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  1. Mobile or Tiny Home Wanted

    Wanted a Mobile Home or Tiny Home to use on my land in Seebad Bansin on the Island of Usedom in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.   The condition is not as important as the facilities.  High level of insulation in a unit that can withstand 5 weeks of snow and minus 20'C. Also a  toilet shower and bed.   My central heating broke down and my roof needs to be replaced as well as a total refurbishment next year. So this may be my best way to stay warm and clean as my outside bathroom is also in need of refurbishment.  Hope to hear from you, 👩🏼  
  2. Hi Everyone,  I do not speak German and would like to know if there any Home insurance companies in Germany that provide automatic translations into English. Following massive storm damage to trees on my property I have been told that I am only insured for third party damage.  This is a major problem for me. By the way Ostrom do German - English accounts with English speaking consultants who are so much better that EON.   If you want to move to Ostrom use this code ALISS4X5Q6, and when they sign you up we will both get €35
  3. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Hi Everyone,  It is great to hear that you are still talking abou BREXIT.  Obviously BORIS is hoping that Putin will stop any grumbles about BREXIT and start blaming the Russians who helped him get elected. 
  4. Ebay campervan scam

    So sorry to hear about your problems selling your camper van. Although I tried to buy a campervan to stay in on my land I have not been successful.   Does anyone have a camper van that they want to Park at my home in Seebad Bansin on the Island of Usedom whilst I  try to get my home restored?  Let me know.
  5. The War in Ukraine

    The Russians are killing so many innocent people in UKRAINE. Where will it stop?  
  6. Hi Aaron, Did you get any good answers to your tax problems? Mine is more complicated because I got stranded in Germany due to the COVID travel restrictions.  Most of my low income is from my UK pension. However I has to take a Required Minimum Distributions from my IRA in Amerca. Also my granddaughter and I sold the home we owned together in July 2021 so that she could buy a home of her own near her new job. The worst thing is that the US SSA have not accepted my change of name documents.  Having sold up in American during 2005 I lost my Green Card in 2009.