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  1. Hi All, I wonder if you can provide any information to help me with Electrical Safety Testing / Certificates for Rental Properties?   In my experience of renting a property in the UK, there is a yearly requirement for the landlord of a property to perform an Electrical Safety Inspection and Certificate to the tenants. Is there the same equivalent here?  The reason I ask is that we have been renting the same property for 10 years and have never received one. We are currently facing some issues when we have some small appliances plugged in, in the basement that the circuit trips, but not just the basement circuit. It trips the basement room, the Outlet which powers the ADSL modem on the first floor (Only a single outlet) and the garage. It doesn't seem normal to have all these random circuits linked together. It also doesn't happen all the time, you can do it 10 times and it randomly trips. I have checked the usage and there is nothing that would cause the load to spike to cause it.   I have also found a rather questionable plug socked in the attic room, where the previous owner looks to have spliced in an extension cord into a light circuit (Drilled a hole in a wall and mounted the 4 and extension) Its really starting to concern me that the more I look into the property there are more and more weird electrical things going on. Im at a loss as what to do next, hire someone myself to investigate and provide a report to the owner or to contact them to do it. I also don't hold out much hope that they will do anything as in the 10 years we have lived here they haven't performed a single piece of maintenance.  Hope someone can advise me on a good course of action. Thankyou !!!