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  1. Is a student visa still valid if changing universities?

    Hey, sorry for the late answer, was a bit lazy getting my passport out... anyway, here's what it says on my Aufenthaltstitel:   "Selbstständige Tätigkeit nicht gestattet. Erlischt mit Bezug von Leistungen nach dem SGB II oder SGB XII bzw. AsylbLG Erlischt mit Studierende an einer staatlich anerkannten Hochschule ohne Hochschulabschluss Beschäftigung an 120 oder 240 halben Tagen im Jahr sowie Ausübung studentischer Nebentätigkeit gestattet"   From what I can tell it doesn't expire upon switching of positions, only if I don't manage to graduate or acquire whatever SGB II or XII is...hopefully that doesn't apply to me.   Only other thing is that the place of issue (Ausstellungsort) is clearly Berlin, but hopefully that's fine as well.   I've also looked at renewal processes at the Ausländeramt, and apparently I can only start three months before its expiration. Is this true? I'd love to get this over with as soon as possible.
  2. Hi! I'm currently a masters student at a university in Berlin, but am thinking of switching over to the university in Braunschweig, for various reasons. I would be enrolling in the same program; the only other point of contention is that I've taken an extra semester already. So: three semesters in Berlin, two more in Braunschweig (program takes 4 semesters normally). Should I expect any difficulties in terms of legality? Is the issued residence permit for study purposes still valid in this case?
  3. Master’s Degree Preparation Help

    BAföG if you're a German national, DAAD if you're a foreign applicant.    Could you do like a part-time Ausbildung or just a relevant part time job while you're studying? I'm doing that at this moment, albeit in a different field (architecture). 
  4. Pickpockets in Berlin

    Can confirm tourist-targeted pickpocketing around Silvester. Was in Berlin last year, deep in the crowds in Mitte, when one of them greeted me with "Konichiwa" and attempted the "trip him by crossing your legs and feeling up the jacket" technique. I suppose it works better when the target is drunk, and I was stone cold sober. Looking back I should have stomped on his feet instead of stepping back and glaring at him.   tldr > use caution when drunk.
  5. Timbuk2 messenger bag for sale

    I'm selling a grey Timbuk2 Command laptop messenger bag, only very lightly used and without any deficiencies. Very good for students, professionals and cyclists. Fits a 15" laptop. Here's the ebay link I made for it, because I'm too lazy to post it twice, but ya'll have priority.    Timbuk2 Command messenger bag, a few months old
  6. Ooh thanks for the suggestion for the detour to the Harz. Looking forward to taking this Brockenbahn, but which of the two suggested cities, Quedlinburg or Wernigerode, are directly served by the line, and/or is the best base for a day trip up to the Harz?
  7. Haha I've been here a year now... I'm yearning for a trip on the RE so something out of the city would be great.   I've been looking at Leipzig as well, perhaps also Magdeburg along the way. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  8. As a student in Berlin who just recently did an overseas trip only two months ago, I feel (financially) inclined to avoid any similarly expensive visits during Christmas / New Years and instead do a cheap and casual carshare and hostel vacation in a close by German city. Duration of about 2-5 days, depending on costs of hostels. Thought I'd ask fellow Berliners about your go-to quick vacation flings    I'd prefer a city with rich Christmas culture and traditions, museums, architecture, etc. Don't care for nightlife or Kneipen. I've already been to Hamburg, Dresden, Braunschweig, and Potsdam, so would prefer seeing new sights, regardless of size of city. Also willing to cross into Poland, if it's worth it. Any suggestions welcome!
  9. Perhaps so, but I've also been desensitized to urban air, so it doesn't bother me to the same degree. Don't want to do the same with secondhand smoke  :)
  10. More so wishful thinking on my part, but due to personal heightened sensitivity to second hand smoke, and because Germans seem to smoke a lot more (as well as where I live) I was wondering what the law has to say about the purchase and use of functional gas masks and filters for civilian use. And of course where I would go about buying one. It's not a military application, like charging through an irradiated battlefield, but rather the ten minutes where you're waiting for a bus in the rain and some Arsch is lighting up under the tiny bus stop canopy.   Hope I didn't offend any smokers here 
  11. Moving house across Germany..?

    @vronchen That works if I have friends haha. But seriously I'm in Berlin, and surprisingly no one I know has a license, they had parents help with their stuff.   @RedMidge Off the top of your (or anyone's) head do these also accommodate very small jobs such as mine, at a student budget? I have three suitcases, not a family home's worth of memories.
  12. Moving house across Germany..?

    I guess this is the actual question I wanted to ask instead of the last one. Anyway, in short:   What's the best method for a student switching universities (and respective cities, i.e. Berlin > Hannover) to move a carload of belongings (i.e. 3 suitcases, including irregularities like drying racks) in one fell swoop? Family helping out is out of the question, renting a van is also out, as expiration of DL was established in my last question, and moving via rail already sounds painful. Any ideas?
  13. Resetting the 6 mo. validity of US drivers license?

    Hmm okay. The reason I was asking initially is due to a likelihood of switching universities halfway through my program. (that is a problem for myself) But the license would be helpful to rent a car, pile a considerable amount of stuff in, and make one move. (It's a two hour trip) Not fun with a train.    I might ask some acquaintances, but being Berlin not many have licenses themselves. :P
  14. A small question, but I've been in Germany as a student for a year now, and according to reciprocality laws I can no longer use my US (California) drivers license to drive in Germany. I have no plans on getting a DE license (at least as a student) but would like to drive around now and then. I'm flying in a month out of the EU for a week, then back again. Does this qualify in resetting the 6 mo. grace period (after which I can drive with my US license for another six months)? Thanks!