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  1. Meetup: Thursday 17th Dec, 7pm The Dublin Castle, Gravelottestraße 7.


    Who Can Come: Anybody who has cycled with the group before.


    Bring: Beer Money, Food Money, GSOH, secret santa present.


    Remember: As well as the secret santa we'll also be having a special pub quiz with AMAZING prizes to be won.    


    Food: These is a standard pub menu to choose from, I'll post details of it at a later stage. 




    1. Alexdodo

    2. Allershausen

    3. Grizzle

    4.  Ellls

    5.  Gen

    6.  Joe Franken

    7.  Jack

    8.  Greg

    9. Shelley

    10. ChrisJena

    11. Traveler

    12. RainJingleBells

    13. Siskebap






    Ho Ho Ho

    ===== LIMITED TO 35 ========


    As per last year, there will be a secret santa, or to put it better, a shit santa. This will follow the rules of Schrottwichteln:

    1. Find a gift. This should be as kitchy/tasteless/embarrassing as possible.

    2. Wrap it up so neither it nor you can be identified.

    3. Bring it to the party.

    4. Everyone gets a chance to select one random present.

    5. They may keep it... or exchange it with a previously unwrapped present.

    Hilarity ensues. Do not forget! It is a chance to dump your crap


  2. Meetup: Sunday, 09:30 AM Marienplatz. Downstairs in the station, by the ticket office.


    Tickets: Everybody needs to buy a bike ticket for the MVV Network €2,60. I shall arrange group tickets we shall share the cost amongst us.


    Bring: sunscreen, water, raingear, money, bike (with both brakes working, gears and tyres in good condition), swimming gear, flowers, sun worship paraphernalia




    1. Grizzly

    2. justruss

    3. justruss +1

    4. Olly

    5. Ralex

    6. MichMoscow

    7. kreanu

    8. Salma 28

    9. Olga

    10. 3.50€

    11. scratchy

    12. Traveler

    13. japanmunich

    14. Canuck

    15. topgear

    16. teathegreat

    17. Sphinx123

    18. Francaisdeutsche

    19. ChrisJena (cancellation at short notice possible if weather is too crappy!)

    20. Siskebap


    -- limited to 20 people -- 


  3. Just bring something with you. I had a package with no bill and I did show the printout of the Page. They accepted it.

    Somebody mention the 22 Euro limit, but if they call you, they want to see the bill. In general they add 19% EuSt (Tax) and 4,7% Toll on top of what you paid.


    For example

    14 Euro product

    3 Euro shipping


    17 Euro


    +3,23 Euro Tax 19%


    20,23 Euro


    +0,95 Euro Toll 4,7%


    21,18 Total cost


    If you paid the 17 Euro already, it is 4,18 Euro to pick it up. If you can bring an excuse like "Had to work overtime, couldn´t make it on time", maybe they´ll be kind to you. You may be also able to send in somebody else with a paper singed by you that says he comes to pick it up in your name.


  4. I can only second the idea with the consorsbank as I do have and use their creditcard. The account there is free. You´ll get an EC-Card and a Creditcard and a depot all together for 0 Euro. You can fill out the form online


    They got two special deals for new customers.

    Trading for 12 months with a flat fee of 4,95 Euro for stock orders up to 10.000 Euro

    or 1,10 % interest for "Tagesgeld" for 12 months. In case you go there, you should think about that options.


    Only disadvantage: the page is in german.



    The Mobile WLAN device also requires a SIM card and would also have the same problems a Phone SIM would.

    should be no problem if one stay only for a couple of weeks. The advantage of the combo is, you do not have to take out your simcard from your smartphone. If somebody calls you, you don´t pick up but you can text back. I don´t know about other providers, I´m with Aldi and their prices are acceptable. SMS D->TR or TR->D 13 cents. And no charge for incoming SMSs.


    One can buy such a device in turkey and get a cheap internet-only Simcard. Offers on the street last year were 1 GB for 29 Lira / 1 Month prepaid. That´s 10 Euro.


  6. Go to a shop there on the streets, the prices drop every year. Most salespeople in turkey speak english or german, so should be no problem to ask for prices and if they got something that fits your special needs.


    After a certain amount of time - I think over 3 weeks - you´ll recieve a message that your phone will be taken out of service. It won´t be made unuseable, it is just illegal to use other countries phones/cards there for ever. If you leave turkey and come again, this period starts new.


    Altough you can use it with Wifi in every cafe for FB/Skype/Whatsapp without limitations.


    Calling/SMS/Internet with a german card is possible but expensive. As Turkey is not part of the EU, you can not use the cheap 7-day EU packages that some german providers offer.


    Edit: You can also buy one of these Mobile WLAN Hotspots. Am not sure if this one fits, basically it should


    I´m sure you can get something similar from a turkish shop too. Then you leave your smartphone like it is and connect it with this WLAN device and you got internet on the road.


  7. Check out the Sunday Cycling Group. It is not competitive but goes all day. Total distance in average 40-65 km


    Is on any sunday within March-Oktober, except if the weather forecast doesn´t fit.


    Edit: You don´t need to save this link, you can look for it by clicking on "Events" at the top of this page and there under "Sunday".


  8. I took out a random line "Aufgrund des bestehenden Zahlungsausstands sind Sie gebunden dabei, die durch unsere Inanspruchnahme entstandenen Kosten von 35,12 Euro zu tragen. Die Zahlung erwarten wir bis zum". Then inserted it into google search. In that case the first hit is an online page explaining this scam and variations of it.


  9. Saturn Schwanthalerstraße 115, 5 minutes from U-Bahn U4/U5 Theresienhöhe, offers 100 Headphones to try out. Don´t know if they got these two, but you could check it out. Open Mon-Sat till 8 pm. Is in general more expensive compared with Ebay/Amazon, but you could try negotiating if it over your limits.


  10. I´ve been to the Yalla Partys before, they are ok. The other ones, I´ve never been. But I know that on this page Turkish nights in Munich discos are announced and you can check them out. As long as I see, everybody is welcome on these partys.


  11. You can check out


    Sometimes there are announcements for turkish disco there. I checked for the next two weekends and there is not much

    14.03.15 Turkish Disco at P1 - which is "chic", therefore very expensive drinks and a lot of show-off people


    21.03.15 Yalla Party. Maybe not 100% turkish, but oriental touch and prices ok


  12. the city of munich offers sport for everybody.

    Here is their plan "Das Programmheft der Hallensport-Saison 2014/2015 (PDF)"

    They offer Kick-Power classes (just another name for Tae-Bo)


    It is organised by the Landeshauptstadt München, Referat für Bildung und Sport, Sportamt

    I searched their e-Mail address for her

    She can send an e-mail in german and ask for the contact person for applying for that job.


    Other places to ask are non-profit sports clubs like

    You can´t google them with the term tae-bo that easy. But if you search for "turnverein münchen boxen"

    you´ll get the places that offer boxing. And most of them do tae-bo under a different name like Thai-something or Kick-something


    Commercial box clubs and sports clubs you can google with "boxen in münchen" and "fitness club münchen".


    Hope this helps


  13. PC Inspector File Recovery 4 (Windows) is free.


    Plug the card into the PC. If it got not detected, type "WINkey+r", insert "compmgmt.msc /s"


    The "Computerverwaltung" comes up with Windows 7.

    There go to "Datenspeicher", "Datenträgerverwaltung". If you can see it there, assign another letter for it. Like "K:".

    Now it should be visible and you can install PC Inspector File Recovery and can try to recover files.


    If the card is plugged in and it does not come up at "Datenträgerverwaltung", it is possibly defunct.


  14. Do you speak german? offers lawyer insurance from 150 Euro/Year. The page is only in german as long as I know.

    There are numerous others, you can choose whichever you want.


    Effective 3 months after you sigh the contract. Is not much money and if you will need it only once in 2 years, should still be cheaper than paying a lawyer direct.


  15. It´s all fakes. Friday night to sunday night is the best time to put them up, as most immobilienscout24 employees are not working at that time.



    85m^2 for 350 Euro + utilities, 250 m walk from Marienplatz.


    Is in real life:

    an apartment in Allgäu / Bodensee. That can be rented for 305 euro for 2 days.


    I found this via google inverse picture search.


    If I start entering sopaxa into google search, it will be completed to sopaxa@gmail.

    Searching for that it´s a name listed months ago at the Fake ad blog


    99,99% of landlords in munich do all corrospendance in perfect german, not english

    99,99% of landlords in munich want to check your income first


    Munich rent prices are in average 10-15 Euro per squaremeter + utilities. For middle sized or big apartments.


    For small studio apartments near the university, it could be more. I´ve seen an ad lately,

    25 m^2 in Schwabing for 690 Euro + 100 Euro utilities. That´s 27,60 Euro per m^2.


    If you see something unbelievable cheap, put the picture into the google inverse picture search.

    You can also put parts of the text or name, email into google and see what happens.


  16. You can also search for a Steuerhilfeverein in your area. They do it for you as long as you are an employee and not a contractor.


    Price range Berlin 80 Euro, Munich 180 Euro. Best case is you´ll get something back because they know what they can claim back.


    Not Steuerberater, these are tax consultants. They charge possibly 10 times that much.


    In Germany: You got to make clear before you sign a contract how much it will cost you and if it is a one time payment or recurring.