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  1. Jokes

    A Hunter walking through the jungle found a huge dead dinosaur with a pygmy standing beside it. Amazed, he asked: "Did you kill that?". The pygmy said "Yes." The hunter asked "How could a little bloke like you kill a huge beast like that?". Said the pygmy: "I killed it with my club." The astonished hunter asked: "How big is your club?" The pygmy replied: "There's about 60 of us."
  2. Things to ponder

  3. Worst jokes ever

    Paddy's firework display was so disappointing,his neighbours asked, "what happened Pat?"...He said,  "I don't know they worked fine yesterday",
  4. Does anyone know if the Arachnophobia helpline has a website?...🕷
  5. Things to ponder

  6. Twat of the day

    This person could qualify for this thread every day.   People are being killed in this ‘playground fight’! Between 160,000 and 300,000 people are reported to have fled their homes since the fighting started, and there are fears the Turkish operation may lead to the ethnic cleansing of the local Kurdish population.      
  7. What have you learned today?

    For us men...    
  8. Tip of the day

    If, like me, you joined a gym back in January and very little has changed, go there in person to find out why.
  9. Tip of the day

  10. Things to ponder

    Apparently an RSVP to a wedding invitation should not read ‘Maybe next time’.
  11. Worst jokes ever