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  1. Internet Provider For 12 months

    I'm using M-net, glas fibre. My landlord who live downstair and another friend of mine also use M-net. No complain there. They also said the one time they had problem was when they change provider from telekom, or its techniker to be exact (like they have to change lines or something and only techniker from Telekom can do that). They, like me, used to have Vodafone and complain a lot, due to occasional interuption in internet (you can check that on google how often they have Störung). My landlord even say they still have tv cable from Vodafone, and it has the same problem like when they were still with its internet, but unfortunately they can't change their tv cable contract. My sister has vodafone though, and she doesn't have problem at all. so quality and stability varies. But I can tell you one thing from my experience: avoid VDSL (the vertoring on usual phoneline). Vodafone internet uses TV cable so it's bearable. Telekom and its technology from last century can get lost, get much less speed from advertisement, and unstable during bad weather (how that's related i have no idea). My contract with M-net costs the same as Vodafone for 40€ but the speed is less (300/100mbps vs 1000/50mbps). But I always get that speed and no interuption so far. from what I heard Vodafone has at least two Störung since I changed 2 months ago. After I cancel their contract, there were some guys coming to my house and offer 25€ for 500mbps though, but I don't care, cheaper and faster means nothing if I don't have internet. Another friend of mine uses 1&1 based on VDSL, he has no complain also. it's old building so just cable based on VDSL from Telekom.   One thing though. I haven't used this before but I saw O2 with their discount for unlimited LTE using a voucher from their customer, maybe ask your friend if they can give you the voucher ( 25€/months. For 10€ you can use another sim card at the same time, but I'm not sure about that. you can ask their customer service. Or if you can live with 120GB then you only need to pay 22,50€ with 10 simcard (the same number). There you don't need another contract for phone. You should check if you have signal at your place though. I am not using O2 so I can't say anthing about its service, but on a reseller of o2 and for my use on the way I find it ok, not the best but usable. just take a look for yourself. But then if you move you can take it with you everywhere, as long as you have o2 signal