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  1. Just for fun, here are examples of an IL license renewal issued in 2010 and a subsequent renewal in 2014.  Neither gives any info on how long the driver has been licensed, and both say "Type: ORG"
  2.   They might suspect, but they won't know.  If she had a CT license prior to her arrival in Germany it may have needed renewing.  So a recent "issue" date on the CT license doesn't necessarily signal there was a recent change from one state to another.
  3. I've seen a lot on TT over years about people having to show they have been licensed for a while, etc.  So, that could be a thing.  From my experience, it wasn't a thing in Dresden in 2004.    But I will note the U.S. license I used to get my German license did pre-date my arrival / registration in Germany.
  4. Protocol with Handwerkers

      this was the funniest line on this thread, after all the discussion of one group of people accepting another (or not).    I think the whole mentality of villagers being rude to newcomers is not a particularly German thing.  I think you might find the same in Vermont or New Hampshire. 
  5. Internet company

    I use Telekom and think it's overall a reasonable deal.  With "Call & Surf Comfort IP (Speed)" and "CountryFlat", for less than 45 EUR per month (including taxes) I get 3 FestNetz numbers, unlimited calling to Western Europe, North America and Australia, and access to Telekom's "WLAN to go" which provides access to all the Telekom hotspots.  For "WLAN to go" one must have a "special" router at home that can simultaneously provide Telekom_fon wifi signal for strangers - but even those are now available used on eBay at lower prices than from a T-Punkt. 
  6. Separation asap

      that's where the "may" element of the "may" vs. "can" comes in.    I've flown out of Germany numerous times with my children without anyone asking if I have permission, as has my wife.
  7. Separation asap

      You MAY not.  Difference between "can" and "may" is significant in instances like this.  If a parent has the child's passport in hand, there is no practical barrier to physically departing with the child.  Of course, plan on never returning to Europe.
  8. Legal Responsibilities as Legal Father vs Biological Father?

      Ditto.    find a family law lawyer that you are comfortable with and ask all  your questions.  It will be worth the money to KNOW things instead of thinking or assuming them.
  9. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      You are on the wrong thread, Derek.  See among others. 
  10.   Seems your court battle is chugging along successfully, and after over 8 years those neighbors are really sticking with the battle.  I'm surprised they haven't moved.  I certainly don't support their side of the struggle. Irregardless, I get the sense from some of your posts that you might feel (I'm not sure?) the success of the child center shows how great it is and somehow justifies its location.  But of course, that is exactly what the neighbors were afraid of.  Their fears about the center have apparently come true.   Too bad for them.
  11. Per CFQ and LeonG, talk to a Steuerberater with international experience.  There's no short cut, it's not a unique situtation but it is not standard and you'll need advice for your family as well as the employer will need to know what to do.   The NYC company will probably want to make sure it does not have a 'permanent establishment' or 'permanent representative' in Germany from your wife -- or it'll be liable for German income tax.    Your wife of course will be liable for German income tax, as well as likely U.S., NY state, and NY city income tax.  To some extent the US/German treaty will help with the U.S. federal income tax, and you can try to get credit with Germany for the state and city (and medicare and social security) taxes as Sonderausgaben.  But I think as a German resident she is still going to need Kranken and Pflegeversicherung and contributions to Rentenversicherung and Arbeitslosenverischerung. 
  12.   I was surprised to see these comments.  Can anyone describe further what differences there are for U.S. citizens versus non-citizens with regard to: (1) Social Security payouts (2) IRA payouts   thanks in advance.
  13. Scouts, cubs, and beaver packs in Munich

    the Boy Scouts of America have a footprint in Germany too.   Main web site:   Cub Scouts is the program for boys in grades 1 to 5, it's not yet co-ed the way I understand things are in Australia.     The group near Munich is based at the Munich International School in Starnberg, Pack 147    
  14. German Taxes: Give it to me straight.

    do not underestimate how helpful paying a Steuerberater for a one to two hour conversation on all of this might be.  it's worth the money.
  15. Websites for laptop purchase

      and    I only buy refurbished, that's worked out great for me for 20 years