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  1. Any English speakers in Rügen?

    Hi Everyone,  I am living in Bansin, Usedom which is the second largest island in Germany. Only about 2,000 full time residents here but thousands of holiday makers.  Any chance of making contact with English speakers nearby? 
  2. Architect/Builder

    Can anyone recommend an Architect and or builder who is a specialist in restoration of old properties? Currently I am am camping in the oldest house in Bansin  on the island of Usedom. Unfortunately I am living with no kitchen, no inside bathroom and a roof that is likely to collapse.  The house was confiscated from my family almost 82 years ago.  Although it would be a lot cheaper to demolish and rebuild I want to save this family holiday home.  Any recommendations welcome. English speakers preferred. 
  3. Hi Everyone,  I am the product of a German Refugee and an English social worker. So I am 50% German, 50% English but 100% European.  Unfortunately my father refused to teach me German quite understandable when you learn his personal history. Forced to leave school aged 16.Then forced to leave his home and luxurious lifestyle. His brother was arrested and taken to Sachsenhausen. When my father arrived in Southampton with a suitcase he had signed away right he had to German Citizenship. His father died a broken man then his mother and sister were transported to Terezin where they both died. Although I have applied for German Citizenship under Article 116 it took almost 3 years to get all the necessary documents and I have to wait another 18 months to know if I have been successful.  Currently I am living between Germany and Britain.   Already I have marched with over a Million protesters against Brexit to Parliament twice but that made no difference.    On Brexit Day 31st January I plan to join any pro EU British people to protest about Brexit at the largest gathering.    Does anyone else want to protest against Brexit?