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  1.   so, what's the update? 
  2. Genau, Murphaph -- like most people, lawyer's don't work for free.    It's a lot of trouble and hassle to become a Rechtsanwalt.  All they have to sell is their time/advice.    If you meet with a lawyer under any circumstances other than them telling you it is a free initial consultation, expect to pay them for their time. Even if you don't like them, or their advice, and even if you decide not to proceed further with them. 
  3. how can I resist making a negative comment on this craziness?  I can't.  Jan. 21st huh?  Isn't that sort of like giving President Obama the Nobel Prize before he did anything?  Let the new government do something before you start whining about it.  And as to whining, with tolerance, women's rights, LGBT rights, black lives matter, you seem to be highlighting all the issues that cost Hillary the election.  Namely, in one way you are right, but by screaming for them all the time, above other issues, you see what happens.    As to klubbnika's "illegitimate" comment -- I'd say America's election process is already more direct than Germany's, and no Republicans or Russians made Hillary stop visiting Wisconsin, she goofed that on her own.
  4. Moving stuff after years of residence in eu

    Use multiple boxes.  Address each box to a different person, even if at same address.  Value each box below EUR 40.  Check out   They specialize in cheap shipping to Poland, but they can ship stuff to Warsaw via container ship and then they hand off to DHL in Warsaw for delivery to your German door. For example, a 54 pound box cost me just $75 to ship.  Yes, it didn't arrive for 6 weeks, but I was not in a hurry.  If you put together a collection of 50 pound boxes, you can send quite a bit of stuff.
  5.   The other forum members gave good grounded advice.  My question to the OP: what on Earth ever made you think you could just move to Germany?   Coming from Austin you must be very aware of immigration issues and know that people from other countries can't just decide to move to the USA, right?   You do not seem to have a German or EU spouse or citizenship claim that would let you stay indefinitely, so why did you even develop the idea that it might be possible?   Also, why Germany?  If you want to flee America (which is a whole other conversation I am not going to start) then why to a non-English speaking country?  Lots of countries have English as a first or main language.  UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Malta, etc.  
  6.   Further on the theme of not expecting public school system to help your 14 year old succeed...  In addition to the system being overwhelmed, an English-speaking immigrant from a Western country is not really considered to be a "real" immigrant (by Dresden's standards anyway) and already got no help before 2015. 
  7. I just went to some local baby stuff store and got a German-style (i.e. "big") stroller for EUR 100.  Lasted for three kids just fine.  Not something to take on a plane or a train though, or put in the trunk of a small car. 
  8. Where to get worm medicine?

    agree with Marianne013, no need for stool sample, get the anti-Madenwuermer stuff over the counter at the Notapotheke (don't wait, act now), and administer immediately -- with something tasty to go with it.  Until I experienced a child getting it i'd never heard of the things, but after learning how easy it is for them to spread it's a wonder all of humanity isn't plagued with them as a standard condition.
  9. Neighbors who don't respect privacy. Is this normal?

    I would not characterize the Nachbarin's behavior as "typisch deutsch".  I would characterize it as weird.
  10. A question for the Americans about...

    based on Midwest and New England life experience: no.  stressy is not a word.
  11. Buying a flat off plan in Dresden.

    back to the topic, something else that could go wrong is that banks and Notars could forget you are the customer.  You are paying them your money for them to provide a service, keep on top of them.
  12. Buying a flat off plan in Dresden.

    Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong place?  Leuben is to the south, Prohlis is to the south, Loebtau is between Altstadt and Cologne, not toward the south.
  13. Buying a flat off plan in Dresden.

      Loebtau is South?