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  1. Charles Dickens or Nelson Mandela school?

    Yes, I will contact the school once my husband gets an answer. Thanks a lot!
  2. Charles Dickens or Nelson Mandela school?

    Hi Krieg, I just was wondering, about the two places extra who move in the city last minute; will that include in the middle of the school year? And also about the "is not for kids that do not speak German at all", which German level the kids should have? If my husband gets an offer my kids will start with private German lessons. My son spoke German until he was 4 and half (when we moved to Argentina) and then had lessons once a week until he was 8, which is when we moved to Ireland. I stopped with the German in Ireland, because my husband was worried about confusing him. My daughter was too small when we moved out from Germany to speak, so I trust that her being young will help her. And since both are learning Irish and doing great (I can not help on that so is all them and their teachers), I assume that German will be much easier for her.  From reading the forum threads I think CD will be the best option for him and my daughter, I also checked the CD web page and I really liked it.   Many thanks!   Ceci