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  1. I have a related question since there seem to be some knowledgable people here. I understand that I get an automatic extension until June 15 for my US taxes if I am living abroad, without needing to file an extension form. I plan on taking advantage of this and then filing for an extension through October, but how does the IRS know I am living abroad? There doesn't seem to be any mechanism for claiming this extension. Is two months just a piddly little amount of time for the IRS and they check after the fact?


  2. Hi gals,

    I was at last months meeting which was fun at our end of the table! Unfortunately I'm feeling a little low tonight so won't be able to attend. I will see you next month! (I was the one who suggested the Good Lord Bird if we are looking for something a little lighter ... well, sort of ...)



  3. The link mentioned earlier in thread to the US consulate list of tax advisors was going to the wrong document, consulate has now fixed the link and updated with a new document from January 2015:

    - this covers the whole Frankfurt consulate region (Baden-Württemberg, Hessen, NordrheinWestfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland). I can't vouch for anyone on the list, but it is now at least officially up to date.


  4. Nice little app Mr. Nosuch! My German is very good and I studied here for a number of years in the 90's and understand "Das Leben in Deutschland" very well, so I am opting not to do the course and just take the test. This is perfect to brush up on a few stickier things - like the role of the Bundesrat and what the Hessen flag is! Like you, I feel I should get 100%! :) Thanks for taking the time to put it together!


  5. I'd like to resurrect this thread - wondering if anyone here has a good English-speaking GI in Frankfurt to recommend? There are other great suggestions in the thread which I will follow up on, but I'd love to get names if available. I speak German well, but realized with my regular doctor (who does not speak English so well) that I would feel more comfortable talking about my ulcerative colitis with a doc who will understand when I pepper English medical terms in our conversation.