will stay under surveilance of Turkish authorities (meaning they are free but are not allowed to leave Turkey). Total terrorists. :D


  9. 12 minutes ago, airwave said:

    I still don't get the "joke". Why would someone - not one, but eight people - risk spending some time in jail (at least until their situation is clarified)? Just to make fun of Turkish police? 


    Absolutely not. But why would Turkish police present this drawing as a key evidence to the news agency is completely another issue. ;)


  10. 1 hour ago, RenegadeFurther said:

    In other news.


    Eight Islamic State suspects held in Turkey

    Turkish police say they have detained eight Islamic State suspects who they claim were bound for Germany, BBC Monitoring reports.

    The Istanbul counter-terrorism squad says eight Moroccans were detained at the city's airport after they arrived from Casablanca and their story of being tourists with an Istanbul hotel booking did not check out. 

    A document found on one of the suspects reportedly shows a planned route to Germany through the Turkish city of Izmir, Greece, Serbia and Hungary, Anatolia news agency says.


    People who say the refugee crisis and terrorism are not linked need to think again.


    Did you happen to see the document which "reportedly shows a planned route to Germany"? B)


    I am not faking this up, find it attached. Turkish police apparently became a victim of not-so sophisticated joke.





    Some funny comments on that link.


    Point taken, for most people I guess there hasn't been much impact so far.

    I imagine this isn't much consolation though to those people who's lives are being impacted. I'm thinking of people living next to refugees/migrants who are engaging in anti-social behaviour, people who have been mugged or attacked, women who have been raped.  


    Yes, brazillions of women are getting raped by refugees every day. But they are a strong and influental lobby holding politicians, police, military and (worse of all) people by the balls. You can't breathe in Germany unless you're Muslim, let alone speak anything out loud. :D


  12. My nephew is thinking of moving to Berlin, this thread is quite worrying..

    Is it really expected that the refugees will cause so much disruption? I have not read through the whole thread but the size would say people are worried...



    It's me again. Toytown SS division rambling aside, this is how refugees affect Munich:



    As for Berlin, I can only imagine even less effect, as I already wrote before. It's much more exposed to similar elements as these refugees for long time now.



  13. My nephew is thinking of moving to Berlin, this thread is quite worrying..

    Is it really expected that the refugees will cause so much disruption? I have not read through the whole thread but the size would say people are worried...



    He shouldn't sweat over it. Refugees cause little or no disruption in daily life. Everything else is a racist bullshit.


    Germany is, specially in the cities, already overrun with foreigners. Berlin is no exception, even more - it's probably more mixed city than any other in Germany. There is a long running German joke about immigration which goes along the lines of: what are the 3 biggest Turkish cities? Istanbul, Ankara and Berlin. :D


  14. Hi,


    I booked an apartment on-line recently.

    I decided to visit the apartment that I booked, to check it

    out and see how long it would take to travel there from my work.

    I found that the house number in the street given does not exist!

    I did find a social housing building with a different number on it, where one of the

    names matches the name of the guy who says he is renting out this address that

    does not exist.

    So I think he is trying to use a fake address to cover up renting out social housing.

    Needless to say, now that I have pointed this out to him, he is not responding to any

    messages or phone calls.

    I am thinking that either the police or the Government office than handles social housing, or both

    might be interested in meeting this guy.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


    When I was actively sending few months ago queries for apartments around, about half of the replies were some kind of scam, and one one similar to this - nonexisting address.


    If you have some time on your hands, you should report it to the police. But I somehow doubt the guy who has that name is the guy who tried to scam you. Scammer is probably somewhere abroad or something, just using the name which he found somewhere somehow of somebody living near by. But that is my guess, you didn't give us enough details for such conclusion as definite.


  15.  zdravo, my Croatian friend.

    So let me get this straight, you are saying that because a small minority of literalist christian nuts in the USA believe that homosexuals should be stoned, this means that christianity is comparable in this regard to Islam?  What do the Americans on this site think of that??

    The US is a christian country, and acceptance of homosexuality is THE LAW.  As are equal rights for women. 

    Now Saudi on the other hand . . . . . . . ?  In fact you can name just about any Islamic country were "tolerance" (as we perceive it in the West) isn't enschrined and enforced in the law.


    It is incredible how many things you got wrong in a single post. You must be a troll, which if true - I can appreciate. B)


    First, you've greeted me with anything but Croatian greeting - you've used Godless Yugoslav Communist (Partisan) greeting. Response to that in Croatia is usually, In short, "i ja tebi jebem mater, prijatelju". :D But I am tolerant, so not going to tell you that.


    Second, I am claiming Islam and Christianity are basically the same thing because they have same roots (Old testament), both are (consequently) Abrahamic religions and both have deeply rooted barbaric customs like crucifictions and ritual sacrifice deep in the tradition. And yes, hatred towards gay people - just take a look at a campaign American Christians are now leading against the Catholic Pope, claiming he is leftie or whatnot.


    US is a secular state - even more, a beacon of secularism worldwide, despite the wet dreams of orthodox religious fanatics.


    As for Saudi Arabia, reminds me very much of my home country in the 90s when proving orthodoxy in Catholicism was national sport. Don't know why you would use that as an example for me - I am the first here to say Saudi royal family should be lynched. :ph34r:


  16. It seems that the first impact of refugee incoming is here- subtle increase in prices eg increase in Monats card price from 74 to 78 euros. Many of the taxes to cover the additional costs would be indirect and not clear like church tax where we could choose.

    You are blabbing about MVV joint monthly tickets for public transportation, IsarCard? That thing is always getting few euros more expensive at the beginning of the new year. I don't think you're in Tex^H^H^HPakistan anymore, here hardly public transportation prices are used to feed refugees B)



    If Germany enters the shitstorm similar to the one in Syria, and if you for any reason couldn't return to Portugal, trust me when I say that you would more probably try to run north (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) than south (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia) or east (Hungary, Poland, Ukraine...). If you are a highly skilled, for example, IT engineer, you would again try to escape to US prior than to Russia, etc... You would be picky, you've already had a life here and if you start from the ground zero you want to be in an environment which, at least theoretically, gives you better chance to catch up with your past wealth.


    Hah, there it is, here is what I'm talking about:




    We both step and do not step in the same rivers. We are and are not.


  18. This isn't "ritual slaughter" this is swinging a chicken around your head as a symbolic atonement for sins, and the bird "may" afterwards be given to charity as a food:


    This denial is the most excellent thing I've ever read...


    Do you understand that the meat of the rams which get slaughtered for Eid al-Adha also gets given out to charity as a food? Please explain me the bloody (pun intended) difference? :lol:



  19. But some orthodox Jews still do ritual slaughter:


    and a New York judge just okayed this:

    Edit:  think we mean animal sacrifice not ritual slaughter.  And some orthodox Christians do similar things still.


    Exactly. Orthodoy in all of the Abrahamic religions almost always means going old-testament full throttle, no matter what later scriptures proclaim. That's why, as an atheist, I really don't fear much of Muslim majority if I find myself among one - I've survived my whole life surrounded by sometimes blood-thirsty Catholics (growing with mixed heritage background in the country torn by war between, basically, Catholic and Orthodox Christians).