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  1. real estate

  2. real estate

    Hi Gaijin   I already spoke to Interhyp and my house bank. They are ready to provide 100% loan.
  3. real estate

    Hi Mike This is why I need expert advise. prices are crazy here near by Munich as well. Even rental apartment are like 16 EUR per square meter.
  4. real estate

    Hello Guys Help me here on a real estate question. |I live in Freising in a city center 136 m2 rental house, with warm rent approx. 1700. Its a slightly old house but very nice in terms of location and space. Looking at the real estate prices. I zeroed down to a new apartment of 86 m2, costing 628000 EUR (exclusing Notar, etc.). I am really interested in buying this apartment as real state prices are rising up pretty quickly. But I dont want to move in this apartment myself and want to put it on rent. I am looking at 100% bank loan. My thinking is, I will get some rental income out of this apartment and will put some money from my pocket to pay the loan EMIs. I also know that, since, I will not live in the apartment, I can only sell the apartment after 10 years to exempt from Capital gain tax. I would like to hold his apartment for 10 years and then sell it. I believe, the apartment price may be double in 10 years and I can earn some money here. I know its a lot of hassle to rent an apartment, finding good tenants, paying tax on rental income, maintaining apartment and then reselling it? I believe, I need to pay 20% to 40% tax on rental income? Whats are the pros and cons of doing this? Please advise. Thanks,  Sanjay