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  1. Car expenses for freelancers

    I was told by a (non-German, but living and working here) Steuerberater that, even though a private car is used by a Kleinunternehmer for business purposes (plus of course private usage), that, in order to claim those 0,30 € per km - one needs to fill in the Fahrtenbuch?   Is that so? I don't see the point in that because there's no need for separation between business and private use of such car. Please advise!
  2. Steuerklasse 4-4 vs. 3-5

      Tax classes only determine how much tax is pre-collected when both of you receive salary. The 3-5 combination is better if you care about the net salary amount and don't care about the possibility that you might be obliged to pay any difference on the total tax due to the Finanzamt at the end of the year.   If you, however, don't mind how much net you get every month (in which case the tax prepayment roughly corresponds to the exact tax amount due per month), then I would suggest 4-4, because in this case you also wouldn't be obliged to make the yearly tax return.
  3.   52 EUR? Sparda Bank? That is the exact amount of how much they require upon opening an account to serve as some kind of "investment" during the period you have the account with them. Upon account cancellation, the amount should go back to you.
  4. Steuerklasse 4-4 vs. 3-5

    Hello Toytowners,   I started working in Munich mid-August 2017. I was told by a German colleague that choosing class 3 (higher earning spouse's salary) and 5 (lower salary) instead of 4-4 for both -- only means you will own to the state at the end of the year. Namely, choosing 4-4 is better because "what you get is what is yours".   Is that correct? On this website ( I noticed class 4 is basically equal to class 1. Why is that so?   Is there a threshold to cross in salary difference in order for 3-5 to be a better choice instead of 4-4?   Thanks!