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  1. US election ballot submission (Nov. 6)?

    I don't know how fax works    but if other mail services take too long then I guess I'll have to take that route.
  2. A bit of a specific question, for any Americans in Germany who've submitted ballots for the Nov. 6 elections back stateside. I literally just received my ballot late in the mail yesterday, and filled them out and are now ready to be sent back. I have apparently 8 days for the materials to reach election offices (3 days after election day I think), and am wondering which (not expensive) services would get them back the fastest. Would you all recommend regular German mail or try sending it through the embassy via diplomatic mail? Or is it actually too late?   Thanks for your time
  3. Thank God the heat wave's over, and that means this post is a bit outdated... until next summer. I read a few posts lamenting the lack of AC anywhere in the city, and only just now did I realize I found the perfect spot to chill. Libraries! According to the ones I frequent most often my picks are:   - Freie Universität, Campusbibliothek - Universität Potsdam IKMZ Golm (AC is properly strong)   I'd wager most big universities would have AC as they require dehumidification. They also naturally have wifi, might have some difficulty accessing eduroam at the universities as a non-student, but still. Thought I'd just share this (obvious) tidbit with you all!
  4. To add on to this thread, as I realize I'm in a similar situation...   I moved to another apartment (Studentenwohnheim) one year ago; previously I did receive ARD bills and paid them, but after the move (and Bürgeramt registration) I stopped receiving them and promptly forgot. I'm fine with paying the backlog of dues (reluctantly) but how do I go about asking them for my current amount due? I don't even have the customer/billing information anymore, probably lost in the move...
  5. Oh brilliant, I'll definitely try that, thank you. I'm no legal expert (or on legal English), but it seems that Article 17 of the GDPR (right to be forgotten) would be applicable here. Would I simply request that the user account connected to my email be erased, pursuant to Art. 17?
  6. It's a tiny issue, but since I'm swimming in free time...   I used to use an internet service called TandemPartners to find language exchange partners in my city, which worked well enough...until I was somehow blocked/banned from the service. Don't know why (obv wasn't acting inappropriately) or how but I don't care. However six months on I still receive emails from the site about new messages and whatnot. Which are useless to me because I can't even log on (due to the block) to unsubscribe or delete my account. Their contact form is also broken, so I can't message them directly. So right now it's a one-way communications channel.   Anyway, given the recent tighter internet regulations in the EU I was wondering if there were possible systems allowing for the filing of complaints to a regulatory body regarding companies that refuse to delete customer data, similar to the US FTC.   In the meantime it's all getting marked as spam, but it's the principle that counts   
  7. Having recently purchased a decent bicycle, and currently now on academic break, I'm thinking I could earn some moolah while cycling around. While I've seen the ubiquitous Foodora and (the other one) food delivery people pedaling away, my back is kinda shit, so I'm wondering what other side jobs a cyclist and his bike could perhaps take up part time.    Also if anyone's done food delivery by bicycle, does it really take a toll on your back, or is the oversized box you all carry overexaggerated?
  8. Wow. East Berlin is just hostile.

    - Was already cycling steadily on the road, bike lane right of me clearly cluttered with construction equipment, when taxi drives up to within a half meter left of me. - Woman actually stepped in front of me on the bike lane and I braked. - I was thinking of a nondescript unit, purely for evidence in case police is involved and it becomes my word against others. Bodycams basically.   But imma cool off for a bit, I'll admit this is a bit of an overreaction, but I'm not jumping at the chance to visit again. There might not be political east and west entities anymore, but they still exist in the fabric of society.
  9. Wow. East Berlin is just hostile.

    I certainly hope this is a fluke, but it certainly says something that three incidents happened in the first twenty minutes of me crossing the border. I'll try to refrain from making blanket assumptions though.   I also wanted to ask if there are systems for reporting to management about such incidents. Besides leaving a Google review I also looked at the DM website, but there's nothing allowing for customer complaints against physical locations. I also might go there again if I can borrow my friend's lapel camera, and perhaps get into the viral video business.
  10. Asian American male just ranting a bit - after having lived in the west (Charlottenburg) for two years and loving the friendly atmosphere, I decided to take a spontaneous bike ride taking me east through Alex and ending up in Friedrichshain. Figured I needed something at a DM so I went browsing - and a member of staff noticeably began following me around through the store, keeping her head down and jabbing at a smartphone, but literally two paces behind me. Not even being subtle about it. The other staff seemed to be in on it as well. Questions were met with curt answers, even for German standards. Ended up buying a sponge.   Back on the bike again, and while hightailing it back to safety in the west I was honked at by a taxi, motioning me back onto a bike lake (which was closed btw), and a woman who muttered Arschloch as I went by.   Perhaps it's the historical moulding that really screwed the east, but damn east berliners are some sad people. Definitely appreciating my little haven in the west a lot more.