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    Not the same thing at all. Refusing to rent an entire house based on the religious practiced by the occupants is a shitty move, as the customs of the tenants are (or should be) irrelevant to the landlord because he does not live there with them. Subletting a room in an already occupied house where the other members are of a particular sexual orientation that many don't particularly like is a totally different situation.


    You are happy enough for a Queers only advert but not a Christians only one?


    Some are more equal than others still it seems.


  2. Would you rather they opened the package and had a look and then sent you a bill or came round and arrested you if needed?


    I am sure you wouldn't use the postal service to try and smuggle nasty illegal or taxable things into the country but some naughty people do such things so they randomly* pick parcels to check on.


    *how really random it is I have my doubts TBH.





    Wow, that's unbelievable. Thanks for the heads up.


    Well they obviously don't want any non-christian types in their house.


    Seems fair to me.



    Then why object to truthful advertising? At the end of the day, they want a person with a particular description whether they advertise for it or not. This is not a job market, where discouraging applicants from applying if they don't match a particular ethnic background etc description is clearly harmful to such applicants, but one where people won't want to waste time looking at a house that doesn't really want them. Forcing standards in advertising jobs works for the common good, forcing people to advertise for places to live IN THEIR HOUSE is quite another - no harm comes to the applicants. What next, making people who prefer slender blue-eyed partners change their dating profile to "anything will do!"?


    Cozy room in QUEER WG 160E/month


  4. You are dealing with the customs and excise people and expect anything resembling common sense?


    Not a chance and for once it is a factor of them being customs and excise and not german that is at fault as all Customs/Zoll/border type people are the same the world over.


  5. You can blame all those super strength anti-bacterial sprays/wipes cleaners for that.


    Kids don't get a chance to build up any resistance as they are wrapped in disinfectant cotton wool and if a germ does make it through then their bodies react as if it is the bubonic plague.


    Let your kids play with dogs and pick up dirt and the like as it will only do them good in the end.


    Thus ends the advert for the "let them eat worms" party :)



    Yeppers, we are getting the message loud and clear:


    Those who do not know what it is like to be a teenage under-age male and, as a result, cannot join the boy's club in cheering: "Yea!!! Way to go, lucky dfuck". Their opinion is "useless".


    Edited due to lack of coffee!


    You, along with other people like you, think he is a poor abused baby. Which you seem to have based on your "female mothering instincts".


    I, along with others, think otherswise. Which we have based on the fact that we used to be 15 year old males.


    One of us is wrong of course.



    I went to one about 7 years ago and had a pretty good time. It was satisfying to see the former sports Gods now with 3 chins and bellies to match, and the cute popular girls who were such bitches, and are now right old boilers. But I'm horrible enough to take pleasure in that.


    Doesn't it make you wonder just what they are thinking when they see you?


  8. Just had a look at the full list of winners and realised that I am obviously not in the target audience as I have seen only 2 of the films that won anything and haven't even heard of 75% of the rest.


    I am probably missing some good stuff but on the other hand I don't have to put up with paying to watch total dross either..




  9. Yep ok fine no argument that she broke the law and is a stinking moral vacuum that shouldn't be allowed to breath the same oxygen as proper people :roll:


    Having said all that the guy will still have been like a dog with two tails and anyone who can't understand that is blind and daft.


    The point is not whether SHE should have done it but what his reaction and that of his friends would have been to what happened.


    For some reason there seems to be a sub section of posters who think that this was something horrible that will mentally scar the poor child for life whereas those of us who remember what it was like to be a 15 yearold boy KNOW (for us at least) it will have been coup counting of the highest order.


  10. Getting hold of fresh mint around here is next to impossible so I am growing my own this year, bought some seeds and am now waiting for them to come up.


    Always used to have a pot of mint standing outside the backdoor when I was a kid and am going to redo it in my own place now.