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  1. Okay, baby #3 is on the way and we may or may not be staying here for a while longer. My boys are 4 & 6, so booster-seat age, and we currently have a Golf station wagon, which my initial test showed won't accomodate a baby car seat + two booser seats. If our stay isn't extended, then we'll be here for about a month after the baby's born, so I'm thinking that we could just cheat and cut the styrofoam to narrow the boosters for that short time. But if we are here for 2 more years, that won't do, and, and we'll have to research a new car -- but I'd like to avoid a minivan, from cost and parking considerations.   So, from any of you who have 3 kids and a car, what kind of car do you drive? What's the smallest car we can get away with?   (And the answer is not, as a few of my friends, in a clueless moment, suggested, is not to move the older boy to the front seat -- my husband has to sit somewhere!)   For that matter, do you feel like a freak for having 3 in Germany?