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  1. Mobile or Tiny Home Wanted

    Wanted a Mobile Home or Tiny Home to use on my land in Seebad Bansin on the Island of Usedom in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.   The condition is not as important as the facilities.  High level of insulation in a unit that can withstand 5 weeks of snow and minus 20'C. Also a  toilet shower and bed.   My central heating broke down and my roof needs to be replaced as well as a total refurbishment next year. So this may be my best way to stay warm and clean as my outside bathroom is also in need of refurbishment.  Hope to hear from you, 👩🏼  
  2. Hi Everyone,  Since January 2020 I have been following the development of the COVID-19 treatment.   Currently there is a lawsuit by Prof Dr. Paul Merrick against the hospital where he works.  He is being blocked from prescribing Invermectin and other cheap drugs used on millions of people for many years that has saved many of his COVID-19 patients.  Now he is being forced to prescribe Remdesivir which costs about $3,000 and 4 of the treated patients have died. This is the treatment I want if get COVID-19 but how do I find a doctor to prescribe it? I live in Bansin on the Usedom .