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  1. Asking for a raise as a student (Werkstudent)?

    Hmm a bit confused, so the 9,50€ for me is around the expected rate, but the 11€ from my friend is too low?
  2. Hi all, I'm currently a masters student in Berlin working an office job part time (if relevant, am not EU national, thus have capped hours). I'm 18 months in, thus already having passed the Probezeit and the yearly review (good reviews, but my work is quite autonomous, expected for a student). My salary is €9.50 hourly, and I recently talked with a friend who revealed she made around €11 (German national, masters, different field). I'm thinking that's actually around the average for student salaries around here, and I'd like to perhaps ask for a raise to this average. The company is a huge multinational and our office is currently expanding, so that probably isn't an issue, but would you guys recommend this move, and how should I go about approaching the boss with this request? Thanks 
  3. I'll try to make this an open question, as this could be useful for a few people, and the answers are quite broad (yes, everyone is different). But coming from an American background, where it's common to have acquaintances invite you to their homes or plan out events, it's a bit harder to crack into the social circle here in Germany.   So in general, what are some signs Germans consider you an actual friend, and not an acquaintance? I'm in the mid 20s student age group, so no invitations to someone's mansion for me, but perhaps disclosure of more personal/private details of their lives, inclusion into their own social circles, etc?
  4. I'm tentatively planning on starting a gym membership and going daily at around 5am (I already wake up that early, but with less productive results). I also have a used (not flashy) road bike I'm thinking about using for the trip from home to gym, and then to work / uni later at 8am or so. Possible gyms are at Breitscheidplatz and S Charlottenburg. Given that early morning still counts somewhat as evening, as in prime time for bicycle jacking (esp. in winter when it's still dark), would you recommend this route of biking to the gym in this area at 5am and parking it there?   On a related note, anyone hear of bicycle locker services in Berlin, esp. around this area?
  5. @Brockman I was actually there! That's where i found the Focus Arriba actually.   Another question, since I'm deciding between two options (one a standard commuter one speed and the other a basic unit but seven speed):    How important would you all consider multiple gears and a full fender system? I'm riding fairly flat, so gears are possibly not needed but the flexibility would be good. I'm also thinking snap-on fenders are more flexible and lightweight, but I've seen how shit the weather here can be.
  6. Hi all! Finally decided to lighten my commute and get into shape with some wheels, and what better time when summer is peeking around the corner (although with the recent rain and sleet it's a bit hard to tell). I wanted to get some advice from seasoned cyclists or commuters on here about the best choice on Berlin streets. Details below:   use: commute through Charlottenburg, Schöneberg on flat and paved routes, recreational touring around the parks in Wannsee, Tiergarten utility: interest in a rack for panniers, as well as fenders but not necessary (light I already have) lightweight, due to my slightly crap back and need to carry up and down U Bahn stairs Budget: €500   I was previously considering the touring bikes by CUBE, and I recently saw the Focus Arriba 2018 at a local store. Any other suggestions appreciated.
  7. Is a student visa still valid if changing universities?

    Hey, sorry for the late answer, was a bit lazy getting my passport out... anyway, here's what it says on my Aufenthaltstitel:   "Selbstständige Tätigkeit nicht gestattet. Erlischt mit Bezug von Leistungen nach dem SGB II oder SGB XII bzw. AsylbLG Erlischt mit Studierende an einer staatlich anerkannten Hochschule ohne Hochschulabschluss Beschäftigung an 120 oder 240 halben Tagen im Jahr sowie Ausübung studentischer Nebentätigkeit gestattet"   From what I can tell it doesn't expire upon switching of positions, only if I don't manage to graduate or acquire whatever SGB II or XII is...hopefully that doesn't apply to me.   Only other thing is that the place of issue (Ausstellungsort) is clearly Berlin, but hopefully that's fine as well.   I've also looked at renewal processes at the Ausländeramt, and apparently I can only start three months before its expiration. Is this true? I'd love to get this over with as soon as possible.
  8. Hi! I'm currently a masters student at a university in Berlin, but am thinking of switching over to the university in Braunschweig, for various reasons. I would be enrolling in the same program; the only other point of contention is that I've taken an extra semester already. So: three semesters in Berlin, two more in Braunschweig (program takes 4 semesters normally). Should I expect any difficulties in terms of legality? Is the issued residence permit for study purposes still valid in this case?
  9. Master’s Degree Preparation Help

    BAföG if you're a German national, DAAD if you're a foreign applicant.    Could you do like a part-time Ausbildung or just a relevant part time job while you're studying? I'm doing that at this moment, albeit in a different field (architecture). 
  10. Pickpockets in Berlin

    Can confirm tourist-targeted pickpocketing around Silvester. Was in Berlin last year, deep in the crowds in Mitte, when one of them greeted me with "Konichiwa" and attempted the "trip him by crossing your legs and feeling up the jacket" technique. I suppose it works better when the target is drunk, and I was stone cold sober. Looking back I should have stomped on his feet instead of stepping back and glaring at him.   tldr > use caution when drunk.