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  1. Hello all,   I'm new here   We - My husband, two daughters ages 14 and 11 years old and me - we'll be moving to Heidelberg in the summer (late July - early August) where I'll be doing postdoctoral research.   We will be living north-east of the campus in Neuenheimer Feld and are looking for schools for our girls, who do not speak any German (we've started learning, so they'll know some German by the time we move to Heidelberg).   Reading here, I understand Kurfurst-Friedrich-Gymnasium is considered very good but it is nearly impossible to get into (and apart from German, my kids will be missing years of Latin...).   How are Helmholz-Gymnasium and Bunsen-Gymnasium? Anyone has first (or second) hand knowledge? Especially with children entering higher grades with very little German.   How is the Waldorf school? will it be too far and/or difficult to get to each morning using public transportation? Tuition is very high for us (they say on the website that is 10% of the family income - a lot of money on a postdoc salary...)   I also read here that the IGH is not recommended due to violence and drug problems and according to Google maps it will take about an hour to reach it from where we'll live using public transportation.   Any advice & info are most welcome!   Much obliged!