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  1. Toytown Musicians Corner

    I'm done here, I'll just log in once in a while when I have a song to post.  
  2. What made you laugh today?

        Fact check alert! Fact check alert!     
  3.   Nafri? Noodle? Nougat? Nescafe? Nivea?
  4. German right of way laws

    Red-Blue-Green. If it was only between Red and Green, green would go first, but the blue being involved here would mean that green shouldn't move before the blue. Thereby giving Red the first move. Methinks.
  5.   Says the person who uses Nazi Germany reference to compare anything and everything related to conservative opinions... 
  6. Tip of the day

    Avoid involving yourself in a discussion using reason and logic, in an echo-chamber. Only Mob-negs await. Irony would be getting Mob-negged for saying this here. 
  7.   Next on the list of "Russian aides" - John McAfee.     
  8. Advice and help about divorce

      That is IF he is willing to support the child financially. Else the mother can go to ABH and file a complaint that the father is not willing to support the child.
  9. German residency permit renewal

      Same here, they just gave me a list of schools and said I could register myself in any of them, and that the fees would be subsidised. Only when I read the clause on my visa was it clear that they meant business.  It's not a problem, you are in no way going to be deported for this. Your inconvenience would be that you will be denied a Niederlassungserlaubnis and you'll just be given a yearly extension till you get that sweet, sweet B1 and pass the "Leben in Deutschland" Test. 
  10. German residency permit renewal

      Check your visa. There might be this clause:  
  11. resultless job hunt

      Well, down to the basics - is your cv and cover letter in German or English?
  12. Wait, here's the real bingo:   CIA has finally released the SOURCE of the Intelligence!! Unbelievable!!!!! 
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Some people, like my wife, age like Wine. Exquisite and fine.  Others, like me, age like Bread. One doesn't want to know all the toxins inside. Thank Bourbon Whiskey. 
  14. Since when did BuzzFeed become a reliable source? That's right, the 9th of November 2016.
  15. Three-word story

    in echo chambers