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  1. As a science nerd myself...
  2. It's true - I need to prioritize. This breakup is new and overwhelming. Going home in the evening to the home we used to share and the evening routines that were ours is hard. I feel the need to do a lot and try new things that are just mine and devoid of his memory to distract myself from the heartache.    Thanks for the recommendation for meetup.com - I didn't know it existed.    Also thanks for the TV recommendations - I will check Netflix and Arte website. My kids have some German movies they like, maybe we should introduce a weekly movie night on the weekend and include them. I tried DW but found their online courses extremely boring.   I usually go to lunch with a few German colleagues, but I mainly listen and don't talk much (If I do and I don't know some words, the conversation quickly switches to English). I will also check the other conversation opportunities, including tandem and evening activities. There is one Hundesport class where I live. I've met the instructor before - she is really nice and doesn't speak any English which is perfect!    I really appreciate all your answers, advice, encouragement, understanding and support - you are wonderful, thank you!
  3. Thanks so much! It is not easy at all...   My kids are in high school, so still at home. The oldest speaks German, the youngest refuses to speak German in my presence, but has good grades in school...   I took language courses at the Pedagogium in Heidelberg (Neuenheim). I can understand some German listening and reading (at B1 learner level or professional stuff with familiar vocabulary) but I just cannot speak. I'm missing a lot of words or forget the ones I know when I struggle to built a sentence with the der-die-das and accusative/dative and the right prepositions. I will check what the VHS in Heidelberg offers (I think that's the closest one to me).   I don't have a TV but I have internet... any recommended movies or shows I can watch? When I studied Spanish many years ago watching Argentinian telenovelas really helped me because of the simple story line, limited vocabulary and repetitions. Someone recommended "Sturm der Liebe" but I couldn't find it online with subtitles.   I actually really like my life here - it feels peaceful and safe. I feel, at least at work and among the few Germans I know, accepted for who I am. Though most of the people I know here are well traveled academics so might not represent the majority of Germans.  And I love using ground public transportation to go to other countries!    I just feel so lonely all of a sudden.      optimista - the square dancing sounds wonderful - they have an open night for beginners next month so I'm going to give it a try!   And if anybody wants to organize a get-together of forum members in Heidelberg or Mannheim, I'll gladly join.     
  4. Hello all,   I came to Germany 4 years ago for work with my husband and two kids. Sadly, my husband left (we are divorcing) and I find myself alone, in my 40s, still not speaking German since I work in English (although I took German courses up to B1.1 level) & no close friends - my husband was my best friend for over 20 years and I thought it was enough to concentrate on work and my family.   I'm staying here in Germany because my kids are the only close family I have now and here I have a Job.    How do I meet new people without speaking German? I want to go out & have fun, talk to people, make friends, date, learn to actually speak German, have playdates for my dog. Are there any group meetings of forum members in the Heidelberg area? I don't have a car but can get to wherever the Tram #5 goes