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  1.   Thank you, these are all very good pieces of advice.. We will most likely join the Mietverein.
  2.   Sure, but we're considering this as the less favorable options to us - better than thinking that they for sure will want to rent the apartment. Even if they do, due to the "good reasons" I stated in the opening post, we would give the notice latest Sep/Oct 2022. This means, this situation wouldn't be very bad for us should it came e.g. in January next year (read: we were planning to move out anyway).
  3.   It would be good if someone confirms it but luckily, it's irrelevant for us.
  4.   Too bad the timelines aren't shorter but in any case, it will be only 4 years on Apr 1, 2022
  5.   "who doesn't want to take over the place" You mean: who doesn't want to take over us as tenants? Or you meant: who insists on the apartment being free of rental contract? I think I found something that says: the buyer is obliged to the rental contract be transferred onto themselves. Afterwards they can declare that they want the apartment for themselves or close relatives
  6. I did find some information here regarding the tenant rights in case the landlord wants to sell the apartment/house but the topic was from 2005. It says basically what the Maklerin said to us (the owner, who doesn't live in DE, gave her our number to make an appointment with us in the apartment): - if we are OK with the fact that the rent contract will be transferred onto the new owner, she can immediately proceed with looking for the potential buyers; later, when the new owner has everything arranged, they might either keep us as tenants or declare that they want the apartment for themselves/close relative, etc. in which case we should be given at least the legally required 3 months notice - if we want first to try to find a new apartment, they can allow until spring (which month exactly would that be, is unclear)   We have good reasons to want to stay in this apartment until the end of the year 2022 (in which case the notice would have to come into force in Sep 2022).   Some notes: * we are a family of four, younger kid being 6 months old * we have Rechtschutzversicherung, with the waiting period of 3 months already passed * we are not members of the Mietverein   Given the above, would you say that our expectations are unrealistic?
  7. New Job Offer

      You don't. You would simply be given a contract to be signed (I assume every time for a limited period of time, with an option to extend).
  8. This year I made the Erklärung for ourselves as a couple (I am an employee, my wife was selbständig (Gewerbe) in 2020). After we got it back from FA, I noticed something wasn't quite as expected. Everything was accepted as stated in the form, except for the Rentenversicherungbeiträge for my wife.   As stated in the below explanation, the max amount was already (almost) exceeded by KV and PV amounts. Therefore, only a small fraction of RV was accepted (around 70 € out of total 2200+ €).   The reason these amounts were pretty high is that she started in 2019, during which year she hasn't paid neither KV nor RV. Only in the early of 2020, KV and RV established some provisional amounts and started to pull the money for 11 months of 2019 and on a month-to-month basis for 2020.   Der Höchstbetrag für sonstige Vorsorgeaufwendungen wurde bereits durch die Berücksichtigung Ihrer Beiträge zur Krankenversicherung (Basisabsicherung) und zur gesetzlichen Pflegeversicherung ausgeschöpft; ein darüber hinausgehender Abzug der weiteren sonstigen Vorsorgeaufwendungen ist daher nicht möglich (Neuregelung durch das Bürgerentlastungsgesetz Krankenversicherung vom 16.7.2009, Bundesgesetzblatt Teil I S. 1959).   My question is basically: Would filing a claim make sense, since these amounts are actually coming for two separate years, and in the return for 2019 we didn't (obviously) claim anything? 
  9.   Thanks for catching that one - English is not my mother tongue.
  10.   Is the title of this thread not specific enough? It clearly mentions "SWM Munich" which is a utility company owned by the city of Munich and I'm interested in opinions of TT'ers who might be or have been working there.
  11.   So there are already topics about software developers who worked for SWM and shared their experiences? Search must not be working correctly on my side then, please share a couple of links here. Thanks.
  12. So, I'd like to hear some first hand experiences from someone that used to work or is still working in SWM as a software developer. I would appreciate a simple Pros and Cons list. Thanks!
  13. Steuerklasse 4-4 vs. 3-5

    Hello Toytowners,   I started working in Munich mid-August 2017. I was told by a German colleague that choosing class 3 (higher earning spouse's salary) and 5 (lower salary) instead of 4-4 for both -- only means you will own to the state at the end of the year. Namely, choosing 4-4 is better because "what you get is what is yours".   Is that correct? On this website ( I noticed class 4 is basically equal to class 1. Why is that so?   Is there a threshold to cross in salary difference in order for 3-5 to be a better choice instead of 4-4?   Thanks!