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  1. Steuerklasse 4-4 vs. 3-5

    Hello Toytowners,   I started working in Munich mid-August 2017. I was told by a German colleague that choosing class 3 (higher earning spouse's salary) and 5 (lower salary) instead of 4-4 for both -- only means you will own to the state at the end of the year. Namely, choosing 4-4 is better because "what you get is what is yours".   Is that correct? On this website ( I noticed class 4 is basically equal to class 1. Why is that so?   Is there a threshold to cross in salary difference in order for 3-5 to be a better choice instead of 4-4?   Thanks!
  2. Steuerklasse 4-4 vs. 3-5

      Tax classes only determine how much tax is pre-collected when both of you receive salary. The 3-5 combination is better if you care about the net salary amount and don't care about the possibility that you might be obliged to pay any difference on the total tax due to the Finanzamt at the end of the year.   If you, however, don't mind how much net you get every month (in which case the tax prepayment roughly corresponds to the exact tax amount due per month), then I would suggest 4-4, because in this case you also wouldn't be obliged to make the yearly tax return.
  3.   52 EUR? Sparda Bank? That is the exact amount of how much they require upon opening an account to serve as some kind of "investment" during the period you have the account with them. Upon account cancellation, the amount should go back to you.
  4. Hello,   I don't know much about used cars and I am next week about to go for a trip of 400+ km to take a look at one which I really like and is what I'm looking for (Audi A4 B8 Avant - EZ 12/2012).   Now, I actually won't be able to take anyone experienced enough with cars to be of any help. I was thinking about taking the car to an ADAC Werk and the owner agrees (as long as it's an independent "garage").   - Has anyone done this before and what were the experiences? - What do they specifically inspect - is there a standard procedure or they check what I tell them to check? - Do they check if the car was wrecked/in an accident and fixed? - Do I need an appointment with them? - How much does it cost?   Thank you for any input!
  5.   It wasn't actually too far away from Munich - cca 430 km, near Frankfurt. And I got a great car with (110.000 driven), which would cost at least 1000 eur more here in Munich. The trip and the related expenses cost me around 100 eur because the owner let me take the car on the existing plates (we arranged that I come on Saturday so yellow 5-day-valid plates weren't an option).
  6. Ok, I bought the car.   It came with 19" Rotor Audi wheels (summer tires), and black foils on the rear windows. Now, the owner claims he bought it like that from a company that bought the car as new. Nowhere in the papers are these wheels mentioned - only 16" (twice) are stated in the Teil II (I don't know the word for this, but it is what you give to a policeman along with your driver's licence when eg. pulled over).    I did a bit of research and saw that B8 model can come with this type and size of wheels. If so, should then the size be mentioned in Teil II booklet? Also, he made in April a new TÜV - could it be done if the wheels and the foils were "illegal" on the car, do they check that?   Wheels:
  7. Cheapest car insurance

    Any fresh updates on good car insurance companies / offers in Bayern?
  8.   Thank you for your input. Do you remember how long did it take and how much you paid?
  9. Worst jokes ever

    I recently earned my second million. I guess that makes me a billionaire now.
  10. There is not a recipe or a set skills list for one to check every item on the list and say: Now I'm ready! to start as a freelance consultant / software developer. But, there have to be people who have worked with or even hired freelancers within their (own) company and might have some useful insight.   One thing is for sure, it would be pretty difficult to land that first freelance contract. On the other side, does not everyone start just like that and somehow manage to get that first, then second, then...   I've been thinking about this for quite a long time. Even before I came here and started working as a soft dev I knew one day I will want to try it (in my 20es I worked as a front-dev through freelance web platforms, namely oDesk, now Upwork) and I already know some of the "pros" and "cons" of it. I am not very experienced, but am still wondering what it would take in terms of skills and experience for someone to start - generally speaking.
  11. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    This old chap seems to be very interested in the story. I watched some of the short videos on his channel and got a good insight into what is wrong with MAX's, so it may be useful for anyone who needs the same:
  12. got a parking fine

      This sign does not mean "no parking", it means "Stopping prohibited" or something along that. There is a similar sign but with two lines crossed which means "Stopping and parking prohibited"
  13. Americans who speak Elizabethan English

      I am not a native English speaker, but If you pay attention, you will too notice that Brits tend to put this non-existing "r" as a "bridge" only between a word that ends and the next one that starts with a vowel. Hence "America-r-is a funny country."
  14. Basically, there is a progressive tax rate for one's total income in a year. See here:!/ Now, your salary is taxed according to your tax class and the amount of tax paid on salaries during the year will be considered as tax pre-payments when determining your total tax due (according to the above calculator).   Anyway, your rental income will not cause your salary be taxed more - it stays the same. But, it will certainly raise your tax liability (and also cause the tax rate to go a bit higher) in the end.   Do this simple calculation with the above calculator: first enter 40.000 € (for example, your taxable income from your daily job) and see what the rate is. Then add the additional 8 k (so now 48.000 €) and you will notice the tax rate went slightly up.
  15. German car insurance and foreign no-claims bonuses

    Reviving this old thread. We as a married couple are considering which one should register our future car.   One spouse had a car registered (in our homeland) in their name for 4 years (50% bonus) and one additional year (35% bonus). The other one had 8 years with 50% bonus. (both could obtain a translated paper to prove this)   Now, since the preferred option would be the first listed spouse, how much of a difference in insurance amount might be expected (+/- 100 €)?
  16. Tax return for non-Kleinunternehmer self-employed

      Thanks for the reply, sounds promising. If anyone else has experience, please post.  
  17. Tax return for non-Kleinunternehmer self-employed

      I know this is an old reply but I would like to ask: Can I self-employed spouse claim these 0.30 € per km if they use their family car, registered on the other spouse? Or does it have to be strictly registered on them?
  18. Hello TT'ers,   I started this topic because I wondered if anyone would be willing to share (everyone is anonymous here anyway) their (or someone else's they know) salary (or at least +/- 10k) salary range, plus any of the perks these companies might offer.   I do know there are lots of factors (one of them: years of experience) and it not easy to get into such companies but this extra insight might even lead me or someone else to forget about such an option if what they offer is not worth it in comparison with my/our current situation.   To start with, I know for example, Zeppelin is one of such companies (one of my colleagues recently started with them - good salary (80+k, yearly bonus, company pension fund,...)   So, for example, this could be a template:   Company name: Position: Years of experience: Salary/salary range: Perks:   Please share, as anonymously as it goes.
  19.   Going freelance has certainly crossed my mind. At the moment I don't feel I have the necessary skills (yet) but will definitely be considering this. I have heard, however, that it is pretty hard to enter it due to lack of references but - obviously - everyone else already doing that had to start somehow. If someone has advice to share on IT freelancing - you're more than welcome!
  20. Gewerbenachweis and UmsatzIdNummer

      It depends, if you expect high volume of sales, etc. from the beginning - then yes, I would advise that you get a Steuerberater. Otherwise, you can learn enough from what's already posted here on TT to successfully use Elster Online for a couple of months and then see if the volume rises beyond what you can manage yourself.   Overview: If haven't done so far, create an account at Elster Online, and you should receive your activation key via a letter Then fill out the "Fragebogen für..." form, with non-Kleinunternehmer option (meaning, you want to get into VAT system) After a couple of weeks you will receive Steuernummer for your Gewerbe Make sure you start immediately filling your monthly UVA (Umsatzsteuer Voranmeldungen), only possible through Elster Online All the above you can theoretically do yourself. If you want me to recommend someone who can assist you with Fragebogen and/or with first UVA, please ask via a private message.
  21. Gewerbenachweis and UmsatzIdNummer

      I believe that is your personal Steuernummer, you will get another one after you fill your Fragebogen out and send it. I suggest you do it through Elster Online, it's the simplest way.    Yes, go for non-Kleinunternehmer option. You will in that case, however, be obliged to, at least in the first year, to submit monthly declarations of your VAT traffic (Umsatzsteuer Voranmeldung). It's only possible to do it through Elster Online but is fairly simple. Moreover, once you make it, for the future cases you will be able to use as a template one of the previously completed VAT forms.
  22. Gewerbenachweis and UmsatzIdNummer

    You have to fill  Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung in any case - this way you will get your Steuernummer. It also contains a section where you choose whether you will be a "Kleinunternehmer", meaning you are estimating your turnover not to exceed 17.500 € in a year. That also implies you stay out of the "VAT system", meaning you won't be declaring VAT on your invoices, nor will you be able to claim VAT you paid on someone else's invoices (eg. if you buy a tablet which cost you 595 €, you won't be able to claim back 19% VAT (95 €)), or you enter the "VAT system" where you both declare and claim back VAT For your situation, I think the second option makes more sense because those Großhändler will almost always be VAT liable.   Fragebogen also has another section that is about applying for an Umsatzsteuernummer (so VAT ID number), which you need if you're going to operate outside of Germany. Someone more knowledgeable about this can give you more valuable info.
  23. I think you can, there is something called "preparation period" or similar... Try to google it.
  24. Rental woes in Berlin

    I would let them know you are aware they are illegally subletting the space. Then, I would propose that the total amount of 600 EUR for three months is divided by the number of weeks and that you pay them weekly (or bi-weekly/half-monthly for that matter). That way, should anything go wrong, in the worst case scenario, you lose smaller portion of the rent.
  25. If a self-employed person (Gewerbe) wants a buy a mobile phone for business purposes, do they have to somehow prove it will be used for business, not only for private purposes (this particular one would be dual-sim - so both private and business SIM cards would be used at the same time).   Another thing is: Does the receipt that comes with the device have to mention any information related to the buyer's Gewerbe (tax number, etc.) or will the usual name of the seller (as a natural person) suffice?