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  1. US Student Debt Repayment Assistance by Employer

    I read somewhere that the main reason men earn more money than women for the same job position, is because they ask for more money. Just ask for more money. What do you have to lose.
  2. Housing is hard to find these days in Bayern. I think you'll have no problems renting it out. I am in Landsberg and the rental prices are going for around €10/m'. 
  3. Overseas envelope sent by post: will it arrive?

    We send and receive "regular " letters all the time. My son even receives money somethimes from grandma.  It takes around 7 days 
  4. Difficult working conditions

    I wouldn't call it bitterness but rather common sense. I personally prefer a system where employees enjoy a fair and correct working rights as opposed to crapy rights workers in US have to deal with, but entitlement shouldn't be one of those rights. If you had a business that you ran successfully for yeras, than comes an employee and starts making requests (for right or wrong ), how would you feel. Especially if the boss itself works in those same conditions.  Anyway, just my opinion. I wish you good luck with whatever happens. I personally would start looking for a new job
  5. Difficult working conditions

    I don't like the working conditions. I don't like my boss. I am willing to contact a third-party who can actually shut the whole business down, but I don't want to leave. You are funny