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  1. Sweeney Todd Musical in English at Deutsches Theater

    So, now that I haven't been online for a while - I am glad I went to this. Because it was likely the last play for a while.  I miss theater already. 
  2. Where to buy carry-out burritos

    Never felt a desire to try their brunch. But I’m not a breakfast burrito girl. Give me their regular burritos any day though. And their tacos. Which reminds me I should pay them a visit  
  3. Coronavirus

      The thing is most Americans (in my experience) don't know or don't care to know about the origin of the name. German chocolate cake is still widely believed to be a German traditional cake while most Germans I know think it's a vile concoction...  
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Phantom of the Opera - Music of the Night
  5. Where to buy carry-out burritos

    Stumbled on this topic and while I have not the slightest idea about burritos in Munich I recommend a road trip to Nuremberg to Crazy Nate's ... best burritos and tacos i've had in Germany yet. 
  6. speed camera app

      The speed limits aren't the problem (I struggle much more with the 30k limits) but the cost of a speeding ticket in FL starts somewhere around $200 for exceeding by 10-15mph and that's if you're not in a school or construction zone (which it seems everything in Orlando is a construction zone  ). I always kinda smiled when I got a EUR10-15 ticket in Germany for minor infractions and moved on with life.  
  7. speed camera app

    Interesting since they DO announce the speed traps on the radio.  But aren't the radar detectors illegal too? Here in FL it seems almost everyone has one in the car. 
  8. Going clean - Missing tax declaration

    I'd say it depends what constitutes a few years... but generally most countries are a little more lenient if people come forward on their own AND pay the back-taxes. I'd start by consulting an accountant who will be able to give more guidance on whether he'd recommend an attorney (based on how many years, income, etc.) - but I doubt income was SO low that she wouldn't have to pay taxes - I mean she was surviving on it I assume. 
  9. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

      Thanks for the laugh John. I'm quite vocal when I drive myself, luckily they generally can't hear me. And I curse completely interchangeably in German and English, so maybe sometimes they wouldn't understand anyway  
  10. Advice on job contract

      I am German and they try it on me too, so it's everyone. This was a few years ago and I had interviewed, they said 'oh yea we can pay that but it's on 13 months..' - uhm, no, I have my salary in mind for a reason and that reason is cost of living.. duh.  
  11. Advice on job contract

      Yes, I am currently interviewing and I have a salary minimum in mind and I tell them that this salary is to be considered my 12 months pay. Anything like bonuses or a 13th salary will  need to be above and beyond. 
  12. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

      Lol, that makes you more of a Millenial than me..   I have no love for German men's sense of fashion, but it has always been bad - I mean, capri pants? But that has nothing to do with the stupid laws on the 'insult' of the middle finger. I am gonna go ahead and say that was an elderly man or lady who felt 'offended' and sued and so on... people our age would probably usually give a f***     Although, I'd rather that than my sometimes very present fear over here that I may be run off the road or shot. 
  13. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

      While I don't disagree with your statement as a whole about people being too whiny about a honked horn or a middle finger waved in the air - this quoted part alone deserves an "ok, Boomer..."
  14. Advice on job contract

    A Christmas bonus USED to be a standard, but no longer is. Some companies give it but not always contractually so they can take it away as needed. Some companies will split this as a 13th month of salary and give part of it for Christmas and part of it in the summer as a "vacation bonus".    *no legal advice given here  
  15. Sweeney Todd Musical in English at Deutsches Theater

    Yes yes yes yes YEEEES... I am not even moved yet (moving from US to D next week) and already pining for English language theater. So glad you posted this!!