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  1. Gefälschte Impfpässe stellen Bundesregierung vor Herausforderungen Der gelbe Impfpass, der bislang als Nachweis dient, lässt sich jedoch leicht fälschen.   Forged vaccination passports pose challenges for the federal government The yellow vaccination certificate, which has so far served as evidence, is easy to forge.
  2. Eligibility for Covid stimulus checks

      My third paper check arrived.  Now I know the answer.  Biden's name is not on the new checks. 
  3. Eligibility for Covid stimulus checks

      there's an app for that
  4. Ossis and Amis

    Dresden local paper just called Sachsen's prime minister an Ossi.    Ist Kretschmer ein Russland-Versteher? Auf jeden Fall. ...  Ein sichtlich gerührter Michael Kretschmer steht auf und stößt mit Schwydkoi an. Das sind die Momente, da packt es ihn. Da ist er Ossi. Wie alle Ossis, denen die deutsch-sowjetische Freundschaft als Herzensangelegenheit von oben verordnet wurde, und von der doch irgendwie etwas hängengeblieben ist.
  5.   Even if you are planning to go, and even if he might succeed should your force him to take you to court for an eviction, that doesn't mean you can't try to squeeze him.  Just be frank.  "Mr. Landlord, this having to move thing is a pain but we're gonna do it because we aren't mean and nasty.  BUT, if you really want to make sure we play by your rules and go in 3 months instead of taking a little longer, it would be nice if you helped us out, z.B. we'll stop paying rent as of today," OR something else you want that you think you could squeeze out of him.    No need for a lawyer to do that.   It's business.  Though it could also be smoothed over with a lawyer. 
  6. Buying property in Germany

      I said it regarding Notars, but it is even more the case with Maklers - treat the Makler as someone providing you a service, and let them know you want them to be responsive (but don't hold your breath on a German Makler being responsive or providing a North American style of service)
  7. Registering birth of baby born to Canadian citizens in Germany

    An answer about the Translation question.  My experience using American documents was first to get the Apostille, then get everything translated.  And that worked.  So I would imagine you should get them legalized, and then get that bundle of documents translated.  (Also, that is how I have usually done things for business that had nothing to do with citizenship/passports.  First the foreign documents got legalized or Apostille, and then the translation was added.)
  8. Registering birth of baby born to Canadian citizens in Germany

    Warning: this is not the answer.  My first thought was "he doesn't need to deal with legalization", and then I checked and I see Canada is not a member of the Hague Convention.  What?  That's nuts.  Too bad Cannucks.  You do gotta do a legalization.  (Apostille process is usually easier, but that's not an option for Canadian documents).   An Apostille will work for Colombian documents though.
  9. job contract terminated before pregnancy

      and that's exactly why employers are hesitant about women of child bearing age...    that being said, take the Sozialstaat for whatever you can get...
  10. Payment for the lawyer of the divorce

      Flat fee per project or bill by the hour.  The neverending search for a fair compensation scheme.  Lawyers have traditionally billed their work by the hour.  There has been discussion for decades if that is a good way to go.  There are pluses and minuses to both flat fees and hourly billing.  I based my earlier comment on 20 hours because the cost was about 5300 EUR.  5300 EUR is a reasonable fee for 20 hours of billable lawyer time.  That 20 hours might include things that do not take great intellectual effort, like traveling to court and waiting at court if (as if often the case) the hearing doesn't happen on schedule.    However, the 20 hours should not include surfing fb in his office.  Outside a courtroom, maybe.    If the lawyer was doing work for another client while he was waiting outside the courtroom (e.g. reading or writing something), then he shouldn't bill that time to both you and the other client, that would be illegal.    
  11. Payment for the lawyer of the divorce

    So, the lawyer is collecting EUR 5,300   Sounds like a lot -- IF the lawyer didn't do at least 20 hours of work on the project.  If he put in at least 20 hours, including going to and from a court and waiting around, then I think EUR 5,300 is a reasonable fee.   Remember to ask how much things will cost before hiring people.  You don't just sit down at the Friseur without inquiring first if it's going to be 12 or 60 Euros, right?
  12. Ispropyl Alcohol / Isopropanol -- seeking

    I'm using it to clean electrical contacts on model trains.  I don't want anything left to be a non-conductive residue, which is why I want 99.9%
  13. Anyone know where to find Isopropanol and/or 99.9% alcohol Isopropylalkohol other than Amazon? To clean some stuff, I was looking for Isopropyl Alcohol.  My American experience is that it's common.  But I couldn't find it at Toom, DM, or an Apotheke.    The Apotheke said "Oh, Isopropylalkohol kein Problem" and brought me a typical Apotheke box with plants drawn on it ('cuz everything at the 'theke is so natural) but it was only 70% alcohol even though it said "Isopropylalkohol" in big letters on it.    The closest thing Toom and DM had was Brennspiritus which is 94% ethanol.    I see 99.9% alcohol "Isopropanol" being sold on Amazon for about 10 EUR per liter, which is about 5 times the price of Spiritus at DM and twice the price of Spiritus at Toom.    Anyone know where to find Isopropanol and/or 99.9% alcohol Isopropylalkohol other than Amazon?  
  14. Maybe I've just been blind all these years?  Or maybe they only recently penetrated the Sachsen Kaufland stores...  But it looks like Doumak has been selling Illinios-made marshmallows in Germany a for long time -- already celebrating success back in 2010.  Silly me.    
  15. Buying property in Germany

      Remember, you are the customer and the Notar is the service provider.  Even if the Notar thinks they have a very special place in looking out for the public interest, you are paying them to perform a service for you.    Feel free to seek changes to the draft (the other side will too) before the final version is determined for The Reading.  Even there, the Notar may make some last minute adjustments as issues (or errors) come to light during The Reading.    I encourage you to follow any changes to the document.  It's handy to get it as a Word document and use track changes (yourself) rather than just being presented a pdf of a changed document.
  16. Seen today at Kaufland.  Marshmallows imported from America's heartland.  Don't get the ones on the left, you'll be disappointed.  Get the ones on the right!   "Doumak is the leading exporter of American-made marshmallows, which are distinctive from marshmallows made anywhere else in the world. Known for their light, airy texture and unique vanilla flavor, our marshmallows are a great choice, available on a global scale. Our Rocky Mountain™ and Campfire® brands are currently sold to 35+ countries in Europe, Central and South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East."   "Doumak Inc. began its marshmallow-making journey in 1921, producing cast mold marshmallows in Los Angeles, CA. In 1954, Alex Doumakes invented and patented the extrusion process of manufacturing marshmallows. This breakthrough innovation allowed the mass production of marshmallows in a cost-efficient manner. Marshmallows went from being an expensive confection to an everyday sweet treat and favorite ingredient for many recipes. In 1961, the Doumakes family moved the company to its current location outside Chicago, IL. In 2003, Doumak acquired the Campfire® brand and opened its second manufacturing facility in the Chicago area."   See
  17. old US appliances

    it'd be a crime against nature even if those things are working to put them in someone's home.  if white goods are really 30 years old, it's time to scrap them.
  18. Need help with 3 way dispute with landlord

    Off topic:     there goes the Left again, muddying the language with pronoun fussiness 
  19.   I don't think your colleagues will care later whether you stayed 3 months or 3 weeks.  6 months after you left nobody will remember that you put in a little more time there than you would have cared to.  Once you are gone, you are gone.  No matter when you leave something will be hanging or not done or was done wrong and since you are gone, it's easy to say things might have been different if you had done X or Y.    it's business.  If they can't deal with people leaving, that's their problem.  As long as you don't need a reference...
  20.   I'm intrigued about the IRA and inheritance tax arguments.    I don't think that would have been accepted by the Behoerde I worked with in Saxony.  They also were very much focused on the idea that possible problems in the future were not existing unzumutbaren Bedingungen.
  21.   No. No. No.  This is not just an economic choice.  OP has wound up in a bad spot.  Best practice is to use all available tools to work toward best possible outcome.  Get professional legal assistance.  
  22. It's been a week.  OP should have called a lawyer the next morning. Do not talk to the police without talking to a lawyer first.  You are not required to present any evidence against yourself.  Maybe Kaufland lost their tape.  Maybe the police lost their file.  Don't add to the pile of info stacked against you.
  23. Eligibility for Covid stimulus checks

    I got my first one as a paper check in early May 2020, and my second one as a paper check in mid January 2021.  I'm curious if Biden will include his name on the current checks going out as Trump did.     Similar to OP, my U.S. returns show very little income taxable by U.S.
  24. Selling a flat - recommendations on a Makler

        I agree with this.  The Notar will make sure everything is "correct".  The hardest part is to get the right price, just be sure to not offer it too low and the market will let you know if you are asking too much.   I suggest buying "Immobilien verkaufen für Dummies" or a similar guide for background info.     
  25. Tax return after leaving Germany

      I don't know which form either.  But for sure it is on Elster.  I haven't looked at Steuergo for 2020.  I wanted to use it for 2019 because it is available in English, but bizarrely it did not include the ability to deal with income earned outside of Germany.  You'd think people wanting to use an English-language tax software are the most likely to have foreign income.  Good luck.