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  1. Farmers "daily" markets inexistent in DE

      Sorry that I don't get it, but can't you buy your groceries at Viktualienmarkt every week? It's always there ... apart from the fact that it's quite pricey, I don't understand the problem. 
  2. Farmers "daily" markets inexistent in DE

    Stuttgart has the Markthalle - maybe this is something like this you have in mind?   Overall, I think you already named it: people spend less time and money on food that in Southern European countries. Stuttgart also has some huge Turkish supermarket where the vegetable department is already a big hall, of the same size as some of the smaller German supermarkets. 
  3. Berlin foodies, have your say!

    Go to Sonnenallee in Kreuzkoelln for Turkish and Syrian food. It's a must in Berlin, at least for me. Also great Baklava bakers there.   
  4. Consider Ostfildern, it's a little bit easier (but not much). It is well connected by public transport, so no need to live in Degerloch directly. 
  5. What happened to Morena

    What, the Morena  closed down? It was such an institution.
  6. To look for Kinderturnen, don't look at a "gym" (don't know what you mean with it), look at the announcements of local sports club. Almost every sports club has a department for Kinderturnen or Eltern-Kind-Turnen. Here is just one example:   
  7.   You think a 3-year old that throws tantrums cares that it's weekend?    Yes, try ohropax and usually it gets better when the kid gets older.   
  8. A lot of landlords are older people who don't know how to use the internet. They often put ads in the "Stuttgarter Wochenblatt" which is free of charge and comes out on Wednesdays. So get one and look there too. If you want the S-Bahn line to Boeblingen - will you work in Boeblingen then? So why not look for an apartment in Boeblingen. It's less pricye than Stuttgart. 
  9. Lasagne recipes

    No, it doesn't. The dough is quite thick. It should be boiled only a few minutes.   
  10. Lasagne recipes

    At least in Baden-Wuerttemberg you can buy fresh Maultaschenteig in most supermarkets and then cut the sheets into smaller rectangles to make Lasagne. But then you have to pre-boil them. As others said, it is very easy to find dry lasagne sheets almost every supermarket (not Aldi, though) and you don't have to pre-boil them. 
  11.   I'm just curious, where did you get your previous information from? BTW, train in Germany is pretty expensive, I think a daily commute from Karlsruhe to Pforzheim is not a great idea, especially since the whole conversation started about the cost of living ...   At your place, I'd rather live in Pforzheim and might avoid those areas where around 40% voted for AfD ... just my personal preference ... I don't want to be surrounded by racists ...   
  12. And what about this one?
  13. According to this article, Pforzheim is the second safest city in Baden-Wuerttemberg:,-Interview-zur-Kriminalstatistik-Pforzheim-weiterhin-zweitsicherste-Stadt-im-Land-_arid,1219036.html   Maybe someone right-wing who is afraid of foreigners told you those negative stories about Pforzheim ...   It might not be a particularly exciting place, but not particularly scary either. 
  14. Pforzheim isn't known as particularly unsafe to me - and I am from Baden-Wuerttemberg originally. Why I would avoid Pforzheim nowadays is it's high percentage of AfD voters - it was the highest in Baden-Wuerttemberg at the last elections.    However, the percentage of AfD-voters in Pforzheim is particularly high in an area where 2/3 of the inhabitants are ethnic Germans who came from the former Soviet Union - who are technically migrants themselves. 
  15. A lot of families in Germany live on just one salary. But if your work requires commuting by train (so it's in another town?) and your husband plans to stay at home, why don't you live closer to your workplace? The areas around train stations are not always the most expensive ones, in many cases it is rather in area which is just not so nice to live.