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  1. Thank you, Dai - Yes, I have to do my own invoices because my clients have different ways of accounting for my services in terms of units/specifications. Some of them also require me to use their specific discrimination format. To re-do the invoices in these systems, and I am talking over a hundred of them would be very time consuming. I am going on testing 'Accountable' as it allows me to upload my invoice, and I have only to fix minor information. I will see what happens. So far, I have tons of questions and I am sure I will still have to count on a steuerberater, but hopefully not as before... I have only 1 costumer in Germany, and over 20 abroad, so a system more EU/World friendly works better for me...  
  2. Hello! After so many frustrating and deceiving experiences with tax "advisors" in the last 6 years, and now feeling a bit more confident and capable to at least understand the meaning of some keywords, I have tried out briefly several accounting/tax SaaS solutions out there. Of course what works depends a lot of your type of business as a freelancer, but what thing is for sure, the majority still is made for German natives, even if they offer an English UI, or even worst for Germans doing business in Germany. I have a final list, and hesitating as well as afraid of going for it. Yet, reluctant of again paying an office to whom I will do all the work of organizing, inputting my own data (mainly doing the bookkeeping for them) and being charged for it, plus the usual black box attitude in which they do not ask any questions, take exactly what I give, and show no interest in guiding me towards paying less taxes - the whole point of an advisor. My last one was a total rip-off.   Here are my important needs: - a solution to generate and send ZM and VAT declarations - to use my own invoices, that are to complicated and change according to client   2 finalists:   - Sorted:  PRO: generates VAT and ZM declaration, allows to upload my own invoices, allows to generate EüR and EST. CON: entries do not have any unique ID, poor summary listing based on Invoice Date (who cares) and no way to see summary by paid date, no Export.   - Accountable PRO: VAT, ZM, upload invoices, EüR, EsT - BUT - no 'Anlage Kind' - and I wonder if I could for instance sumit that separately.   2 good rated, but missing fit my reality (providing services for EU mainly, non-German native):   -SevDesk PRO: it really looks professionally made for accounting in Germany, with all required data fields. CON: No ZM, no uploading invoices (only uploading expenses, which means the same workflow), only in German   -LexOffice PRO: Again, it seems to have all possible features you might need, CON: no uploading invoices - or you have to send to an alias email one by one or Dropbox, as you do the booking, very complicated, only in German     Others I've tried, but didn't look good to me:   Debitoor - No ZM, no possibility of sending your declarations directly, same silly absurd summary based on Invoice Date, Standard Due Date and no Paid Date, which is what matters to me. I can upload my invoice, but I have to manually re-do one by one to comply with their system. Billomat - No upload of invoices, too complicated, orgaMAX- Extremely module-based that makes it too complex for freelancers just providing services, it looks good for e-commerce business.   If you are still reading this, what is your opinion. Would you trust one of these solutions to generate your declarations? For a solution that does not generate all forms, would you go for an hybrid solution? (eg. sending 'Anlage Kind' via Elster). Would you stick with big players such as SevDesk or LexOffice and 're-do' all your invoices, giving up on upload, just to make sure to 'comply'?     Does anyone has experience on how FinanzAmt reacts to declarations sent via one of these services?? Do they even care?   Thanks a lot in advance for reading and/or commenting!