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  1. Non-compete compliance verification

    Thank you Lenny Nero. I was thinking the same thing I just wasn’t sure if something like that existed here. I will certainly look into that. 
  2. Non-compete compliance verification

    Thanks you two.  Contract was a simple two pager. I received absolutely no pay or did we even discussed laws or agreements at the beginning or the end. Company is quite small (6 employees) here in Landsberg. Bavaria 
  3. Non-compete compliance verification

    Good morning guys, I have a question regarding no compete agreements. I worked for a company for two and a half years. Decided to quit and gave (over whats up) two months notice. Company decided to fire me instead with two weeks notice. That was in November 2019. I have since opened my own mini GmbH. One of my customers just informed me that my previous employer called them and said that I have 2 years no compete agreement with them. There is no contract between my previous employer and my customer so it is only between us. I have never signed any contact regarding no competing. I was not informed by my previous employer only customer. I should also say woman is a narcissist. Does she have a case or is she full of s..t