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  1. General tips when renting accommodation

    Quick question here: I'm considering an offer for a room in a 2er WG in Hamburg, until I realized it'll be two Hauptmieter (I forgot to ask if it's two signatures on one contract under the Vermieter, or two independent contracts under the Vermieter). After finding a bunch of horror stories about someone in an all-Hauptmieter WG who can't escape, I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble. It IS only two people in the WG, so if all goes well it shouldn't be a big juggling act getting approval to leave, but he IS a stranger. Just wondering if this is standard procedure for WGs in Germany.   In addition, it transpires that the WG does the Kaution differently: I as the new flatmate would be paying the one moving out my Kaution, and when I move out, my replacement will pay me their Kaution. So the Kaution circulates amongst the flatmates. Wondering if having this third party is risky for me, and it'll be hard for me to prove I paid a deposit or recover my deposit when I move out.