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  1. hi all   Wonder if you can help?   I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and live in Nürnberg.   My partner and i have been together for a very long time and are unmarried and British.   We have tried to book an appointment for paternity declaration and custody set up but no appointments until 2 months after baby due (thanks corona 🙄)   We want the baby to have his surname and we want him to be named on the birth certificate - I have been told this is not possible    I have also been told that if I die during child birth, the baby will go into care and he has no rights as we are unmarried.   I have also been told he cant register the birth or have any say with medical needs   I'm really getting stressed out about this and would love someone's guidance who knows the facts.   Also, please don't say just get married. I'm not married through choice.   Thanks so much for any help