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  1. "Please call me by my first name"

      Mine did that and I found it super annoying. I just started working for a large law firm in Munich and it's interesting how so far 90% of the people are by first names, including some assistants to the partners they're working with.   
  2. Coronavirus

    Since I couldn't find a topic on this yet (maybe I missed it) I figured I'll kick off the festivities. One of my managers is freaking out thinking this is THE virus that will wipe out a large part of the world population.    Granted, Disney Shanghai is closed, and as someone living in Orlando trust me, Disney does not close easily. Hurricane? Hunker down y'all, preferably at Epcot or Magic Kingdom.    Personally I won't change much, I've always wiped down my area of the airplane (my arm rests, tray table and tv controls) with some lysol wipes so I won't be changing THAT habit.    Thoughts?