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  1. Bins for garbage recycling

    I am not sure if this is valid for all the cities in Germany, but you should also pay attention not to use any kind of plastic bags for your bio waste, even those that are marketed as suitable. Info from AWM:
  2. Telekom or MNet?

    Does someone have any sources or tips on how to find out if the company is a provider or a supplier? I've been with 1und1 since I moved here and was always more than satisfied. When I moved to my new apartment, I was back to 25Mbps, but they changed it to 50 very quickly. Then approximately at the same time Telekom starts knocking on my door, offering their own service, and my connection becomes a bit less stable. I was wondering if they have a way of influencing the others like that.
  3. New words or sayings

    What about birds'? :)