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  1. I already know this is an asshole move on my part, but any feedback and input on this major decision in my life would be really helpful; I haven't had anyone else to discuss this with.   I've worked at my current employer (Office A) in a major northern German city for about three years now, the boss/colleagues/projects/work environment are all great, but I've been missing a bit of internationality back in Berlin, where I used to study, and where a lot of my friends are. So I interviewed and got a job offer with Office B in Berlin, went and signed the job contract, and went to give my notice (Kündigung) to Office A. My boss was very disappointed and actually counter-offered, offering more money, different roles, and even help with finding an apartment (I had mentioned I had only ever lived in WGs during my time in Germany). I was very torn, but being placed on the spot - and given I had already signed my new job contract - I respectfully declined. I'm now in my Kündigungsfrist with one month left.   Then came time to apartment hunt, and I was reminded why I left in the first place - the absurd housing market. On my new salary (which is the same as my old one) and, hate to say it but statistically as a single non-European male, I have absolutely no chance of finding my own place, and I really didn't want to bounce around WGs for years to come. I'm already immensely stressing out from PTSD from my last fruitless housing search as a student there.   Suddenly the ideals of moving back to Berlin pale in comparison to having a higher salary, an actual permanent apartment, and a job that I know I like. I'm fairly certain my boss would gladly take me back (he hasn't announced my departure publicly yet), but I'm not sure how I should go about requesting a mutual cancellation of my contract with Office B (Aufhebungsvertrag). I know I legally have no right to this, but what is the likelihood of them accepting it? And how should I approach my old firm regarding staying on?   And, last of all, any thoughts as to my dilemma about Berlin apartment hunting? Is it just relocation jitters, or am I better off staying away from Berlin? Thanks so much
  2. I'm considering moving back to Berlin after two years in Hamburg, and realize the housing situation hasn't gotten better. My profession isn't a high paying one either, and don't have much Vitamin B, as they say, so my chances of finding a place within the city right off the bat are nil.   Given I don't mind a long commute and have no interest in nightlife, etc. I'm looking into commuting in from a peripheral town, i.e. via the RE1 from Brandenburg an der Havel. From a cursory glance the listings meet my 1/3 salary rule, even with a €200 Bahnstrecke Abo, but is the competition the same or similar as in Berlin? Do other Berlin-hopefuls have the same idea of renting way outside Berlin? Or is it likely okay that I'll just ring up a local Immo-office and ask for whatever they have?