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  1. Biometric Passport Photos

    I am bumping up this thread, as I have been told that I need 1 aktuelles biometrisches Foto (nicht älter als 3 Monate) for the Ausländerbehörde for my residence permit. However, I was not given any advice on background or anything. Does anyone know if any special rules exist for such photos?   I have to say that I had never heard of the phrase "biometric photograph" until now, although I presume this is what I did for my last passport in 2019, when I used a photo booth. If something is biometric, I would presume it exists in some sort of electronic format, but is that so? Or do you just receive the usual sort of photograph?  
  2. Brexit, New residence permits

    Yes, I mean on the way out. To be honest, passport control is the least of my worries. It is the airline when you check in your baggage. If I recall, the airlines tend to look up your visa stuff and do a lot of passport checking. The passport control has allegedly been informed to be understanding to Brits, but I do not think that memo goes out to airline staff at check-in desks... Anyone with a British passport had anything else looked at when flying to Britain (i.e. regarding status in Germany, showing residence card or visa or whatever?).
  3. Brexit, New residence permits

      Can I ask a question about this? I can get that not having the stamp in your passport as "I was here before Brexit" is a perfectly legitimate reason. But will this pass muster at the Lufthansa check-in desk? Surely they check Brits' passports, as they are non-EU citizens now, so need to see that they have not overstayed visas in Germany, etc? So would they let you check in for a flight if you have no stamp in your passport and have been unable to get a Fiktionsbescheinigung from the Ausländerbehörde (mine is literally impossible to contact and now completely taken up with Ukrainians, as you can understand).  
  4. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

        Answering my own question here. The answer is yes. The Finanzamt told me that health and long-term care insurance contributions are to be claimed in the year in which they were actually paid. Payment of the December 2021 contributions in January 2022 belong to 2022 for tax reasons.    
  5.   Brilliant. Naturally, it does not have my place on the list, so I listed the next big town in the general vicinity. Thanks.
  6.   A support group is an idea, although I think the problem is that everyone would have their own varied medical backgrounds. I presume it would be a German one. I am not really into Facebook, but can certainly try and have a look in general.
  7.   Thanks for the suggestion. There is actually a Helios Klinik in the (nearby) town where I now go to my GP. Does it have to be the Wiesbaden one? I suppose it is, as I see that you write that it seems to specialise in diagnostics...
  8.   I cannot change the location option. I am not in Berlin!
  9. I am one of those people who was never really ill before and certainly naively believed every GP, because I believe in "Western science" and for me a GP or anyone in a white/green/blue gown is an authority. But it took a long time to dawn on me that this is not necessarily the case when it comes to the Hausarzt. I am appalled at the poor, false and even diametrically opposite diagnoses I have been getting. As a result of putting real medical problems down to the easiest solution possible ("stress, it's nothing, it will go away"), by more than one Hausarzt, more and more problems have been building up, so much that I can now hardly count them.   So what is the answer? I am with TK so publicly insured, but I would pay as a Selbstzahler just to really get to the bottom of things. My health is more precious even than my house. But it is challenging finding the right person, especially as I live in a rural area at the moment, so there are no "big purpose" places (as far as I know). I suppose the nearest city is Münster, but I would even go further afield, just to finally talk to people who can diagnose correctly. I won't bore anyone with all the details and I get that there are times when the symptoms can point to multiple possibilities, but I have to get beyond the "handing out pills" phase or the same old "basic blood test" and it seems like I never will.   Is the solution to just do your own research and keep going round specialists by yourself? It is challenging when you are not really a medical expert, you now have multiple issues (so not all, say, under the one roof like urology or orthopaedics) and all you can go by is internet searches in your area and Jameda. I would love there to be a sort of "all-purpose" place (in big towns? maybe attached to hospitals?), where there are personnel who see a lot of people and can actually pinpoint what is the underlying cause and maybe pass you around to a colleague if they think they are better places... I understand why GPs are in the situation they are in, but what do Germans do? Surely they do not stand for this? Or is it a rural area problem?    PS. In addition to what I wrote above, I was reading about the Universitätsklinikum, for example. If I even knew what "institutions" like this might be good, I could make a start, but I am relatively new to anything health-related in Germany...
  10. Thank you, once again.  
  11. Funnily, before April 2023 I plan to make a huge payment of backdated contributions. I genuinely wonder if I can tell the FA this? Surely not?!?  
  12. My bank statement just says "HMRC - ACCOUNTS OF"... But then that is maybe what you would expect from a bank transfer, which is hardly going to itemise everything...
  13. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    I have a further tax question, but I thought I should add it to this thread, rather than to the one I started (on a specific subject).   My public-health insurer (TK) wrote to me at the start of the year, stating how much I should state in my tax return for 2021 of the following items:   Zeile 16: Gezahlte Beiträge zur Krankenversicherung Zeile 18: Gezahlte Beiträge zur Pflegeversicherung   It is kind of tricky, because they add amounts from 2020, when I first arrived in Germany in October (and in my tax return for 2020, I still went ahead and declared the exact amount that I paid in 2020). However, they write: Auch wenn hier ältere Zeiträume angegeben sind, wurden diese in 2021 gebucht und gehören in dieses Steuerjahr. Das bedeutet: Die gemeldeten Daten berühren keine älteren Steuerbescheide. Sounds like double counting to me!   A further conundrum is that they state that, for tax reasons, we will only state your contribution for December 2021 if it has been received by December 31, 2021. We automatically take later payments into account in the following year. My contribution for December 2021 was indeed only paid in January 2022.   So should I go ahead and write in Zeile 16 and 18 the exact amounts that they suggest? The amount they give is actually slightly more than I *really* paid in 2021 (based on monthly contribution x 12). In any case, I am not able to independently divide up myself for December 2021 how much is Krankenversicherung and how much is Pflegeversicherung, as I do not know the formula for splitting my monthly contributions between these two things (to be honest, I thought it all came under Krankenversicherung).    
  14.   I was planning to provide two screenshots from my online account (HMRC section) which shows the sum and the date. One screenshot shows "Breakdown of payments for this year", while the other shows "Payments/credits received". Accompanied by a bank statement for the relevant month, showing the payment of the same sum to HMRC. As you say, there is nothing to actually show it is NIC. I also have a "Self Assessment Statement" which shows this sum as well... although who is to say that this is NIC and not actually tax to be paid? I suppose all I can do is send what I can and, if the FA wants more, I might have to ask HMRC if they would provide an actual letter saying I had paid specifically NIC to this amount.
  15.   Many thanks, you are incredibly helpful.