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  1. Frankfurt Hash House Harriers is the local chapter of one of the worlds largest ad-hoc social organisations, dedicated to socialising moderated with a smidgin of exercise. We organise our runs once per week, Sundays at 14:30 during the Winter and switch to Mondays at 19:00 for the Summer. Occasionally we also organise weekend events.   The only rule with the hash is that there are no rules, and each club is different but all offer an especially warm welcome to both locals and expats throughout the world.   The first hash started in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur by a bunch of expats who were staying at the bachelor accommodation of the Royal Selangor Club, which due to its food, was nicknamed "the Hash House" (Nothing to do with the other kind). Many would share a meal and a beer or two together on a Monday evening but the founder one A.S. Gispert suggested a brief run of the "hare-and-hounds" variety. This is where one or two people go out and mark a trail with false directions to delay the fast runners and the group would attempt to find and follow the true trail back to the beer and food. A well planned run has both slow and fast runners arriving back at about the same time (even walkers).   With the above as a general principle, hashing as it became known, has spread with the expat community first to Singapore, then in our case via Baghdad (another story) to Frankfurt over twenty years ago. The Hash has even hit mainstream press from time to time. The club as a whole was written up some time ago in "The Economist" of all places and our own chapter has featured in the FAZ, Frankfurter Rundschau, HR3 as well as recently, RTL and we welcome people of all nationalities and all walks of life. It should be emphasised that we have in our ranks both marathon runners as well as perpetual walkers! Runners of all abilities are welcome.   Details of the Frankfurt Hash may be found on our web-site: There is also a Facebook group devoted to our club. We have various related hashes, the Frankfurt Full-Moon-Hash which runs on the Friday after a full-moon, the Saturday Hash in the Summer (which is just that), the DOM hash for those older persons who return to the roots of hashing by following a run wuith a good dinner and the Vineyard Hash which organises weekend events. Details of all these hashes may be found on our website together with links to a database of international clubs.   Note that this club may be related to the one mentioned under "Sports", but personally I prefer to emphasise the social side. It is after all considered to be uncool on a hash if you run so fast that you cannot converse!