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  1. English-speaking lawyers in Berlin

    Most lawyers will be fairly fluent in English.  Especially younger ones.  Yes, I recognize asking for a recommendation is a good idea.  Just sayin', there's a good chance any you approach will speak English.
  2. Pelletofen Raumheizer experience comments requested

    Tokeshu, thanks for feedback.  sounds like your Ofen is connected to a central heating system that feeds radiators for the whole house?
  3. Questions About Freelancing in Germany and the US

    spend a few hundred Euro on having a Steuerberater advise you.   that's part of the cost of doing business internationally.  something you have chosen to do.  if you want simple, find employment with an existing business and earn a wage -- then all the answers are easy.
  4. If you're willing to travel to Germany and spend money on language instruction, you might think about some of the many one-guy or two-guy "schools" that are out there in a variety of cities.  You can get good, personal instruction at a reasonable price.  For example:




    etc.   Check Internet.  Likely are small businesses like this in Leipzig too if you are set on Leipzig.

    1. sherloc

      I chose the city due to the low living costs mostly. I need an established language school due to visa reasons (have to get everything done from my country), and I learn better in a classroom setting. Still, thanks for taking the time to answer.

  5. Flat rent "preliminary-contract"

    If she doesn't have time to fill out a standard rental agreement, maybe she shouldn't have bothered showing anyone the place yet. Rental agreements are available on line for just 10 EUR or so (z.B., It's got blanks, and can be easily (and quickly!) filled out as so desired.  No reason for a "pre-agreement". Maybe the problem is the landlord hasn't gotten around to thinking about choices that need to be made.  Gartennutzung, or not?  Etc. 
  6. I'd call his office and complain.  And offer something smaller, like 20 EUR. 
  7. Overseas envelope sent by post: will it arrive?

    I think OP's letter will get there just fine.   I don't believe in Deutsche Post / DHL international tracking.  They once told me my A4 sized envelope was stuck in Frankfurt for weeks, then miraculously told me it had been delivered to the addressee in Australia and hadn't been in Frankfurt for weeks.  But the Addressee told me he didn't get it.  Deutsche Post couldn't tell me even what city in Australia it had been delivered to, only that Australia Post said it had been delivered.  Great value that tracking was...
  8. English speaking lawyers for Employment issue

    I suspect most lawyers, of all types, in Munich speak passable English.  But still, I understand the desire for a recommendation.  Good luck.
  9. Hi.  I am getting serious about buying a Pelletofen to replace a Kanonenofen. I did search TT but didn't find much discussion of actual experiences with Pelletofen.  My Schornsteinfeger said he only has one in operation in his Bezirk.  So, not a lot of neighbors to check with.    I am attracted to the Pelletofen by its relative automation and length of burn in comparison to coal and solid wood.  This is to heat a 55 cubic meter free standing building.  I estimate based on size and insulation (and experience with coal, wood, Heizoel, and electricity) that I need only about 3 kW to heat the space.   I would welcome any comments on Pelletofen experiences and tips for choosing a stand-alone room-heating one.  Thanks.    
  10. Certified copy of German passport for U.S. IRS - how?

      Update: 2B_orNot2B's instinct was correct.  The IRS accepted a beglaubigte Kopie of the German passport from the city's Burgerbüro and renewed the subject ITIN. 
  11. Converting NY License into German DL

      an expired document is never valid.    Also, Connecticut is only partially reciprocal.    further, I don't think you can successfully argue CT = NY therefore NY = Germany.  NY is reciprocal or not, and it's not.
  12. Strikes me as the electrical guy acted a bit fast.  You did give him some of the info, but does not seem you had instructed him to take action yet. 
  13. Room heating - Elektroheizung or Heizlüfter

      Only 700W.  Well, that will obviously save on electricity vs. a 2 to 3 kWh device.  But how big a space can 700 W heat?  And mounting on a wall, that's a commitment that would outlive the life of any of the electric heaters I've ever used.    On the remote control, any device that you plug into a wall can be used in combination with a plug in device.  Just make sure the wall socket can handle the wattage load.  See, e.g.:   I wonder if an Obi "Convecto" stand would work to use the Conrad infrared heater without having to attach it to the wall?   
  14. Room heating - Elektroheizung or Heizlüfter

      You mean like this?     It worked well for heating a 20 qm room, and was attractive.  Had a remote control that was handy.  couldn't use a separate timer (i.e. in wall socket) with it though because whenever it turned on it needed to be adjusted -- you couldn't leave it set at some temperature and cut the power to it and then have it stay at that setting when the power went back to it.    Makes no noise.  That's nice.   The electronic controls on mine stopped working after a season and a half.  I returned it to Obi.