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  1. Sorry if the answer is somewhere already, but nowadays I don't get along with the search function very good anymore *blush*


    we just have a dish to watch the free channels on 28,2 (or so).


    On some new found service channel we watched a movie called "sky something" (a silly one actually but oh well) free to air last night and it said it's "sky box office". After the movie ended, the same one started again and later again :D


    Did they forget to lock it or what the hell is this? Are there more of this channels with a different movie? :D


  2. yep sorry Dale, but they always get me (a german) away from the topic by blaming "the Germans" for this and that.

    What about going to a bank and get the money and then "run" to the next shop and buy something for 1000 Euros? Not a good solution for you probably.



    This is not borrowing money the way that American credit cards are, where I can choose how much I want to pay back each month.

    I guess we had this topic already somewhere else. If ppl get along and are careful it seems ok to me. But I know alot of especially Americans who get in real trouble this way. And the less you pay back, the more expensive it gets, doesnt it? So in the end you pay 1100 Dollars for something which is only 1000 for example?



    This is one of the reasons why the German economy is in trouble - they are sticking around 12% of their salary under the mattress instead of spending it & boosting the consumer economy.

    I am one of those then probably :P

    I don't have it under the mattress, but some money on a saving account. I know ppl, who have to take a credit for everything, when the car breaks down or the telly...

    Oh well, in case I'll die before I spent the money, then somebody else will be happy with it, enjoy it :) tuff shit for me then.

    You are right, it could be a german thing and bad for the economy, but I live better with the feeling to have something in "the back", than to live on credit my whole life. I am glad that my bf doesnt neither. I can go over my giro limit 3xwage and guess this is way enough and I try not to do it.

    If we are short on money, we can't buy special things or have to wait.


  5. Die britische Königin Elisabeth gibt Papst Benedikt einen Empfang.


    Die beiden zeigen sich dem Volk von der Terrasse des Buckingham Palace aus.


    Die Königin will beim Papst Eindruck schinden und flüstert ihm zu:

    "Ich wette mit Ihnen, dass mir das ganze Volk zujubelt, wenn ich nur einmal winke."


    Der Papst hält das für unmöglich, ist er doch seiner Meinung nach der grosse Star des Volkes.


    Die Königin winkt mir ihrem weißen Handschuh. Das gesamte britische Volk jubelt und englische Plastikfahnen werden geschwenkt.


    Der Papst ist nur verärgert und schlägt seinerseits eine Wette vor:

    "Wenn ich mit dem Kopf nicke, werden alle Schotten unter dem Publikum ausrasten und mich noch monatelang feiern."


    Elisabeth glaubt natürlich kein Wort.


    Der Papst holt aus und gibt ihr eine Kopfnuss...


  6. Deutschland steht vor dem Spiel gegen England bei der WM 2006.

    Klinsi sagt zu seinen Spielern in der Umkleidekabine:

    - "Hört zu Leute, ich weiß die Inselaffen sind scheiße. Aber wir müssen gegen sie spielen, um die FIFA glücklich zu machen."


    Darauf Ballack:

    - "Ich mach euch einen Vorschlag. Ihr geht alle in eine Bar und ich spiele alleine gegen sie. Was meint ihr dazu?"


    Trainer und Spieler sind einverstanden und gehen in die nächste Kneipe, trinken Bier und spielen Billard. Nach gut einer Stunde erinnert sie Kahn, dass ja das Spiel läuft und schaltet den Fernseher an:


    Deutschland 1 (Ballack 10. Min.) England 0

    zeigt die Anzeigetafel.


    Zufrieden widmen sie sich wieder Billard und Bier.

    Nach einer weiteren Stunde betrachten sie das Endresultat. Die Anzeigetafel zeigt:


    Deutschland 1 (Ballack 10. Min.)

    England 1 (Beckham 90. Min.)


    "Scheiße!" schreien alle Spieler und rennen entsetzt ins Stadion zurück, wo sie Ballack in der Garderobe sitzen sehen, das Gesicht in den Händen vergraben.


    - "Was zum Teufel ist passiert, Michael?"

    schreit Kahn.

    - "Sorry Freunde",

    antwortet Ballack

    - "aber dieser verdammte Schiedsrichter hat mich in der 11. Minute vom Platz gestellt!"





    Me thinks that some of you have become more German than the Germans themselves.


    Theoretisches gebabbel und immer gerechtfertigt

    loosen up guys!

    :D *thumbs up*


    I noticed that loads of Brits seem to hate laws and order and to follow rules, as long as it does not concern THEIR needs. Then they suddenly seem like qualified lawyers or judges and seem to know every single paragraph :D


  8. well, guess I can live with this. As long as you don't call me Angela B) (by the way, one reason what I like about wearing contact lenses is, that you can wear usual sunglasses just above them and if you go swimming you still can find the water and see what you might step on in the sea) :)


  9. when my partner moved to Germany he did not use to have glasses but he knew that he might need some. But somehow he never managed to go to an "eye doctor" or optician in UK nor in Holland.

    Now he has some, they are not to strong and he only wears them to drive the car or watch telly on a small telly and he is really happy with them actually.


    I never used to have them but some day I noticed that others seem to see better than I do. Since I hate glasses on my nose, not coz of the look, I wear contact lenses now.


    My Partners mom has glasses since ever (real old fashioned model in my opionion :D) and she knows she actually needs stronger ones but never manages to get them for some reason neither.


    Another thing (already hiding before I'll type it :P ):

    I think loads of Brits (but Americans too :D ) wear real old fashioned looking ugly glasses. The most ppl in Germany wear nicer ones :P


    Hannah, last name Control Freak :P



    Hmm, I'm more interested in the safety aspects of it. A Rücktrittbremse just seems so illogical. It's a child's natural instict to put their feet down to stop, but if they do that then they have no breaks. All very well if they're just slowing down to stop in front of your house, but what if they're stopping before a road junction? Also, in order to operate Rücktrittbremsen effectively in an emergency, you need to have the pedals correctly aligned and you need to do a little shifting of your bodyweight, neither of which is the case for handlebar brakes.

    The only advantage I can see is that Rücktrittbremsen work better in the wet, but there must be other advantages otherwise the Germans would have got rid of them ages ago.



    huh? One more time I don't get the problem or misunderstand something wrong.

    Bikes with Rücktrittbremse have also handlebar breaks. So if the kids put their feet down (to the ground you mean?) they still can use the handlebar break :huh: