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  1. hehe, just remembered that my bf from Liverpool (he started an Ausbildung mid of december for who, who don't remember) got a letter from his school now for parents evening. He's 28 and his mom and dad live in Liverpool :D

    His boss copied it for him and he sent the original to Liverpool. His mom called and asked "wtf?" :lol:



    I stick to BBC Prime, BBC World, Sky News, CNBC to watch Jay Leno, National Geographic, TCM or MGM for classic movies, Premiere cinema for new films and American series like 'Desperate Housewives', 'Lost', 'Medium', 'Rome', 'Nip/Tuck'.

    Boomerang for classic cartoons, E! Entertaintment for showbiz and sometimes Deutsche Welle's English news or Journals for more 'local' news.

    again, it might be different if you get all of this channels, the only one we get from them is Sky News. British FREE tv does not seem any better to me since the german one. And when we go to Liverpool, my bf's Dad only has the "basic" thing. 5 programs I think? I can't say, that it's really entertaining to me ;)


  3. as I said, if you have a package where you pay for, there might be a difference but this would be the same as if you buy a premiere package. I was talking of FREE tv and of course for somebody who doesnt talk german, german telly is crap cuz its all original language or dubbed.

    But c'mon...don't tell me, that the british jungle show thing with your celebrities is any better than the german version. If you are not into this kind of entertainment, they are just all bullshit. No matter if the british, german, australian or US version.


  4. well ok but if you think of other non EU countries, to go to Germany always was not to difficult compared to for example USA. They won't even let you stay more then 3 months if you have no visa before you go there to live there. Even if you have one after a marriage I guess you are not allowed to work for a year (or something).

    Ami should know better prolly. Sorry for the OT ops


  5. Well I guess you know the answer...it's the rule that you have to, if you do it, is up to you :P


    By the way, if everyone only registers in Germany and dont deregister, when they leave...maybe there are not even as many foreigners living here as we think? ;)

    or maybe the amount of ppl who dont register is about the same as the ones who dont deregister, then it would be right again, just the names of the ppl living here are wrong :D



    If you do look for somewhere else then you will have to give notice. In these 3 months (normally) I would go out of my way to use what is by means of contract mine. I would not give up to anyone.


    Change your outdoor shoes every night to high heels, that will get them. Drop something on the floor now and then. Let them know that you live!

    yep, I would look for a new place aswell and then I would do so also. But if you dont want to leave but stay there, this would be not a solution for me because it would make it worse and worse prolly and they'd start doing things like this aswell just to "win"


  7. - they think the UK is expensive whereas many of them have only ever been to London

    among many others


    i have been to the areas around Liverpool and Birmingham, Huddersfield, Hayworth Heath :D , and in Devon, and going out and have food and drinks was expensive in all of this areas compared to here



    That is a great statistic to throw back.


    Anyone got any other good'uns?


    Birth rate in Germany (2005) : 8.3 per 1,000 population

    Birth rate in UK (2005) : 10.8 per 1,000 population


    Conclusion : We are better at spreading the love

    or we are better in safer sex :P


  9. Bode Miller was a bit unlucky aswell, huh Ami? :ph34r:


    Some other countries have real "big mouthed" athlets and I wonder, how the comments are there then, if they suck?


    I like the british commentators. They seemed to have alot of fun, when Finley Mickel (?) and this ... Crutchguy went downhill :D


  10. did you read Jester's post, Black? I totally agree with it. If they will work 40 hours a week for the same money, then nothing will ever change with all the unemployed people.


    I am not sure but I know, we had this already about the Brückentage...we have to take off your days from the holidays, so what is your problem with it actually? If a different holiday falls on a weekend, it's just tuff luck. In UK they have the bank holidays on Mondays then, right?