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  1. Bathroom refurbishing (DIY)

    in Dresden I have paid 50 EUR to have an Entsorgungsbetrieb deliver a 2 cubic meter container and later take it away, then paid them another 25 EUR per cubic meter for "Bauschutt - sauber" that I put in the container, plus UmSt.   
  2. Berlin U.S. consulate entry, security procedures

    Update:  visited Clayallee consulate this week.  Arrived with only a cell phone as the forbidden electronics.  Was allowed by the Pond Security guys running the screening booth to leave cell phone in day pack, and day pack was left at screening booth and I was given a claim-check numbered token.  Upon exit of consulate, gave my claim-check token back and got my day pack returned.   I point this out because although the day pack is clearly large enough that a laptop or tablet might have been in it, I didn't bring such a device.  A fellow American citizen in the waiting room described that she HAD brought a laptop with her and had been directed by the screening staff to a nearby hotel where for a fee of 5 EUR they held her laptop.  I don't know which hotel, but I imagine maybe it was Apartment Hotel Dahlem.   p.s.: at Trattoria Toscana (146 Clayallee) I had a delicious thin crust pizza for 7 EUR plenty big enough for two people. Also got 4 slices of bread and a bunch of olives. With drinks and tip it was 18 EUR.  Not bad for a Berlin sit-down.
  3. Berlin U.S. consulate entry, security procedures

      anyone know if this is still the case?  (I presume HH_Sailor was referring to the branch of Wiener Conditorei at Clayallee 175)   Or if any other business near the U.S. offices takes luggage/bags for an hour or two? 
  4. @itsthejib   You're "leaving Germany" and "will probably deregister" and you are "wondering what ... happens".      I think leaving Germany or deregistering will end your chances at citizenship.    I also would not be surprised if after the long delay (even though not your fault) the Amt asks for updates on things like income and insurance, which will necessarily again add more time to the process.    Good luck.
  5. Looking to find a friend in Berlin last seen 1972

      in Privatschutz-happy Germany this is a thing?  I thought you could get in trouble for that sort of thing...     Eine Krankenhaus-Angestellte soll Dutzende Adressen von Zielpersonen aus rechten Kreisen illegal abgerufen und an radikale Linke weitergegeben haben. Ermittler vermuten, dass die Abfragen mehrere brutale Angriffe ermöglichten. In zwei Fällen führt die Spur zur in Dresden angeklagten Lina E..
  6. Buying a house without realtor

      that is a super good point.  German banks and their Tilgung...   When I had student loans and mortgages in the U.S. the lenders had no trouble with "overpayment" that reduced the principal.  Germans want you to stick to the schedule and won't let you pay off the loan early.  So it is important to see what percentage of "overpayment" they will allow per year.
  7. claiming children as dependents or not?

      I made my earlier comment (above) without having read the article, just responding to the concept.  I have now read the article.  And with the caveat that I am not a tax or immigration lawyer or CPA, that article strikes me as bat stuff crazy.
  8. claiming children as dependents or not?

    Did someone ask for an opinion?  I am always happy to share an opinion...   It's probably true that if you live somewhere like Germany and are filing your returns with the IRS that you probably don't wind up needing to pay much to the U.S. in taxes anyway and so it's probably not a big tax benefit to claim your U.S. citizen children on your U.S. tax return.   But, the idea of not claiming them so that they are not "exposed" to the IRS sounds bizarre to me.  Are they not planning to be Americans?  Get used to the IRS.  Yes, the U.S. wants to tax their global income.  Yes, they will need to file tax returns someday just like you need to now.  But not getting them a social security number and not claiming them on your tax return isn't going to change the fact that in the future if they want to be law abiding people they will need to file tax returns.    Also, if you do not claim your children on your U.S. tax return, when the U.S. government starts handing out free money - as was the case 3 times in the last 18 months - they won't get any. 
  9. American-German Dual Citizenship for Child

      unless there is some reason why your children did not acquire U.S. citizenship at birth (e.g. perhaps you did not live in the U.S. long enough to pass on your U.S. citizenship?), then the Standesamt (or whoever) is wrong.  Generally, children of U.S. citizens acquire U.S. citizenship at birth and are eligible to be president.  (e.g. Ted Cruz, born in Canada)   The Consular Report of Birth Abroad is not a granting of citizenship, it is a recognition of what already happened at birth. 
  10. Disturbance by neighbours animals

    I agree with Techsmex, keep the Behorde out of it.  Regardless of what the rules might be, the best way to get quiet is with the neighbor's cooperation.  And there's really no room to compromise, either the noisemaker goes or the noise continues.  I suggest familiarizing yourself with local rules on noise and animals before talking to the neighbor.  But there's no way around it,  you need to talk to the neighbor.  
  11. What's the issue with dual nationality?

      like I said, I, didn't bring politics into this thread...   but something to keep in mind, the electorate is pretty evenly split.    if one counts the FDP as on the "right" and the Greens as on the "left", the "right" got just a tiny smidgeon more votes (CDU + FDP + AFD = 45,9%) than the "left" (SPD + Linke + Greens = 45.4%).      don't let SPD exceeding the CDU lead to an assumption viewpoints of the middle-left are more widely accepted than those of the middle-right   
  12. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    maybe Kim Dotcom will come to the rescue someday with a free-to-use solution...
  13. What's the issue with dual nationality?

      um, I, didn't bring politics into this thread...  but if the something is anything other than the CDU or FDP (super unlikely) then get ready to open your pocket books and start learning Russian and/or Chinese...
  14. Wohngeld spiralling out of control

      it surprises me to hear that such situations might give back the extra at the end of the year.  There isn't a reserve built up to help with eventual big capital outlays, like a new roof?  Or fire-suppression sprinklers?  etc.  
  15. Ausbildung als Erzieher/in - anyone done this?!

      See also   Alex: A kindergarten teacher that grew up in the little state of Rhode Island, USA.