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  1. President Donald J. Trump

      Went to Walmart Neighborhood Market yesterday. They had a couple of organic products but they were not cheaper than Publix. Also, they didn't have half the stuff I wanted so I just went to Publix and got it all there. I prefer one-stop shop. ;)   
  2. President Donald J. Trump

      I live in Orlando, in a semi-decent area smack between two poor areas. It is nearly impossible to live here without a car. While you CAN ride a bike in the winter months in some areas, it is miserable and dangerous in the summer. The bus system in Orlando is miserable. And if you've got further to go than a mile or two on your bike I wouldn't recommend it because getting hit by a car is not high on my list of to-do's...  Try getting from anywhere to Disney on a bike for example.    
  3. Why are you happy today?

    I'm happy because Florida is 'broken' and it's cold. Amazingly cold. Just a few days of chilly temps at least give a semblance of winter  me likey. 
  4. A gift to a doctor

    I don't know if I'd give a gift to my doctor, but I've given a goodie bag to my doctor's staff. After I went to see them one time they went above an beyond for me with forms for work, prescriptions for physical therapy, medications, etc. and did not make me come back in even once (they could have and I did say I would if needed). Particularly in the US I feel such behavior deserved a reward. But no cash... I gave some German goodies (chocolate, gingerbread, etc) and some small hand lotions and a thank you card.   They were excited and immediately started to unpack. The doctor isn't always the one doing all the work. Mostly it's his staff you deal with isn't it? :) 
  5. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

        I wouldn't try and show up with unshaved armpits, unless I'm dating some very progressive feminist guy. Again, I'm living in the US right now. Germany is a little less crazy on the hairless front. 
  6. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      ssssshhhh, i was at work... in the US, beer is frowned upon here!!! 
  7. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Pardon any typos, my keyboard is having some stuck key issues and it's ever so annoying  
  8. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      Maybe you should also apologizing to me, as I have no idea what the 2nd account of the banned one would be. and I never insinuated such a thing. I simply said IF he/she does, I don't give a F***. So, bugger off with your "you four" and any of your other assumptions.    As for FrauFruit, she never said who either. But maybe, if the shoe fits, feel free to wear it.   I'm glad you can see how we tick, didn't know we had a real psychologist on our hands. Fancy.   You can call me names though if it makes you feel better about yourself. I mean, we ARE here for YOUR enterntainment only.   
  9. The Vent - No Chat!

    Our Admin is an idiot.. she cannot do anything right but yet our VP calls her 'invaluable' and the best ever. I asked her to move our weekly meeting from Monday to Tuesday because Monday is a holiday... and AS SHE ALWAYS DOES...she moved the wrong meetings. So now she has to move these back and then move the right ones. Just f**ing pay attention, it isn't rocket science.    Oh god... 
  10. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      I hope you know the word "fun" was a little sarcastic. I hereby officially amend it to "action". And living in the US right now I see this "casual" racism all too often (Story time: a few years back I only briefly dated an African American and got only a tiny taste of the racism... and since have more respect than even before for what they have to still endure to this day. He would for example always go under the speed limit as to not run the risk to speed and be pulled over because the cops are too jumpy. None of this is why we broke up, unfortunately he wasn't very faithful at the time, but we've made up as friends and he's now happily married.)   Anyway, point being. Even if he has a 2nd account. And reads this. Let him. The majority of us here are decent people. 
  11. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      I don't pay mind to the chats for a day or two because - work - and I missed all the fun and had to go read through the threads. What a piece of... wow. Hasn't he been on TT for ages? How has he hidden his true self so long? 
  12. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

  13. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Somewhat related... a friend posted on FB that his young teenage son asked about 'manscaping'... someone commented that he should not, he should embrace his masculinity and not shave his chest (or other hair) because ... what's next? will he have to strap up his you know what as to not offend anyone?? And this was a woman writing this!   Is masculinity so fragile that they can't be asked to groom? I mean, we as women are asked to essentially shave everything but our heads and eybrows. but asking men to make sure we don't need a weed whacker is asking too much and imasculating them?    Intolerance and bigotry - I am OVER it.   
  14. I spent a week in Munich and it was great; basically I never left

    Lol, I just stumbled across this and was like - whoa that happened fast but then I saw the original post was 2008. Well nice. Congrats on the success, fingers crossed things work out the same for me (albeit no visa needed).   
  15. Salary per month for family

      with the income you are looking at you will be living in cramped quarters, with little to nothing to live off. It is what it is. I'd go back to the drawing board.    What are your qualifications? Your wife's qualifications? Your legal status in the country? All that is important to know BEFORE you go.