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  1. :D Adi, I dont mind if ppl like it or want it or whatever. I just find it amusing, that they moan all time that it is not so easy to get it here or drive hours to get it or pay a bomb for it, if you can have the same result by buying baking powder for a few cents. Or if the baking powder is not good enough (they think), then go buy the ingredients (which I understood are things, which you CAN buy easily here for a few cents), mix them together and voila... :D


  2. yeah Muffin, I was wondering this aswell. What the hell did people do before it was "standard" to have a mobile phone.

    Hard to believe that anyone could survive huh? :D


    I personally don't think it's wrong to switch off phones while kids are in school. If there is really something urgent happening there is ways to communicate still or even be allowed to switch them on. And if some parents has to reach the kid cuz of something urgent, there is a way too.



    I can appreciate people working 20 hrs a day, 7 days a week, if that's what they need to do to satisfy their material needs, looking forward to a time when they don't. But not everybody is in that situation.

    and how often do they enjoy their material needs then? No holiday but 5 houses when they only can live in one anyway. Or a Ferrari which stands in front of the firm 20 hours a day? Do they have partners? If so, why actually?

    I am the "average" one I guess. I work to live, which does not mean, I hate it, but I dont wanna live to only work.



    Sorry to disappoint you but you have to pay dentists the 10€ unless it's just a check up which is free if he does any work you have to cough up

    nobody said you don't have to and going to an optician won't work. But the "category" Kieferchirurg f.e. would count aswell, if the dentist sends you there with an Überweisung.


  5. it always has 2 sides. I don't go to the doctor often, so I am lucky and I am not that short of money, that I can't afford the 10 Euros.

    Some routine checks are still free. And f.e. cancer check: We (german women) get one every year or more, if there is something wrong or they have to keep an eye on it. In England I guess it is only every 3 years? Might be to late then for a treatment to safe you.


    And to be honest, there are loads of people running to the emergency doctor all time for "nothing", maybe they don't if they have to pay all time.


    If you need an operation and it's urgent, you'll get it within a couple of hours even or a few days. I still think the system is not to bad but that's why it is expensive as well.



    I'm going to make my (German) husband take that test, bet he fails...

    I will prolly too.

    It's a bit like doing a driver's license, I guess. If ppl are able to know the questions, before they have to do the test, it should be easy but then again it does not make much sense. I don't agree with some kind of questions, but I do think, there should be "something" to pass or to declare or whatever as it is in other countries aswell.



    Do you mean you main site for the Frankfurt Airport? I find the best flight deals are with British Airways if you book online far enough in advance you can get flights for as little as 100€! try to avoid Ryanair and Hahn whenever I can. It does not work out cheaper. The only advantage is if you need to get to Stanstead.


    Hope this helps a little

    but only from FRA to London also, right?


    EDIT: ok I take it back. In July it would be 109 Euros to Manchester and return. Just tried. I just can't book cuz I can plan so far in advance :D



    Have to agree with Elphaba. Its a really old-fashioned system. Get a German bank account and an EC card. A lot of people use the EC card here.


    I too have had my English cards refused here and my German card refused in the UK. Bit embarrassing at times.


    It really surprises me how many places don't take credit cards.

    it actually does not surprise me so much, because it's a risk for the shops.

    And actually I am glad that our system is like it is and not like in USA for example, where you have to go in depts first, to be worth getting a CC card :blink:


    As far as I know, Germany has one of the most modern banking systems by the way, even if it might not be the most comfortable one for you



    They do love to stamp things - I think it is brilliant. The best is when they use a computer to fill out a form, and then have to print it out and stamp it - otherwise it is not official.


    Unemployment would be at least 1-2% higher if they got rid of all the people responsible for stamping things and re-entering data in forms.

    We came back from England and my bf asked the guy who checked passport, if he could get a stamp like the non EU ppl do in their passport, cuz he has none yet since he never left EU yet. They laughed and gave him one. So he does this everytime now and all of them were very friendly yet (kinda proud prolly to be the "stampmasters" :D



    Personally, I think there's too little information and that's the problem these days. Compare the amount of under-age pregnancies in the UK and the number in Germany where sex education starts with very basics in primary school and that would seem to suggest that informed German kids make better decisions.


    Or we Brits are simply just slappers...

    I heard that some of the real young ones WANT kids (at least on this dodgy talk shows they say so). If others blame them, that the reason was, that they dont want to work but live from the state, they always start real big nasty embarrassing typical for this kind of shows argues and fights :D



    Don't sweat it. You don't need one any more.


    Just get the piece of paper. As you said, it's just to show to anyone who doesn't believe you can be resident and work in Germany without being in possession of a stamped and countersigned piece of beribboned A4 from some Amt.

    :o brainwash? ;)