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  1. Thank you so much for the clarification.   
  2. Thanks for your feedback.    I checked my tax documents from Germany and realized that I paid income tax on gross income minus the standard deduction. So you are right that the pension contribution is already taxed.    So even though certain standard deductions for pension were taken during tax filing, I don't owe any taxes on that amount?   Just trying to clarify before I file my taxes in US.    Thanks. 
  3. Hi Chris,  How did you pay taxes on the pension refund? Meaning in US or in Germany? And did you declare is as Social Security Benefit on 1040? I have similar situation as you, just 3 yrs later.   Appreciate your feedback.  Thank you. 
  4. Hello All, Thank you to this post and all the detailed responses, I was also able to get my refund last year in June. I had to make a few calls and write emails after sending the application, but eventually the refund showed up in my US bank account. (I chose US bank account as they required a notarized copy if the bank deposit form).   Now I would like to ask question about taxation in US.    US Resident/citizens, how did you declare this on your tax?  From what I am reading, this needs to be declared as Social Security Benefit. (based on US-Germany Tax Agreement)   My tax filing status is Resident Alien (As I am an Indian Citizen in US on H1B Visa). Not sure if there is an exemption which will help me reduce the tax burden?  I found the wording inconsistent between various IRS documents. So I am here looking for help on how people have declared this income on their tax forms. (If declared at all).    Thank you all in advance and appreciate your support.