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  1. Exemption from pension insurance

    Ok, finally found the answer in this RV brochure (page 24):
  2. Exemption from pension insurance

    Can someone explain "Regelbeitrag". I can see that this amount for the West is around 580 EUR. But on the other hand we have this 18,6% rate on the income. Which one applies?   Is it maybe that Regelbeitrag serves as a fixed amount of RV to be paid when the income amount is unknown (on a yearly basis), and then, there is some kind of calculation (just like for electricity or heating in a household)?   I find it a bit strange that, for example, a self-employed person with a 2,000 eur average monthly income has to pay 580 EUR per month while an employee with a gross salary of the same 2,000 eur pays 372 (combined with what their employer pays).   I tried to google it but haven't found so far a definitive answer.
  3. I think this may be just the right topic for what I have to ask.   My wife started to work on a fitness class basis for this Fitness Center. At the end of the month, she sends them the invoice for all the classes she had that month (she does this through her own Gewerbe so she is actually not a fitness freelancer). Also, this Gewerbe has several additional business activities registered but so far (3 months) she's only earning revenue from the fitness classes.   Now, she sent the filled-out form to the DRV for the determination of Rentenversicherungspflicht. Today they called her and asked whether she has a contract with this Center or not (she does not). Since she does not speak fluent German, she did not catch everything but the letter is coming in anyway, and some time later, the other activities (from which she at the moment does not have any income) will be considered by them.   The lady told her that even she is "pflicht", her revenue is still too small (so under 450 EUR) so for now, she does not have to pay anything.   Now the real questions: a) once she exceeds this threshold (avg. 450 EUR) and earns from this activity (Fitnesstrainerin) for example 700 EUR - how much would she be obliged to pay for RV on a monthly basis? b.) how much of the above amount is tax-deductible? c) something recently got changed (in favor of Selbständige) in terms of RV. We understood it like so: When a self-employed person exceeds this 450 EUR/mo. threshold, it is automatically assumed by the State that they earn at least,xx EUR/mo. (so slightly over 1000 EUR), instead of significantly more that was the case before. Did we understand it correctly?     Any input will be appreciated!  
  4. Does this insurance offer Rechtsschutz in relation to AGB, DSGVO, and similar requirements for an online-portal or a web-shop, with texts tailored specifically for such a website (eg. covering the usage of Google Analytics, other tracking ways, etc.)?   If so, I would like to receive a quote.
  6. Looking for accommodation in Munich
  7. Hello TT'ers,   Recently I found this calculator: which should provide info on, among others options, the combined netto income of two partners, one for example, doing a regular job and the other working as a freelancer or through a Gewerbe.   I've given it a try but I'm not sure how accurate it is, especially for Bavaria and the current year. I've noticed the Kindergeld is most likely calculated as 12 * 184 EUR so it must be dating from a couple of years back. Nevertheless, there is this part: Gewerbesteuer  Gewerbesteuerpflicht: JaNein Hebesatz:   and I use Hebesatz of value 490% -- I think that is the correct value for Munich.   Also, a bit confusing part is Kinderfreibeitrag, which is first deducted (amount = 7008 EUR; I believe that has been increased to 7600 EUR or so?) but then also added back to your taxed income, which seems like a total nonsense.   If anyone eligible for the (regular job + Gewerbe) combination would like to give it a try and share their observations on the accuracy, that would be great and very appreciated!
  8. Someone might find this useful (not sure if it's still relevant): One has the option to include their spouse who works as a regular employee, and get the combined yearly net income.
  9.   Sure. I just wanted you to confirm I understood correctly. Anyway, thank you very much for the answers you provided so far, I appreciate it.
  10.   It's getting clearer.   A scenario:   Let's say my wife makes these 15k as her profit (after deduction of all expenses, etc.) through her Gewerbe during a single year. I, on the other side, as an employee in my current company earn EUR. At the beginning of the next year, we submit our tax return from which it is visible how much we earned together. Based on this, Finanzamt calculates the amount we are to pay or to get back. So basically, from the standpoint of the Finanzamt, it does not matter if her profit/income of 15k came through her Gewerbe or as a net salary if she were an employee in a company?   Of course, in the event the income/profits were above 24.500, the amount exceeding 24.500 EUR would first be trade-taxed, and then the remainder is her income in the above scenario.
  11.   Great, thanks!   Could you please answer this question regarding the trade tax. There is the threshold of 24,500 EUR, and above that, needs to be taxed in accordance with the local rates, right?     Let's say the profits were around 15.000 - so no trade tax is to be paid. But I expect this amount is to be further taxed somehow (as her personal income, or something). Anyway, if she were an employee - her gross salary would be taxed per tax class 5.  
  12.   "The registration of the trade at the competent authority (e.g. trade office of the municipality) and afterwards at the tax office. " So, the Gewerbe is already registered (the first underlined part), and Fragebogen is about to be sent (then tax number should be issued) - the second underlined part, correct?   I thought it might represent something other than the registration and obtaining the tax number (some special licence).   Today I've composed and sent an email to the MEB Munich and maybe get an appointment with them in the near future.   "By the way, it is hair-raising how little you know after years (!) of dealing with this topic" I agree, I've asked many questions in the past but until just recently, we didn't know in which direction it would go.
  13. I've been searching through old topics but couldn't find an answer: Does a Gewerbe engaged in running an online-shop (but only as a dropshipper - without own warehouse - only displaying someone else's goods and redirecting the orders to them) - need a Gewerbeschein? I did come across a statement saying something along these lines: "If you buy and sell goods, you definitely need a Gewerbeschein!" If I do need this - what it is actually? Is it a membership in the Handelsregister or something else?
  14. Is it worth doing my own tax returns?

    I know this is a very old topic, but I am also in the same dilemma. Has anything changed since 2012, are there now better pieces of software to do it on your own?   And, is it still true that VAT can be filed once per year and not every month?
  15.   Can you repeat the question (aka if you don't have any input on the topic, then don't bother me with stupid rhetorical questions)..