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  1. Americans and Germany

    Those are good cars. Beer is not too bad either.
  2. Sometimes honestly is the best thing and sometimes it is not. I personally would not admit as you would make yourself very easy to prosecute. Watch out what you say and do not provide any information that is not required. Unless you have legal insurance, I do not see a reason to call a lawyer. If it’s a first time, she will probably pay a fine less than what a lawyer would charge her. 
  3. Citizenship for newborn

    Do what alderhill said, be persistent but polite. I am not so sure all of those people working there know the law. From experience I know that two different people will tell you two different answers. Good luck 
  4. starting UG "nach Musterprotokoll"

    I have an UG. The first few months I drew no salary nor was I obligated to do so. Even when I started taking monthly salary I never wrote or signed a contact, I basically just informed my tax attorney how much money Nett I wished to receive. However when I hired an employee I had to write a contact between him and the company.
  5. Leaving Munich back to Ireland

    German hospitality😜