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  1. In my former building a crack was discovered in the facade, and within the span of about 4 days there was full scaffolding complete with tarp, mess, and noisy construction work (like the sound of concrete being cut with a saw). What I'm getting at is that you can complain but it will probably not be able to have any impact on the building works, as there may be an urgent need for them. You can try to consult the Mietverein or contact the building company directly to see if you are entitled to compensation, but it's pretty standard language in any rental contract that certain inconvenient building works can be expected from time to time. Of course, it would have been nice of the rental agent (or building company) to inform you, but it's possible they didn't know 2 months ago. It may be worth investing in some high quality noise cancelling headphones, or a co-working space for the next 3-4 months. Sorry about your predicament.
  2. Travel to the US and back.

    We flew from US to DE (via CH) on Friday, and at check-in in the US our vaccination certificates (I showed them Corona-Warn app and it was accepted without issue) were checked, but no COVID tests were required (because the US is not currently a risk area). As a non-DE citizen, I was asked if I was a resident of Germany, but not asked for any proof of that. We also had to fill in a form form online for CH, but no one asked anything about it. After check-in in the US, no one asked for any other COVID-related documentation. Our kids are under 12, so no proof of vaccination were required and no tests were necessary for them either. Good luck!
  3. Travel to the US and back.

    Thanks @Santitas that's good to know! I just got off the phone with a friend of mine (who flew with his family from the US to DE last week) and he said he paid $500 USD for express PCR tests in the US only to not be asked for them (neither in US or DE - parents were vaccinated traveling with 2 kids under 12). He said he spoke to a US airline rep in advance who said they were required to enter DE. Glad I won't be making that mistake!
  4. Travel to the US and back.

    Thanks to everyone for posting their experiences here. We are now winding down our trip to the US, and we fly back to DE (transfer in CH) later this week. We are a family of 4 (2 fully vaccinated parents, a 6 year old, and a 3 year old) and we were wondering if anyone had very recent (like last week or so) experience traveling from the US to DE (esp with kids ineligible for a vaccine), and what the restrictions were. As far as we can gather from the following sources, as long as we as the parents are vaccinated, our kids won't even need a COVID test: (DE & CH)   Is this in line with anyone else's experience? Thanks!  
  5. Travel to the US and back.

    Maybe this could be helpful if anyone wants reassurance...   We flew BER - ZRH - JFK (Swiss Intl) on July 2nd (US / German married couple, US / German dual citizen kids) and we are still here.   Marriage Certificate: Requested in BER and ZRH before boarding flight - it was a US marriage certificate with a certified German translation attached. The gate agents in both countries only glanced at it for 10 seconds right at boarding and typed something into the computer and we boarded without issue. The US authorities did not ask for it - I told them she was my wife and they believed me (same last name, kids with same last name).   Negative COVID test: Requested in BER only at check-in. It was a printed result for an antigen quick test from a local strorefront testing center in a Betting Spielhalle (we got the free Bürgertest offered to Berlin residents). A PCR test was definitely not required. The US authorities did not ask for it.   US Attestation: They only asked if we had it at BER, but did not look at it. The CH & US authorities did not ask for it. We had 2 printed copies for each one of us - they went straight into the recycling bin at JFK.   Upon arrival in the US, everything was like pre-COVID normal (except for masks) - nobody asked to see any COVID-related documentation. We waited about 20 mins to have our passports checked (and photos taken) and we were on our way. Curiously, my German citizen wife did not need to be fingerprinted.
  6. Travel to the US and back.

      It was done by the people working at the storefront testing center in Berlin (they were dressed like medical personnel, although, not sure if they were - in any case I did not do it by myself), and it was free (since quick antigen tests are available for free to residents of Berlin).
  7. Thanks for direct and specific answer on the Schnelltest.   As to no masks, Dresden stopped requiring masks on Friday.  I was curious if people would stop using them.  Yup.  When I went to store on Saturday and bakery this morning, no more masks.  Not even bakery staff.  I thought it would have been nice if the people handling the food had masks...

  8. Travel to the US and back.

    I arrived in the US on July 2nd and I confirm that the antigen schnelltest which I obtained at a Berlin storefront testing center was accepted for air travel by the gate agents at BER and not checked again upon arriving in the US (where it seems like COVID is completely over as the majority of people are not wearing masks indoors any more.
  9. Travel to the US and back.

    Thanks so much @MollyWolly - this is very useful advice!
  10. Travel to the US and back.

    Hello! I am a US citizen residing in Germany, and I am traveling to the US (NY) with my family in a few weeks (wife is DE citizen and kids are US/DE). I would like to know if anyone has traveled from Germany to the US very recently, and if so, could they confirm that it was fine to travel with an antigen test result (ie you don't need a PCR). Thank you in advance! Maybe @MollyWolly? Thanks!
  11. Proof of negative Schnelltest?

    The places I have been too provided an email with a link to download a PDF certificate. However, the businesses I have been too accept the email too (just show it to them on your phone). Good luck!
  12. A question for all you long-timers:

    After a 2-year long distance relationship between Berlin and New York, I came here in Jan 2015 to try it out, then came the kids, the job, the marriage, the apartment purchase, the job promotion, the apartment purchase upgrade, the next job promotion, the kids going to a great school... And so here we are, 6.5 years later and all is still going very well, despite the global situation. We are extremely grateful.   I miss my family in the US, but things are going so well here and we are very happy. I am also very lucky that we see my family twice per year (except for in recent times) - and I'm glad that should be starting again soon. I don't particularly love Berlin, but I've made some very good friends here and we have a great network of people, so it's definitely home. I don't think I am ever going back to live in the US. I can imagine a stint of a few years, but we'd most definitely come back here long term.
  13. Quick PCR Test (<24 h)
  14. Can you see this building? It is still standing in between many new buildings.
  15. Just move on and forget it. If you do have this commitment it in writing, think about, how much trouble would it be for you to pursue the lost costs (250 EUR? Plus hotel?), and assuming you do not have legal insurance, consider that if you were to involve a lawyer (that is, if the lawyer is willing to take up the case for such a small amount of money) there will be legal fees and you'll likely get nearly nothing - you'd really be doing it out of spite. Next time, kindly ask for the company who offers to interview you to pay for your travel themselves!