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  1. SKY GO - Problem with VPN

    Just arrived in Hamburg and using VPN ( Golden Frog) to watch UK tv on my iPad. It works great for BBC iplayer and ITV etc.ut there is an issue with SkY Go.It lets me into the screens all the way up to requesting to watch a movie, footie, a live programme and then it comes up with the following message.The requested URL is not found on this server.   I discussed this with Golden Frog and found it is a known problem but they are not able to fix it at the moment. I saw similar posts to this two years ago and here was a solution posted but it didnt make sense to me.   "Open iTunes. Go to menu bar. Choose Store. Choose Authorized this computer. Then restart the device. And try if it works well now. If does not work, you open iTunes. On the menu bar, choose iTunes. Choose preference. Choose Advanced tab. Choose reset warnings and reset cache. Choose Store from the menu. Choose Sign out. Then restart. This happens because of transfer of copyright of the movie or video. It is the logic behind the mechanism and content of transfer are legally taken by a single seller software and hardware."   Does anyone else have this issue? My Sky Go works perfectly in UK. Should I be using another VPN. Its a nightmare this, as the landlord in the property we are moving to wont allow sat dishes.   This is worth a beer to anyone who can help.Advice please.   Tony