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  1. Hello All,   I recently started a business in Germany and I'm looking for any recommendations on an Accounting, Bookkeeping and Invoicing Software package. I need something that can keep track of customer invoices & payments, vendor invoices & payments, bank accounts, reports (P&L, Sales reports for items, customers, etc.), and MwSt/Elster Formular. It needs to allow multiple people to log in and do various functions at the same time.   My US office uses Quickbooks, which is a great program. There is a German version of it, which we were using, but it's only a starter edition allowing only 360 customers and no multiple logins (and there are no better versions available).   We then switched to Lexware Financial Office Pro, but I'm finding it extraordinarily difficult to use (10 steps for making one customer invoice) and miss the ease of Quickbooks.   Does anyone have any suggestions of other programs to use here in Germany that are easy to use and have all of the required features and won't break the bank?   Thanks for all the help.   KC