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  1. A quiet day in Sweden

    Quiet, peaceful Sweden.    
  2. will i go to jail ?

    The letter states that your medicine, after an enquiry, has been confiscated. That's it. And if you want the medicine, you need to let them know with a month.   No jail time for ordering painkillers. 
  3. What made you laugh today?

  4. Things to ponder

    Take a look at this, and watch RTL news tonight:   Don't miss this chance to applaud the mainstream narratives   
  5. What made you laugh today?

     a new sequel awaits.  
  6. What made you cry today?

    He only saw his kid once, and then... 😟😟😞   No signs of driving impedance. No alcohol, he wasn't tired before he left. Just sad.
  7. Eating Beaver, Would you?

      Do try the Halal version, it won't be that shocking then. 
  8. iPhone 5 battery replacement in Berlin?

    I would suggest Mediamarkt for the following reasons: 1. Apple original batteries are made in China anyways. 2. If your current battery is seriously bad, getting a Mediamarkt certified Chinese battery is still better, since I believe iPhone 5 Applecare would have run out by now. 3. 39€ is actually not such a "Made in China" cheap price considering batteries for iPhone 5 start from 19€ in the market. The rest is service charge, since it's relatively difficult to get the iPhone open by yourself.
  9.     Sr5dnptylno is not making a wild claim here. Kazim had allegedly commited suicide the Thursday before, and yet the news of this and his own parents were informed of this only on Tuesday.