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  1. Munich babysitters available

  2. Munich babysitters available

    Hello, I am Angelika, 47 years old, still youngish and young looking, cultivated, cosmopolitan, cheerful, half German/half American, mother tongue German but almost fluent in English plus very good level in French and good level in Italian, looking for new babysitting jobs, mostly evening (not before 5 p.m.), at times afternoon, also weekend and on an irregular basis. I have lots of experience with children, all ages, also international families and tourists, from babysitting and Au Pair jobs in Germany, the US and France and occasional jobs in family centers in Munich, and do babysitting because I like children very much but don't want to have children myself nor work full time with children. My usual fee is 14 €/hour, 12 €/h for passive babysitting, pets welcome except for cats, no car, so only jobs in Munich city and nearby with good public transportation. Looking forward to hearing from you, Angelika (015171039607) or