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  1. How long did you wait for your Einbürgerungsurkunde?

    I had a similar experience. I applied for citizenship based on my efforts towards positive integration into Germany (citizenship after 6 years instead of the usual 8). When I arrived to my appointment, I literally had a folder with everything the Sachbearbeiter would need for my application. They wouldn't even let me open it before they started sarcastically sneering at me that I needed several years of community service (which I had). When I pulled out a certificate proving this, their eyes bugged out of their head for a few seconds and they seemed surprised. They then apologized for talking to me in that way, I assume they're just used to having people come in who aren't prepared or who demand things they can't give them. To be honest, if any of us was working that job, we'd quickly end up quite jaded too.   I'll give it another few days before contacting them. I'll wait until it's officially been a month. Thanks for your positivity!
  2. How long did you wait for your Einbürgerungsurkunde?

    Most people here seem to say it took them 4 weeks to get the appointment for their citizenship ceremony. My 4-week Schmerzgrenze is coming up very soon but I will stay positive.
  3. How long did you wait for your Einbürgerungsurkunde?

    No, I'm not telling bullshit. I had to submit an application for an Ausweis für Staatenlose and the manager of my ABH had to decide on it themself whether or not they'd give it to me. It took them about a week to make a decision. I was then informed the Ausweis costs 160€ and they'd need to issue me a new Niederlassungserlaubnis, which would take about a month in total.   When I asked about my vacation outside of the EU in May, I wasn't even offered an application for a Reiseausweis für Staatenlose to fill out. My Sachbearbeiterin and the Sachbearbeiterin sitting across from her both told me there's about 0 chance of me getting the Reiseausweis. It's usually given only on an emergency basis, such as for refugees, I was told. They said me not being able to go on a vacation isn't an emergency.
  4. How long did you wait for your Einbürgerungsurkunde?

      My ABH confirmed they can offer me just the regular Ausweis für Staatenlose, but not a Reiseausweis. They said a Reiseausweis is for serious cases only and they don't give it out to just anyone, even after I explained my situation. I have already accepted I probably won't be able to go on vacation with my family outside of the EU in May, even though I had the tickets booked while I thought the citizenship thing was going according to plan (the Certificate of Loss of Nationality was very late). Just the Ausweis für Staatenlose itself would cost 160€ and take almost a month to arrive, which surprised me. But thank you for the recommendation.
  5. How long did you wait for your Einbürgerungsurkunde?

    No, I am literally stateless, I have a Certificate of Loss of Nationality from the US government. My US passport also ran out about 3 weeks ago. The consulate put holes in it to render it useless.
  6. How long did you wait for your Einbürgerungsurkunde?

    Wow, you sure got it fast!
  7. How long did you wait for your Einbürgerungsurkunde?

    Thanks for all the replies
  8. I have no clue where to post this in this forum, so this topic is probably in the wrong place, but it's worth a shot anyways.   Currently, I am stateless. I have no valid ID or passport. I turned in all my documents to the German Einbürgerungsbehörde 2 weeks ago and was told to wait for a letter in the mail stating when I could attend the citizenship ceremony and receive my Einbürgerungsurkunde. It's now been over 2 weeks since I turned everything in and I still haven't heard anything. How long did you wait between turning in all your documents and attending your ceremony?