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  1. Any golfers around?

    I am unfortunately too far away (Landsberg am Lech) otherwise would gladly join you once kids resume schooling. 
  2. Moving to Munich from USA

    We shipped most of our possessions, including our car in a 40 foot container from US to Germany. Looking back I would have sold all of it before moving, except for clothes and some sentimental value objects. Good luck 
  3. Do you like living in Germany?

    Florida is nice to visit especially Nov-Apr but I wouldn’t ever move back. Cast system has created a hectic fast pace life which is ok for younger educated people but terrible for families. That being said after five years in Germany wife and my older son have gotten a huge itch to visit Florida. Just got tickets for two weeks in December, unless American Airlines goes belly up. 
  4. Do you like living in Germany?

    Very true. A huge amount of population lives paycheck to paycheck