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  1. Politics Gen XYZ

    Since many of us find so many Political caricatures, comics, memes on the internet, on a daily basis, the humour value of the said content is sometimes exaggerated based on political inclination. For example, anti-Trump folks find Pro-Trump content unfunny and vice versa. So, to spare the good old "What made you Laugh" thread of such friction, here's one thread to post your heart's content (hopefully).  Let's begin:  
  2. Okay, so there's another thread on this forum (from 2007, 6 pages long) where people were flabbergasted by the 'mysterious' death of bees. I really think it's time we all knew what's going on and what's at stake here.     Have a look at this video which explains it all: It's very well explained and very detailed. in 6 minutes.   After watching the video, if you are all wondering what we can do, please have a look at this page and do try contributing in whatever way possible. The bees are our best friends in nature. Always working without expecting anything in return. It's our turn to save them.