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  1. so Bully, when you ripped that note off "order new toner when it's empty" - when you see it's empty, do you order new one?


    i have to blame myself putting notes on things like the Fax. mine says "NIEMALS den ABWESEND-Knopf drücken, sonst können wir keine Faxe empfangen" (dont ever push the absent-button or we can't get Faxes).


    You know why I do this? Because I am pissed off that some ppl are just so stupid and push that thing and I get 10 missed calls in the morning where ppl ask if our Fax was "kaputt" :P


  2. ah well you still have to have some money to afford a porsche of course but if you live in Stuttgart and work for Porsche, which loads of ppl in this area do, then you'll get them alot cheaper. If you go to Ingolstadt you'll see loads of Audi Quattros and in Munich loads of BMW's and in Rüsselsheim loads of Opels, so it really might have to do with this


  3. I don't know really


    By the way I know where Everton is cuz my bf is from Liverpool but a REDS fan (Liverpool FC or is it FC Liverpool? :D )

    I've never heard of Chelsea before I've met him, and I had no clue where Tottenham lies (if that's a city at all?) but I knew where London is (even had been there before ;) ) :D