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  1. Converting a US driver's license to a German one

      I agree expatriates tend to maintain licenses for U.S. states in which they are not resident; but the U.S. drivers' license scheme is set up to be tied to state residence.  Which is why IL requires proof of residency to get a license and which is why IL requires licensed drivers to notify the Secretary of State of a change of address within ten days.  
  2. Where do children learn to swim in Germany?

    in Dresden kids get swimming class once a week as part of second grade.  
  3. Converting a US driver's license to a German one

    ChicagoBulls: I have some comments, with no authoritative answers. First, I agree with Kaffeemitmilch that it was illegal (under Illinois law) for you to convert your NE license to an IL license when the NE one was expiring.  Yes, you cobbled together the necessary "residency" documents and Jesse White's office took your money and said welcome to IL.  But, Jesse White's office really is only supposed to give a license to bona fide IL residents, which is why you had to cobble together those documents.    Second, no need to bother the German authorities with all that.   Third, I do suspect that if the issue date of the IL license you have in your hand is after the date you first registered with the Einwohnermeldeamt you are going to have an uphill climb.  You will have to tell the American story that licenses expire and must be renewed but that you've had a license for a long time.  If WillowHands' idea of getting a record works that would be great.  And I would be curious if you can really squeeze such a record out of Illinois.  If you try, please let us know.  Anyhow, further on this topic:  I myself acquired my German license years ago by showing them my U.S. license.   A key part of the procedure was having a letter from the U.S. consulate that said my U.S. license was used similar to a Personalausweis and so it would be a big inconvenience for me to surrender my U.S. license to the German license office.  The consulate provided one upon request, they clearly were used to it.  This was a few years ago though...  My idea here is that if you have a letter that can add to the plausability/believability (sp?) of your IL license post-dating your Anmeldung. You tell them how being in the U.S. without a valid state license is a big hassle, so you renewed it and that's why the date is more recent.  Good luck.  
  4. Cologne NYE debacle

    I didn't see a thread on this yet. The attacks (theft & sexual assault) on New Year's Eve at the Hauptbahnhof area in Cologne sound dreadful   I see two main discussion areas about this event.   (1) What really amazes me is that I didn't see it on news sites until 5 days later.  What's up with that?  Did it really trickle out so slowly the media didn't notice it until Monday evening?  I can't believe the left-leaning media leans that far left to "cover up" such a juicy story for literally days.   (2). And what does this event say about Germany's recent migrant influx?   Cologne has had a huge Turkish population for years, but it doesn't seem that migrant group was involved in this incident. Were the bad actors recent immigrants?  Was this get-together somehow related to recent migration, or was it some perfect storm resulting from social media contacts and might have happened two years ago just as easily?  Was it an "us" (migrations Hintergrund guys) vs. "them" (ethnic Germans/Europeans) event?