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  1. I had a job that ended in July. The residence permit expires 17.9. Of the last 3 months I spent 1 in Germany and the rest of the period outside. Now I actually just need to go there to pick up my staff. I am not planing to stay.   The question is: After completing the work how much time do we have, 3months for job search + 3months as a tourist or less?
  2. Need some help with an invitation letter for Russian citizen
  3. Cancellation contract and payment of remaining wages

    I spent 6 days on sick leave. My main concern was looking accommodation during project time. You all know how that may be difficult specially in Frankfurt during Messe. People live in all kind of shit holes hoping that one day they will get a flat. I think company was aware of that but did nothing.   In fact, the reason they're firing me is that I didn't answer to one boss's phone call that happened at 7pm. I told them that was ridiculous. that the day after work I slept and I didn't hear or was obligated to answer any calls.   I think I will go to Arbeitsgericht by myself and before that try to get lawyer to send that letter for me.   Thanks everyone !
  4. Cancellation contract and payment of remaining wages

    One more thing. I received two documents :   The one which mention the cancellation deadline of 3 months and the payment of the remaining pay. The other one that says the cancellation is immediate without any further payments.   I just signed the first one and handed it to them personally.
  5. I want to explain my case and find out if I should hire a lawyer  or not. I worked at the firm for 7 months, having passed the trial period. Since the project was in another city, the company was supposed  to provide me accommodation for the duration of the project. This did not happen one week in Frankfurt when the prices of accommodation were the highest. They told me I should take care of the accommodation myself, at the time when the hostel prices ranged from 50€ and the hotel to 400 euros. I got sick after that and took sick leave. After that, they fired me.   I have nothing against the cancellation because I did not like to work there either. Since I passed the trial period, the notice period was 3 months. The contract even says that the company can end the contract, pay the remaining 3 salaries, without the obligation of the employees to work in the company. The problem is that when I left, they told me they were not thinking of paying me anything more. I have an appointment scheduled in May at Arbeitsgericht . Should I bring a lawyer or try to finish this alone? Note, the lawyer asks 1500 € in advance, only to appear in court with me.