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  1. Thank you so much Franklan!  
  2. Hi,  Dear PandaMunich you are so helpful, I have been reading all the posts about this that you have answered :). The loophole link law does not exist anymore :(, I have to look and see if there is another one ;). We are thinking to move back to Munich, Germany (if DH gets a good offer). My son is 10 years old finishing 4th class in Ireland and my daughter is 7 finishing 1st class. After all the reading and asking the friends that stayed in Munich I think the best is to write the Schulberatung. I do not know if it is so easy to change from Mittelschule to Realschule as it looks like in the Schulberatung webpage. I would not mind the Mittelschule for a year so he catch ups in German and then transfer to Realschule, or Gymnasium according to his grades (from the Bildungsweg page it should be possible).