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  1. Ok, I figured I'd give this a shot here. Does anyone have an Atera Roofrack / Dachbox with a code 2 key? If so, would anybody be willing to lend me the key so I can mount my Dachbox in time for a trip on Wednesday? I thought about this too late, and I am unable to order it from anywhere to get it shipped in time. I've called around to several shops in Berlin, and checked on various sites, but no one can guarantee a delivery within 2 days! Thanks!   This is it:
  2. Driving from Munich to Lake Garda

    We did the same drive last year with kids. We stopped at an Alm along the Jaufen Pass. Can't remember which one it was, but there are several and they all seemed pretty good in terms of quality and space for the kids to run around for a bit.
  3. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

    From the blog post: When we saw much of Germany stuck in a similar status quo of cheap beer, we were convinced we could help. As it stands now, German beer prices are the cheapest in Western Europe. As most of us know from life, the best things are rarely the cheapest. Amazing beer is being brewed by amazing brewers all over the country. Unfortunately, according to the stats, most Germans are still ignoring these wonderful beers and buying the cheap stuff. I find this to not be the case in Berlin. Since I moved to Berlin in early 2015, 3 bars serving only craft beer opened up within walking distance of my apartment, and numerous others have opened all throughout the city. All of these establishments are selling €5-8 pints and are perpetually packed, at least every time I've visited. I myself am not a huge fan of most of Stone's beers, I find them to be too intense and difficult to drink and pair with food. I consider myself a craft beer enthusiast, but I also like to drink beer in quantity, which means that one won't find €6-7 cans of 8.5% beer in my fridge. I'll spend that to drink in a bar for a craft beer I really liked, but for the everyday 'drinking' beer, I go to Hoffmann!
  4. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

    Well, that was quick.
  5. Abmelden (as a Brit) & anmelden (as Irish)?

    Same here. I made a Termin and had a 3 minute appointment while the Beamtin entered the details of my Irish passport into the system. No questions asked. Just a laugh when I said 'just in time before Brexit!'.
  6. Mutterschutzzeit is included in Elternzeit?

    I guess this is your first kid and that's why you're calling it 'paid holiday' ;-)   Mutterschutz (14 weeks: 6 before / 8 after the birth): Assuming you are an employee (as opposed to a contractor), your employer pays you as they normally do. The post-birth 8 weeks count towards Elternzeit with Elterngeld.   Elternzeit with Elterngeld: Assuming the father takes at least 2 months of Elternzeit, the parents are eligible for up to 14 months of Elternzeit with Elterngeld payments (combined, so if the mother takes 7, the father can take up to 7). This is ~65% of your net salary, paid monthly, and capped at €1800.   Example:   Child born on 01 May 2019 Mutterschutz pre-birth starts around March 15th 2019 (mother receives full net salary from employer) Mutterschutz post-birth starts May 1st 2019 and ends 8 weeks later until just before July 1st (mother receives full net salary from employer) Let's assume mother and father are both doing 7 months simultaneously, so Elternzeit with Elterngeld starts at the birth (May 1st 2019) and ends Dec. 1st 2019 From just before July 1st 2019, mother receives ~65% of her net salary OR €1800 / month - whichever is lower From the birth May 1st 2019 father receives ~65% of his net salary OR €1800 / month - whichever is lower
  7. Is living at Potsdamer Platz that bad?

    I looked at a couple of flats to rent there a few years ago, and we almost pulled the trigger on one (Bernburger Str. I believe). However, the area was a bit desolate and isolated, not very neighborhoody in our opinion. We scoped it out and my wife did not feel comfortable walking from the U-Bahn to where the flat was at night, so we decided against it. It's certainly very centrally located to the main business districts of Berlin, as well as Kreuzberg, Schoeneberg, and Mitte where there is no shortage of things to do, eat, and drink. There was also indeed some good housing stock at a fair price. Just not our cup of tea. Good luck.
  8. Hire a lawyer before buying a flat

    I purchased a flat in Berlin a few years ago and I did not hire my own attorney to follow the transaction process. I only hired a real estate contract attorney to read the purchase agreement, and I do not remember how much that cost, but it was very reasonable (considering all they did was say that the agreement was standard and did not require any significant changes). I had legal insurance in case the transaction went south. I also hired a building engineer who verified that the builder was fulfilling the contract obligations within the defined time-frame. Looking back, I do not see what value having an attorney throughout the whole process would have brought to the table since it was a new build from a reputable company, and the Notar acted as a neutral party to ensure that the purchase agreement confirms to the law.   I think 1% of the sales price is too much money, and would probably only be worth it if there were certain risk factors at play that could put the deal in jeopardy. In any case, I would not recommend hiring the lawyer recommended by your estate agent. You and the estate agent may have conflicting interests (i.e. they want to complete the sale and for you to pay up as quickly as possible without you asking too many questions).
  9. Wanted Drill! (Baumschulenweg)

    If you don't have any luck on Nebenan, you can rent a drill from Bauhaus.
  10. Hi john_b, I used 'Meldebescheinigung beantragen' and my appointment is on Feb. 1st, I'll post an update then.
  11. paying taxes on a newly registered car

    I took delivery of a new car on January 8th, and I received the notice from the Hauptzollamt yesterday that they would be deducting the Kfz-Steuer from my account in the coming days. The dealer did the Zulassung for me, and I had to fill in a form, which included a Lastschrift for the Hauptzollamt. If you have any doubt, ring the dealer, but if you've successfully registered the car, expect to hear from the Hauptzollamt very soon.
  12. US Immigration Lawyers in Munich

    I think it's more of a case of demonstrating the Consular Officer you're child is eligible, rather than convincing them. That looks like it is going to be difficult for you, since the purpose of the requirement is to show the consulate that the US citizen parent has a connection to the US, and you said you have only been back for 2 weeks since age 10. I am a US citizen that lived in the US continuously from birth until age 25, and the consulate in Berlin checked the documentation I provided thoroughly. It seems like there is nothing you can really do until you have the birth certificate, then you can at least do the official interview and try. Of course, the other option is that you go and live in the US for 2 years. Good luck.
  13. US Immigration Lawyers in Munich

    It seems you are not eligible to pass US citizenship on to your child. How do you think a lawyer can help you in this case? Why not email the consulate and explain your predicament? If you find that to not be helpful, then try to set up an appointment with them and go in person. In my dealings with them they've been very responsive and informative over email. Also, they've been very inflexible about bending their requirements. Good luck.
  14.   Have you been approached by someone in the upper management of your company, and told that the acquisition is imminent, and that layoffs are on the horizon? If not, I think you can relax. Where on the internets are the 'adverse reports' coming from, and how concrete are they likely to be? In any case, nothing is likely to happen for months after the acquisition, that is, if the acquisition is even taking place. As the other poster said, for added peace of mind, you should take out legal protection insurance (which is a good thing to have, regardless, you'll never find anyone on this forum who has regret paying the <€20, even if they do not need to use it) now so it will be in effect if something something negative does indeed happen. Perhaps it is time to start looking for a new job?
  15. Abmelden (as a Brit) & anmelden (as Irish)?

    Hi john_b (sorry, can't seem to tag you), hope you're well. See here:   Seems straightforward. I've made an appointment in Berlin and I'll report back when it's done.