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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Actually as Britain seems hell bent on doing deals to buy Antibiotic and hormone treated beef from Astralia or America to add to American chlorine washed chicken. So who would like to buy British food treated that way as they are trying to do away with the labels that identify that and GM food anyway?
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    On 20th May 2021 I was made a German Citizen under Grund 116. Although I applied about 2 years ago and applied for resident status on 21st December 2020 I would like to know if I can have a British and German passport as well as Citizenship at the same time. If anyone know the answer please respond.  A foot in both countries. 
  3. Squash

    Too old for squash now but I was no good when I tried. Looking for British speakers near Seebad Bansin on Usedom. 
  4. Politics Gen XYZ

    Typical Tory policies.  Steal from the poor to pay the rich.
  5. Politics Gen XYZ

    Love the Political cartoons.  
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    As British people die in their thousands I got stranded in Bansin in December 2020. Bumbling Boris and his Conservative Cronies have managed to kill over 150,000 British civilians which is more than were killed by the Germans in the Blitz.   Immediately I got out of quarantine I applied for German residency but was not passed. In fact that was because I was made a German Citizen under Grund 116. So now I have to navigate German politics as well as English.  
  7. UK rental income on German tax returns

    Hi Everyone,  On 10th December 2020 I got stranded in Bansin,  Germany when British Airways cancelled my return flight. As soon as I got out of quarantine I signed up as a resident in Bansin.  Although I have been for my interview I won't know the result for about 5 more weeks. My primary home was in Bournemouth until 10th December 2020. So who do I file my tax forms with? Britain,  Germany or both? When are the deadline for German tax returns? Is there anyone on Usedom from this group who could help me out? My holiday home in Bansin will become my primary residence if I achieve German Residents status.  
  8. India was using Invermectin and other off patent drugs very successfully until they started giving the Emergency Use Authorization Covid Vaccine.   That is exactly when the death rates in India soared. To go off patent a drug has to have been used for about 20 years. All the EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES  were only given EUA status about 4 months ago. They still have not passed their stage 3 human trials.  So please tell me which are the safest drugs to use?
  9.   Why shoul I risk taking any EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES that have not even passed stage 3 human trials? This is an off patent and safe drug that can be used to prevent and treat most stages of COVID-19.
  10. English Speaking Architect

    Hi Mecklenburg-Vorpommern residents,   I am looking for an English speaking Architect who is a specialist in restoration of old buildings.  Currently I have an old Adobe built, mud brick house and I can't find an architect willing to  take on the project. So far everyone who has come to look at the project and told me to demolish the old house. One did not even bother to come and look.   As a seasoned property investor I know that it will cost more to restore this old house than to demolish it and build a 5 bedroom house with En-suite bathrooms.    However it is the oldest house in Bansin and once belonged to my grandparents.  So want Traditional tradespeople with Adobe mud building skills,  carpentry, roofers and bricklayers to repair a dangerous chimney.    Due to my recent move here I am keen to know if there any other BREXIT refugees that have settled in this area to remain European. OR other English speakers who might want to enter into a conversation. At 71 years of age I don't think I will ever learn German. Unfortunately my German father refused to teach me as a child.  
  11. Deutschland Radio (ARD ZDF)

    Hi Toytowners, ARD wanted to bill me from 1st January 2013. I have a major hearing problem which is worse now that I am 71 years old. My German father would not teach me German so I don't speak German. I don't have a working TV and can't even watch DVDs because the cables got lost. I live alone in what was my holiday home. My main home was in Bournemouth until 21st December when I chose to become a resident in Bansin after my flight back to the UK was cancelled.  I listen to CD's more than NDR Kulture. Most of my news comes from reading articles on the internet.  Any other time I watch American and New Zealand YouTube on my TABLET.    When I told ARD all of this I think that they said I still owed them 52.50€ had to pay 17,50 € a month.  Anyway I will start by paying 17,50 How can anyone get the reduced rate?  
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    One thing is certain Bumbling Boris is killing more British people by his incompetence dealing with COVID-19.    107,801 dead or 1,695 per Million people. The way he has decided to give only half a dose of vaccine does not seem sensible. Just as taking half a course of antibiotics is not sensible.   So I am really pleased that I chose to take up residency in Bansin, Germany on 21st December after British Airways cancelled my flight.