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  1. Park & Collect experience

    I hadn't heard of this sort of app before.  Interesting dilemma.   I suggest you read:    I don't think the property owner can charge you more than once.  Were he to try to collect from more than one app, I suspect that you having submitted to the extortion of the first app would be a successful defense to any subsequent apps.  NOTE:  I am not a Rechtsanwalt, I'm just speculatin'.    Potential plot twist: how can you be sure the guy making the demand is the land owner or authorized agent of the owner?  I dunno.  
  2. Buying a house without realtor

      so true !!!
  3. Buying a house without realtor

      No reason to have a Makler involved for either party.  I agree with having a home inspection.  You might also want to have your own surveyor make sure the property boundaries are (1) what you think; and (2) properly marked.  Yeah, you could save some money today by not doing that but if you find out later you paid for 25 qm that you didn't get... And i agree with comments on the Notar.  Remember also, you are the Notar's customer.  You'll likely run into the usual German absence of customer service, but you're paying your money to the Notar so if you have questions the Notar's and/or secretary should darn well deal with them.  That said, the Notar is supposed to be neutral and looking out for the state that all is done correctly and is not really concerned that you'll be happy in the future with the transaction (other than issues of customer service and will you return for future Notar services and/or speak well of them).  If you have discomfort with the Notar either get a Rechtsanwalt's thoughts on what the Notar is telling you, and/or change Notar.   
  4. Divorce proceeding in Germany

      What the dork? !  You know who you can definitely take with you for support?  YOUR lawyer. I don't care how amicable a divorce it might be, and in this case it seems you are "hurt" and "dreading seeing him" so I question how amicable it might be.    Get a lawyer.  Right now.  This morning.  Even if you think things are cut and dried and that somehow "one lawyer" is going to handle everything nicely, it's worth the money in a major life-changing process like this to have your own representative.  The next thing you should do is not respond to this post.  The next thing to do is to find a lawyer.
  5. Teenager neighbor's noise driving us nuts

    I agree with engelchen, threaten to call the authorities.  Meanwhile, get on your local municipal website and figure out exactly what number you want to call and and exactly what it is you will complain of. 'Cuz I don't think it's going to stop from you asking nicely.  You already did that.   Also, depending how the conversation goes.  Give mom a confirming letter along the lines of "you gotta be quiet after X hour, per rule Y."  When you do wind up calling the authorities, who will undoubtedly insist you can't do so anonymously (despite Germany's refusal to name and shame convicted murderers) you can show a copy of your brief letter to whoever shows up to help get across the point that you already tried asking nicely.
  6. Berliner Sprachtest zur Einbürgerung

    Check YouTube.  Lots of test prep and even sample audio tests available.  Also, get on Amazon/Thalia and order a Deutsch Prüfungstraining for the B1 test.
  7. Gas heater to electric. Allowed?

      Genau.   Zirka 30 Eurocents per Kilowatt in Dresden. (only $0.05 in Chicago)  How many Kilowatts do you think you're going to use to heat the two rooms?  I used about 1700 Kilowatts a year to heat a 21 square meter office -- and that was an office.  I let it cool down a lot over night and lots of times I let it get below freezing if I was away a few days.    As long as the Russians keep the gas flowing, it will only take a few years of electric heating to cost as much as the gas installation.
  8. English Translator Requirement for German House Closing

    more on this along line of what I wrote before.  The Notar is supposed to be sort of neutral, in the sense they aren't on your side or on the side of the other party to the transaction - they are making sure everything is done right.   Don't let that neutrality confuse you as to being a customer, you are paying your money to fund that Notar's lifestyle and the salaries of the office staff etc.  You are not a helpless foreigner asking a government official to help you,  you are a customer paying for a service.  
  9. English Translator Requirement for German House Closing

    Interesting that sluzup's mortgage lender got involved.  In my experience (which as Bier_me notes they all seem to differ) the lender was not involved in actual logistics of the transaction in any way.   Remember that even though Notars are a little "special" as compared to Rechtsanwaelte -- they are still service providers and there is more than one in town.  In other words: don't feel bad about asserting your wishes as a paying customer to ask to do things the way and when you want to. And if you don't like how the Notar's staff is or s/he, then take your business elsewhere.   All that said, any property purchase is a big expense and you should be sure you know what's going on.  If you don't think the Notar is explaining everything to you as well as you like, get your own English-speaking Rechtsanwalt that can/will explain and if necessary advocate for you.    Good luck.  
  10.   I agree.   For an office, registered mail is no big deal because whoever gets the mail will sign for it regardless of who the thing is addressed to.  It's not like sending a letter to a neighbor who isn't home when the Postfrau comes and then the neighbor just gets a postcard telling them to go somewhere and sign for some letter they didn't want anyway.
  11. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

    An example of German obsession with Fahrerflucht involving inanimate objects make international news.  The news is "how cute it is that little kids did drawings and the police are using them".  But, if you read between the lines you see that a driver damaged the guard rail and the police are chasing her for it.   Police in the west German city of Hamm are using drawings by six-year-olds to trace a rogue driver who allegedly smashed through a road barrier. The police praised the four young sleuths' sketches, saying they were officially part of the investigation. The children were waiting to cross the road when they witnessed the driver, a woman with short blonde hair. The driver "didn't care about the damage caused and kept driving", the police said on Facebook. When the children - Luisa, Romy, Celina and Luis - reported the incident to their teacher she got them to sketch it and she then informed the police. The police Facebook post has two of the sketches, but another one apparently shows the driver in more detail. Readers were full of praise for the four budding detectives. "Super kids!" several wrote, and two suggested that the sketches were more useful than video surveillance images. Local resident Michael Schulte wrote: "Terrific action by the kids. They don't look away, but act. Many adults could learn from the children's example."   "Sie sahen, wie ein schwarzes Auto von der Uphofstraße nach links in die Horster Straße abbog und dabei gegen einen Pfosten krachte. Dieser knickte durch die Wucht des Aufpralls um. Doch das schien die Frau mit kurzen blonden Haaren, die am Steuer saß, nicht weiter zu kümmern. Sie fuhr einfach davon."    Shocking!  Those kinds are gonna have PTSD for sure.  Go for it Hamm Polizei !  Make that blond lady pay for the Pfost. 
  12. Invoice to a business client in USA

    I'm not a Steuerberater, but...    I don't think you need to include your VAT ID, but it can't hurt.  If this is one of your first years in business, don't be surprised if you get a Sonderprüfung from the Finanzamt.  Be sure to keep copies of everything.     I know you already plan to not charge VAT, but like lunaCH, I think when you sell goods or services to a customer outside Germany (and outside the E.U.) there is no Umsatzsteuer.    The reverse charge stuff your Steuerberater told you about is, I believe, for when you sell things to customers in other E.U. countries. Steuerschuldnerschaft (reverse-charge-system) In Rechnungen ist auf die Steuerschuldnerschaft des Leistungsempfängers hinzuweisen. Auf Rechnungen, die sich an an einen in der Europäischen Union ansässigen  Leistungsempfänger richten, dient hierzu der Hinweis: "According to Article 194, 196 of Council Directive 2006/112/EEC, VAT liability rests with the service recipient [UST-ID-Nr.].“ "Taxe due par le preneur [UST-ID-Nr.] (Article 194, 196 de la Directive 2006/112/CE du Conseil)." R.C. - Reverse Charge oder folgende Formulierung: "We apply for reverse charge according to Art. 196, 205 EU-Directive 2006/112 (alt: Art. 21 Z. 1 lit b. 6. EU-Directive)" oder "Le client est obligé d`acquitter la TVA".
  13. Facharbeit Failed

      so by now she's seen he mentor again. what happened?  by the way, no surprise there is "some other teacher" - that mentor wants a witness.  Your daughter may want to record such meetings.  Do not do that without permission from the other participants, horrible possible penalties in Germany for secret recording.  But I think it's reasonable to ask "do you mind if I record this so I can be sure I understand everything?".  If they say no, no loss.   Seems odd they won't give her a copy of the review. 
  14. Two Part Podcast Series About Berlin

    and some people thought the July topic about expat podcasts in Germany was a shameless plug...    Best Podcasts for Expats in Germany
  15. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

      If you got the right license plate, the bad guy will be prosecuted.  It's a police matter and no amount of the other driver being nice to you and you telling the police not to prosecute him is going to change that.    You are in an adversarial situation with the other driver.  He did something wrong.  You want money from him to make things right.  Generally in such a situation it is better to let a lawyer be an intermediary.  (but yes, lawyers will want to be paid for doing their job).   That being said, there would be advantages for you in learning the identity.  I would suggest communicating enough to learn the identity.  Do not say anything in your communications (especially written ones) that commits to any facts related to the incident.  Try to limit your communications to questions.    Do everything "the official way" -- tell your insurance company about the incident and let the police do their job.    In general, do not talk to the police either. Who knows what they will do with information you give them.  Perhaps they will say your vehicle was in the wrong spot.