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  1. Dear all,    Our moving van will be coming next week, I already called the people from the Nuremberg Amt and they told me that I have to hire a company to put the signs. The lady suggested me: Menger, Han and Schötz... but I can not find them online (I found one Schötz but it is in Dachau?)... do all the other companies that appear online can be used on Nuremberg?    Thanks a lot!,    Cecilia
  2. I was going to ask about that too. My husband applied two weeks ago and nothing so far (but is only the Aufenhaltstitle, not the Niederlasungserlaubnis). All I can say is after calling every Wednesday (the only day they attend phone calls) I was able to talk to some one yesterday. They just told me that due covid19, the waiting time is longer, and we just have to be patient.
  3. Hi I just wanted to let you know that we found an apartment :). The best was to call if a phone number was available and/or just include all your information (contract, visa, etc). They were advertised in Immobilienscout24, but directed me to the real state web page and that is how I could get the phone number  or I got directed to another page to upload all our information.