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  1. Is it worth doing my own tax returns?

    I know this is a very old topic, but I am also in the same dilemma. Has anything changed since 2012, are there now better pieces of software to do it on your own?   And, is it still true that VAT can be filed once per year and not every month?
  2.   Can you repeat the question (aka if you don't have any input on the topic, then don't bother me with stupid rhetorical questions)..
  3.   Sorry, but I don't see a reason why we couldn't discuss anything on this topic - many could find this very helpful. That being said, I do agree that I should (have) search(ed) the forum first but it is also helpful to have the (short) answer here. And of course, if you feel tired/demotivated to answer the same question over and over again, that doesn't mean everyone else will also feel that way.   Now, regarding the answer you just provided (you said: " Of course, a trader who reports VAT - whether voluntarily or not - must do so immediately. "). I found this:   It is said there that in the (large, 8-page) form to be sent to Finanzamt, one can declare that the turnover for the current year is not expected to hit the 17,500 EUR threshold and therefore accept the Kleinunternehmerregelung (which I intend to do).   My question was strictly about exactly that: How do I achieve not having to declare the VAT on my invoices / not having to return them to the Finanzamt, from the beginning (the form is yet to be sent to Finanzamt).   Thank you very much anyway, you've been helpful many times.
  4.    I will, thanks for the input and advice!   Next question for everyone:   Must a Gewerbe immediately start to declare VAT on the invoices? What needs to be done to stay out of the VAT system? Does some separate action/request have to be made, and if so, to whom?
  5.       I visited the link you provided but did not quite understand everything. If a Gewerbe sells stuff, it may be under obligation to enter? My spouse's Gewerbe is registered for the following activities: - Fitness trainer - Web design & development - Software development - Web hosting - Running an Internet platform (eg. web portal) - running a web shop (only one kind of goods stated)   Since they mentioned selling as an activity, could it be that the last item in the above list might require the entry?
  6.   Well then, not sorry anymore I set up an online account with N26 which comes with a MasterCard credit card before I saw that option at Sparda website.
  7.   With Sparda Bank, there's an option to apply for an Appointment with them. As mentioned, I paid them a visit this morning to ask about opening a new account (for my spouse) to be used by Gewerbe. The lady said as mentioned above (a business acc must be used + they don't offer such accounts) but then I checked the purposed in the provided list when one wants to set up an appointment. So there are, among others: - Girokonto, Eröffnung - Girokonto, Eröffnung Selbstständige/Freiberufler   So it seems to me they do have a type of account that would suit her - does Gewerbe fall into the latter option (Selbstständige/Freiberufler)?  
  8. Since I have questions (and there will be more) on this topic, I thought it would make sense to start a single topic which would revolve around general idea of performing IT and similar activities under a Gewerbe, with additional answers to questions applicable to any other type of Gewerbe.   So here are a couple of questions to start with:   -- In a form to be submitted to the Finanzamt (after the initial Gewerberegistrierung), there is a field: 2.4 Handelsregistereintragung which is about (as I understood it) the submission to the Chamber of Commerce.   The question: Do all Gewerbe have to register with Chamber of Commerce? What are the regulations?     -- My colleague told me one does not need to open any special bank accounts for a Gewerbe, a private account is enough and can be freely used. Btw, he works as a IT freelancer, maybe that is how he got this impression.   The question: Is this true? As a matter of fact, I have visited my bank (Sparda Bank) this morning and: a) They told me the person running a Gewerbe would need a Geschäftliches Bankkonto, b-) They don't provide these types of accounts (only private)     Subquestion: If one MUST open a Geschäftliches Bankkonto, which bank do you recommend? Is this online bank (N26) good for this purpose (a credit card would also be needed, for eg. overseas Internet payments)?    
  9. Buying vs. leasing a car in Germany

    Hello TT'ers,   Instead of starting a new thread, I'll post my question here although it is Gewerbe related.   1. If a Gewerbe that is not in the VAT system would like to lease a car, there are actually no real advantages because it would have to pay VAT on the installments?   2. If a Gewerbe has leased a car, and the owner would also like to use it privately, there is this 1% amount of the new price (if, for example, this car was 40.000 EUR new, 1% = 400 EUR). Now the question: is this 400 EUR the amount that has to be paid directly, OR it is an amount that is added on top of the Gewerbe's taxable amount at the end of the year (which obviously will increase the total tax paid)? Also, what expenses in relation to this company car may be deducted?   3. If a Gewerbe has leased a car, but the owner decided not to use it privately to avoid the extra taxation and bought a (cheaper) car for this purpose - what expenses in relation to this company car may be deducted?
  10.   That's great info, thank you very much. I will check this with my current Krankenkasse.
  11.   Ooops, I remember now - thanks for pointing it out again.   The info on the amount being under 450 EUR per month is new to me, thank you both for sharing it.   Regarding the quoted part of your reply - wouldn't profit mean the amount after all the costs, etc. are deducted? Maybe you meant - "turnover" (hopefully you didn't).
  12. A new update to the topic for the people that might be interested (and also some questions for everyone reading this).   My wife decided to go for Kleingewerbe registration. It seems that activities may be freely combined - so she would be doing Termine in SportStudios + some IT/Web dev activities from home.   Now the questions. How does the mandatory health insurance work in this case? At the moment she is insured through me, but as soon as she starts her own employment, I guess she needs to choose her own Krankenkasse and start paying for it from the Gewerbe money.ä   Are there some thresholds that define the amounts due for this public insurance? In case she is offered part-time employment (20h/week), is the money her employer pays to the Krankenkasse enough or she must pay some by herself because of the Gewerbe? How difficult is the switch from the "regular" Gewerbe to the Nebenberuflich Gewerbe? Thanks for the input!
  13. Things to ponder

      I guess here:
  14. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

      But as I said - it is not 4-year Bachelor's Degree. What if they ask me for it, I obviously cannot obtain it?
  15. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

      I find this very strange. Why would they ask for this? Is it a requirement? I have obtained my Blue Card, but my Bachelor's is not 4-year, it's 3-year. Do you think I might get asked to prove the same when submitting for the Permanent residence (after 21 months of work with Blue Card, provided I have B1 passed)?