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  1. If the UK company uses 0845, 0870, 0800... then these do not always work from abroad/mobiles. The company picks up the cost (or part of) as the deal for having these numbers. I find it f'ing annoying because most UK mobiles do NOT offer free calls to these numbers and they are not possible to call from abroad.   One solution is to use to find a 'normal' phone number.
  2. Are you already paying using your phone?

    I pay using my phone, comdirect visa card is attached to google pay. Been using it for years in UK.   I never really understand people's security concerns associated with the technology - The comdirect visa card in my wallet, with contactless technology, is always live and transmits the same card number. Compare this to Google Pay which is only 'live' when the handset is turned on and a unique code is used per transaction. I would prefer to cut up my physical cards.   I think contactless technology is a fantastic win for visa/mastercard. It is still normal to use cards for larger purchases and by getting into the smaller transaction market is going to increase their turnover massively. However, a lot of people are going to get into difficulties because all these small transactions will be forgotten but they still add up.
  3. I would have thought a 2-bed flat would work out cheaper as you share the kitchen and bathroom...