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  1. Hello TTers,My wife (DE citizen) and I (US citizen) tried to designate me with Bevollmächtiger / power of attorney over her bank account, but the bank would not permit it because of the requirements imposed upon them by the US government bank reporting regulations regarding investment accounts.Renouncing my US citizenship is not an option, and we do not want to change banks. Do we have any other options? Is there a generic Vollmacht in Todesfall or Vorsorgevollmacht that would serve the purpose of granting me access to her account should she become incapacitated? Does one need to set this up with a lawyer / other consultant / directly with the bank?   Thank you,   Brock
  2. Hello, for the 12 months prior to my child's birth, I was both self-employed, and then employed. My wife took Elternzeit with Elterngeld for the first 12 months, and I want to take the last 2 months. My question is, what will the Elterngeld payment be based on if I worked both as a self-employed freelancer in the US and as a employee (Angestellter) at a German firm, in Berlin. Here are the details:   Kid's birth: 15 May 2015   My employment 1 year prior to the birth: 15 May 2014 - 30 Nov 2014: Self-employed in the USA 15 Feb 2015 - present: Full-time employment in Germany   Other fun facts: EU citizen Resident of Germany since 01 Feb 2015 Krankenkasse payments since 01 Feb 2015 DRV payments since 15 Feb 2015   I've already looked through several forums, and could not find any answers based on someone having a similar experience. Thank you!   Regards,   -Brockman