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  1. Another link here: but it also doesn't say anything about the self-employed.
  2.   But I guess that means waiting intervals for cars are shorter and oftentimes (especially off-peak and during the night) there's noone on the crossing so you can turn freely. On the other side, if pedestrians had a green light for themselves only - you would still be stuck on red light even if there weren't any pedestrians.   I guess that is the main reasoning behind this decision (it is so also in my non-EU SE-homeland and neighboring countries).
  3. I'm new to the topic. How do I best invest some 5-6 k in stocks? Or is that amount too low? If not too low, what should I expect as ROI provided I don't make any terrible mistakes and lose it soon after investing?
  4. I have found this link:   Apparently, the State wants to take into consideration the reduction in salaries caused by Coronavirus pandemic; I couldn't however find anything about the self-employed -- if and how these adjustments would be performed. For employees, it's pretty simple - but for self-employed it gets tricky because the income almost always varies even without the pandemic.   Does anyone know more? Thanks!
  5.   Maybe imagine a semi-circle formed by Moosburg an der Isar and Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm (North), Augsburg and Landsberg am Lech (West) and Starnberg (south-west). But sure, the remaining side/s of the approx. same distance to Munich are not preferred but they are welcome as well. Thanks in advance to anyone who might have some info and share it with me!  
  6. My wife is a "selbständige Fitnesstrainerin" (not Freiberuflerin - through a Gewerbe) and has been working in some sports facitilies and gyms here in Munich for a couple of years now. There have been situations where she, for various reasons, had to cancel some already arranged (no contract, simply arranged by phone) classes. In such situations there were no problems because neither party has legally obliged itself.   Since some of them would always ask if she had someone else to send to do the class (saying they don't even have to be very good at it), we started to wonder if it would be legal for me to "jump in" if I had time? We already know that a spouse is allowed to participate/help in some way but we're not sure to what extent?   Do you think I should be allowed to go there and do the class (I'm not a fitness amateur myself but I don't gave a Gewerbe registered) solely on basis I'm her spouse?
  7. Thank you all for your good pieces of advice! The idea of finding an old house on a nice plot seems really good. However, I can't imagine myself finding something like that before some makler  It's not impossible though (nothing is, I guess) so I'll definitely keep my eyes wide open in that regard!   If anyone else have something to say - please do so, I hope this topic stays alive.
  8. Taxation on Sales Commissions in Germany

      One off-topic question: What margins/percetages are we talking in business where one earns commission? I know there are lots of factors, of course, but there should be some range (+/- 5 %)? Thanks!
  9. Hi fellow TT'ers,   We are all aware of the real-estate and rent insanity in South Germany. Owning a house is a fantasy of many of us, I'm sure.   We recently discussed with another family an option to search for an acceptable offer to have two "Doppelhaushälfte" together as a package. We saw a couple of offers but the locations were far from expected (they were OK for the price but not want we would necessarily wanted).   Now, another idea is that we try to find a "Grundstück" at a better location and ask for a loan.   Provided that goes as planned - the question is: Do you think the bank would be willing to give us another loan or (more likely) re-calculate the existing one so that we can find a company which would build the house/s?   Did anyone do exactly that and were there any problems and/or complications?
  10.   Is there a place in the Online Elster USt-VA form to enter the received amount of November Coronahilfe?