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  1. 1 hour ago, engelchen said:

    The grass is always greener.


    I strongly advise you to do your homework (i.e. extensive market research).  There currently seems to be an unlimited number of experienced Indian engineers and IT specialists willing to move to Germany at any price who are pushing down earnings. Don't underestimate the cost of living here either.


    Sure, I will. Thank you for your time and advice. 

    As you have rightly said, with more ppl coming, this tends to bring down the price. Which is bad for the locals and overall. 


    Just a final thought, would you advice coming over on Job seekers visa or try directly for a solid offer and come on a work permit.  I really appreciate you taking time to answer.


  2. 3 minutes ago, engelchen said:

    As long as the institution is recognised here (see the anabin database), then it is theoretically possible to freelance. 


    Keep in mind that as an Indian citizen you're required to obtain the proper D Visa BEFORE coming to Germany (most freelancers here are from privileged countries who are allowed to change status here). 


    The biggest hurdle for you will be finding prospective clients who will be willing to offer you contracts while you are still so far away.



    Thank you so much for the details.

    I am still thinking which one should I fix on - A freelancer visa ( as you said Its a difficult thing to convince clients, although some of my clients are in Australia, Andorra and one in the US ). 

    or a Jobseeker's visa. 

    If I opt for Jobseeker's visa, can I change to freelance visa once I am in the country?  ( or for that matter a work permit - which I have read that you can )


    I see so many good opportunities, I really want to make this work.  



  3. Hi, 


    I recently heard that there is "freelancer visa" category to which you can apply. I am a software/web developer and I have been working as a freelancer for 5 yrs now. I am planning to work in Germany. I see a lot of freelance jobs and when I contact them, most of them require a person in the country. 

    Can someone please tell me if I can apply for one, and if so, Can you please tell me the procedure how I can do it and some links. 

    Thank you,



  4. Hi Guys,


    Thank you so much for all the information. Regarding experience, I have 8 yrs of experience, and have a Master's degree in Computer Science from the US.


    One question regarding the visa (it might be an off topic to ask, but since all of you have a lot of experience and living in EU/Germany).

    This particular employer has asked me if I can make a test job for 2 weeks. Can I come on a Visitors visa. I have applied for the EU blue card - my documents and certifications are verified. The EU blue card support staff said that, if I have an offer letter - the process would be complete allowing me to work.


  5. @Boots, @boondoggle - Thank you so much for the reply. Appreciate it.


    We are just two. My spouse and I. I too think it will be better that ask the company to make an offer, based on that I will probably negotiate.

    If at all everything goes fine, since I do not have any basic knowledge of German. Is it hard for an english speaking person to survive? I am willing to learn the language either online or take some courses there.


    fingers crossed.


    Thank you



    Mannheim can be very cost effective and you and your family could live comfortably on 45K - depending on the size of family. As a software developer I think you could earn more. Let the company make the first offer, you might be pleasantly surprised.


    If you have children you'll get Kindergeld on top of your salary, your health insurance comes out of salary (you will need to add third party as a minimum)and public transport is cheap and reliable.


    If and when you think they'll make a serious offer, ask about relocation support. t's not as common as it used to be, but you are coming a long way. You will need time to look around before choosing a suitable home in an area you like, and some companies will help you find short term accommodation (and, if it's a big company, pay for it). Choice of school is vitally important.


    I notice they're opening a new International School at the old Turley Barracks for instance, and there are family homes there left over from when the Military left.






  6. Hi,


    I have a possible job offer as a Software front end developer in Mannheim. Since I am very new to Germany, and have 0 knowledge on German.

    Can someone advice me on what the cost of living is at Mannheim.

    I still haven't negotiated the salary. I have been researching on the internet and some posts mention anything around 45K is a good one.

    Is this a fair amount to live with family at Mannheim.

    Thank you for your time and advice.