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  1. Hi Toytown folks,   I'm a EU Blue Card holder and have B1 level German, and living in Germany for 2 years, so I know I am eligible for a Niederlassungserlaubnis. I have 3 questions:   1) Suppose today I submitted the application for the NE with all the documents. From your experience, how long does it take to get the NE? I know it depends from case to case, but I just want to get a general idea, if it takes more than 3 months? I'm looking to change my job soon, and if it takes a long time, I'll apply after changing my job. But if it takes 4-8 weeks, I'll just get it done. Any experiences?   2) With the EU Blue Card there are some restrictions for a job: The job needs to be a "highly-qualified" job, the salary has to be more than a particular limit etc. Are there any restrictions at all with the Niederlassungserlaubnis? Or can I do ANY job in Germany with it?   3) I'm originally from India with an Indian passport. Will I need to make any changes to my Indian passport after getting the NE? I have my Delhi address on my passport. Does anything related to India/Indian documents change when I get a Permanent residency here in Germany?   Thanks a lot for your replies. Looking forward to the answers.   Best Aniket
  2. Dear All   I'm from India and will shortly be relocating to Germany. I read that you need to surrender the Indian original driving license to get a German license (apart from tests etc). My question is, when I travel back to India and need to drive in India, will my German license be valid? Or do I need to get an International Driving permit from Germany?   Thanks for letting me know