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  1. New words or sayings

    What about birds'? :)
  2. Advice re. Aldi Talk, please

    If you don't want to give them any billing information, just go to an Aldi store and buy one of the top up cards Then you get a number on your receipt and use it to top up your credit This is the procedure from their website: A. Aufladung per Tastenkombination Geben Sie die *104*, plus Ihre 16-stellige Aufladenummer (die Sie auf Ihrem Guthabenbon finden) und die Taste # ein. (Beispiel: *104*1234567891234567#). Ihre Eingabe bestätigen Sie mit der Anruftaste und der Aufladebetrag wird innerhalb kürzester Zeit auf Ihrem Display angezeigt.     Once you have enough money on your account, you can select whichever rate you want. Since it is a prepaid card, all of those can be canceled on a monthly basis. Beware that it will renew automatically if you have enough credit on your account, or if you haven't cancelled it by yourself. What you can do if you don't want automatic renewal is: - always add just enough money for one month - each time you don't want renewal, cancel the option and go to the "basic" rate before the end of the billing period. You will still have everything until current period is done, and it won't renew after that.
  3. hey, @bonjambon, the group met a couple of times, but nothing came from it. It seems everybody was looking for something else. If you're interested, I can probably get you in contact with the guy who was most enthusiastic and wanted to DM so you can be notified if something starts again.
  4. I've found useful since they send you ebay ads, but they don't filter for obvious scams so I got spammed a lot. I would suggest adding a filter that checks sqm vs price, anything below 10€/sqm, for example, should immediately be ignored. Of course, some check if it's not a WG should be applied, and the sqm price can probably be adapted, but I hope you know what I mean. Good luck!
  5. Does anyone know where can one find vacuum-packed (smoked) tuna slices? Since half a year, all the stores have only salmon, but I cannot find tuna at all. Information on what is going on would also work as I am really curious.