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  1. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

      take it easy.  i suppose it's all in the interpretation.  the upside is the upside whatever the reason.    and further in my defense: there ain't no reason those Rentners, dare I say all shoppers (but mostly women and especially older women), can't have their money ready, or at least more accessible, before they get closer to the cashier. It's not like they haven't been shopping before, they know darned well their wait in the cashier line is going to end with them handing over some money.   it's been my recent experience that several Rentners still shopping for themselves have suddenly learned how to pay with Karte, which at least eliminates the exact change bit.     Other upsides of "quarantine", less errands.  
  2. Buying property in Germany

    I agree with Smaug.  Also, I bet if you wait a few more weeks the property prices will adjust lower to reflect the new economic reality.  You may be just as well off that you are not stuck with your pre-Corona price, even if you are missing out on that particular property.
  3. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    I'm not having a Corona-Urlaub, someone has to keep paying for all that Sozialstaat.  But, on the upside there are no more Rentnerins at the grocery cashier who realize after they took 5 minutes to put their 12 items into a shopping basket that they now need to get their wallet out of a purse and then insist on making exact change with coins that they still can't differentiate from each other.  Either the Renters are having someone else do the shopping, or they have mastered paying with a card.  Also, there is flussig Verkehr pretty much all the time.
  4. Urban Gardening: Where to find scrap wood and soil

    Pixelforest, Have you listened to the Chancellor?  This is not the time to be gathering dirt, or lumber, or old pallets.  Planning is okay though.
  5. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

      Well there we are then, an explanation of why FrauFruit, etc. thought the OP's landlord might have done something wrong.  Thanks for spoon feeding me, Lisa.  As a non-renting capitalist I didn't know about it.  But I'm not enough of a capitalist to be a landlord, so I also didn't know about it from that side.  Now I see again, socialismus siegt in yet another aspect of the BRD.     Now I'll go back to counting up my 19% UmSt.  (thanks Angela, 16% just wasn't enough...)
  6. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

      It seems to me that FrauFruit and Rushrush, and maybe Keleth, think the landlord may have done something wrong and there may be a remedy for the OP.   Call me a capitalist pig, but I don't see what there is to do about it unless the apartment is under some kind of rent control law.    If the landlord offers a lease for X Euros and the OP signed it and has been paying it for a year, what's all this about a "correct legal figure"?    I'm not saying FrauFruit and Rushrush are wrong, I'm saying I'm surprised and don't understand why there is a belief there may be a maximum permissible rent.      I look forward to anyone's explanation.  Thanks.
  7. Don't kid yourself.  Toytown advice and self-help research isn't enough.  You need to invest in paying a Steuerberater to tell your employer what needs to be done. Make an appointment today.  The sooner you have the meeting and learn what you need, the sooner you can move forward with your plan/idea.  
  8. Photos of Street Art/Graffiti

      here's side by side, I should have done that before.   
  9. Dresden - various general info and advice

    It's been weeks now, and the only timeline I have found for the morning of the crime is on CNN.  Dresden's two papers never put out anything so detailed (that I saw, anyhow).     CNN reported the security guards called police at 4:49 am but a car wasn't dispatched until 5 minutes later.     5 minutes to say "robbery in progress at the Green Vault" ??    It's only a few hundred yards between the city/state police HQ and the museum.  If the dispatcher had reacted faster...           (I made it b&w and added white space to get file size below .24 MB)
  10. Photos of Street Art/Graffiti

      I think I see shades of Keith Haring
  11. Looking for VoiP to call abroad at low cost

    is it really so old fashioned to just use Deutsche Telekom?    I pay only 3,31 EUR per month netto for unlimited Festnetz calls to Western Europe, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.    (Though calling a Vodafone Handy next door will set me back 16 cents a minute, so I try to avoid that.)    
  12. Children. Smartphone. What age?

    Don't blow off your school's annual "how to handle media / Internet" lecture.  Even if you don't agree with what you hear, it's a good resource. My advice: old enough for a smart phone when they seem trustworthy enough not to lose it or break it.  That varies from kid to kid. Parental control can include insisting on having password for the phone and any apps installed, limiting what types of apps are installed, and requiring phone to charge in the hallway or living room over night and not in the kid's room.  
  13. All German lawyers are also required since 2016 to have a "besondere elektronische Ausweis" which is supposed to provide super secure communication abilities between lawyers and between lawyers and courts.  When email just won't do, there's the beA.  it also requires a special card, and a card reader.  And a fee has to be paid each year to the Notar Kammer which is the authority that oversees the system.  And when it didn't work the first year, and the Rechtsanwalt Kammer said "um, it doesn't work yet so you don't have to use it yet", the Notar Kammer still insisted on being paid because it had done it's job of overseeing the system.  So German. And 99% of the messages I get are things from the local state Rechtsanwaltskammer that announce upcoming lectures and could have been sent in a normal email.
  14. Whats your experience with IKEA customer service?

      I think they'll still take it back.
  15. German Citizenship by Descent--Question

      During the course of a German naturalization 'ceremony' I recently attended, the German government representative said a few things relevant to this discussion. 1. German law changes all the time, keep on top of it. 2. foreign laws change all the time, keep on top of them. 3. she told an Argentine woman who was being naturalized as a German citizen that if the Argentine woman went to the Argentine consulate before her children (who are currently German citizens) turned 18 and signed up her children as Argentine citizens that regardless of whatever the grounds might be for Argentina giving the children Argentine citizenship that it would not affect their existing German citizenship because the kids were under 18 and thus couldn't make their own decisions and thus the decision to acquire (on whatever grounds) the Argentine citizenship couldn't be held against them.  Whereas, if one of the others of us in the room went to the Argentine consulate and applied to become citizens of Argentina we would lose our German citizenship simply for saying we want to voluntarily become citizens of another country.  But the German government woman cautioned, that's the law right now and things may have been different before and might be different in the future. 4. She said this may sound silly, but she has had several instances where she did a naturalization process more than once for the same person because the person had accidentally managed to lose their German citizenship after being naturalized.