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  1. So sorry to read this, Eraaa. This landlord is a complete ass. Be happy that you moved out. I hope you will get the right support from the Mieterverein. 
  2. Farmers "daily" markets inexistent in DE

      Sorry that I don't get it, but can't you buy your groceries at Viktualienmarkt every week? It's always there ... apart from the fact that it's quite pricey, I don't understand the problem. 
  3. Farmers "daily" markets inexistent in DE

    Stuttgart has the Markthalle - maybe this is something like this you have in mind?   Overall, I think you already named it: people spend less time and money on food that in Southern European countries. Stuttgart also has some huge Turkish supermarket where the vegetable department is already a big hall, of the same size as some of the smaller German supermarkets. 
  4. Berlin foodies, have your say!

    Go to Sonnenallee in Kreuzkoelln for Turkish and Syrian food. It's a must in Berlin, at least for me. Also great Baklava bakers there.