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  1. US passport renewal in Berlin

    Dear TT Community,   I'd still like to know if anyone has actually submitted a remotely notarized permission form to renew a minor's passport, but ACS Berlin says it is okay if the U.S. state allows online notarization.       
  2. US passport renewal in Berlin

    anyone use a remotely notarized permission form for a minor's parent that doesn't come to the Berlin consulate for the minor's passport renewal?  e.g. via, etc.  ?   What I mean is: rather than the trouble and expense of a German Notar, use an online service to have a U.S. notary remotely notarize the form.  Anyone do it recently and have it accepted?    
  3. Hi.  Has anyone tried ?    It's a business built around ordering things from U.S. or UK companies that don't ship internationally (e.g. Walmart) and shipping the goods to a foreign address.  One could in theory order something from Walmart and have it delivered to a non-military German address.  For some fees of course.  (and don't forget the Zoll..)  Has anyone tried it, or perhaps another service like it? 
  4.   good job to radioactive76 for bringing this up, and extra kudos for the link to Ms. Bitter's recent declaration.  it is a nuclear bomb for people trying the income hardship route for dual citizenship.  
  5. Smartphones and iPhones for 5th grade kids in Gymnasium?

    I'm not a fan of unsupervised Internet access for kids, and I agree it's annoying to see groups of kids on the bus all looking at phones and not at each other.  Ten years ago when there was more of a choice between a smartphone and a not-smartphone I went to a presentation our Gymnasium had from some e.V. about media and kids.  They speaker said yeah, it's crazy how kids can get addicted - that they do programs to teach troubled kids how to throw a ball or a frisbee because they literally couldn't.  On the other hand he said, you can't stop access to porn.  Forget about it.  If they don't get it on their phone, they'll see it on another kid's phone.  Just prepare for it and be honest about it.  I agree there are legitimate uses for the phone for a 5th grader.  These include, at our Gymnasium: access to the Vertretungsplan to know if classes are canceled or changed; access to the menu for ordering or canceling lunch; access to most up to date bus/streetcar info; and of course WhatsApp groups - (or your favorite "supposedly NSA proof" app of the day for those that don't trust WhatsApp) That said, especially the younger kids do not need a top of the line model.  A 5 year old Android phone will suffice.  See etc.   Also a pay-as-you go plan will suffice, especially to stop extravagant uses of mobile data.
  6. Buying property in Germany

      the federal state's "Justizkasse" might keep sending you bills.  For noting this in the Grundbuch.  for noting that in the Grundbuch.  etc.