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  1. Buying property in Germany

      the federal state's "Justizkasse" might keep sending you bills.  For noting this in the Grundbuch.  for noting that in the Grundbuch.  etc. 
  2.   Yes indeed, many are made in Italy.  I use one to heat my office.  It has a wifi connection so I can remotely check room temperature and turn it on or off, or adjust the timer/thermostat settings.  I buy my pellets in 15 kg sacks.  There is some dust involved with pouring the pellets in, and one must remove the ash every few days.  But it's certainly less mess than a wood burning stove.  Also, I highly recommend using a suitable ash vacuum - it makes clean up a snap.  The pellet stoves come in different sizes depending on how much heat you want to put out and how big a tank of pellets you want.  I spoke with my Schornsteingfeger before installation.  As I recall one of the things discussed was that the directions said to have a crazy tall chimney, like 10 meters.  He said don't worry about it, that people with Kleingartens get worried about such requirements too but it's not necessary.  My chimney is probably only 3 meters taller than where the stove's exhaust pipe connects to it. Also, the instructions said to have a pipe bringing outside air into the stove. My Schornsteingfeger said my structure is old enough there is enough fresh air leaking in that such an intake is not necessary.  
  3. Hiring a surveyor when purchasing a property

      Yes, indeed you should get a Gutachter to inspect the house so you are not surprised.  Better to find out now about any possibly expensive issues which may cause you to possibly even reconsider the purchase regardless of how enthusiastic you are right now.  
  4. I got got the "Gebäude- und Wohnungszählung", as did my in laws.  Interestingly, I got it, not my "Familie" and not my wife who owns 50% of the real estate. Same with the in laws, the form was sent to the man and not the woman.  And alphabetical order of first names doesn't explain it either.  Interesting.  :-)