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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      May I help you? 1 fm = 2 yd = 6 ft = 72 in = 182,88 cm = 1,8288 m
  2. Living choice: Baden baden vs Mannheim

    Mannheim-Frankfurt Airport 30 minutes, Mannheim-Paris by train 3hrs. Mannheim is an industrial town, but the city has a lot of shops. I live close to Heidelberg, but when I go shopping, I drive to Mannheim. Mannheim is little closer to the center of Germany.
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

    If you live in Ontario it's wise to drop your girlfriend/boyfrind after 2 years and 364 days, other wise it can get expensive!   Unmarried Ontario couple had no children and no house but man must still pay support, appeal court rules A wealthy businessman will have to pay more than $50,000 a month in spousal support for 10 years to a woman with whom he had a long-term romantic relationship even though they kept separate homes and had no children together, Ontario’s top court has ruled. Under Ontario law, an unmarried couple are considered common-law spouses if they have cohabited — lived together in a conjugal relationship — continuously for at least three years. But that doesn’t necessarily mean living in the same home, the court found.   “Lack of a shared residence is not determinative of the issue of cohabitation,” the Appeal Court said. “There are many cases in which courts have found cohabitation where the parties stayed together only intermittently.”   In the long run prostitutes are cheaper!
  4. cost to install new windows

    If you replace old windows in an old house with new ones, the coldest parts could now be the walls. Cold walls + humidity -> mold! Be careful!
  5. replace from oil to gas heating

    Meaning, the heating is off during the night and during days with fog and overcast days. We have a reasonably well insulated hous. We only notice that the heating went off during the night because the floor in the bathroom is could. Room temperaure does not change much, may be 0.5°C.
  6. replace from oil to gas heating

    A heat pump is only useful (efficient) if you can use a low inlet temperatur for heating. Normal radiators need more than 40°C inlet temperature. So, you heat pump has to "pump" heat from 0°C to 40°C. When you have an underfloor heating and a well insulated house, an energy consumption less than 60kWh/m²/a, 28°C inlet temperature is sufficient. The higher the temperature difference is, the more pure energy from the grid you need. If you need an inlet temperature of 60°C, the heating is pure electrical heating, 30cts/kWh. So, you need a low temperatur heating system, e.g. an underfloor heating. All the energy the house looses through walls, windows and the roof has to enter the rooms though the floors. If the house is well insulated the floor temperature for a room temperature of 22°C will be 24°C, pleasant. If your house is badly insulated, more losses through walls etc. more energy, -> higher floor temperature is necessary. Your feet will cook, unpleasant.
  7. Coronavirus

    Yesterday evening we heard that everybody now can get an AZ jab, so, my wife called her GP at 9 o'clock, she got an appointment for 12:15. Now we have a chance to go travelling this year. In the waiting line were a lot of younger men. No risk, no fun. (I am sure they are now planning trips to Thailand without their girlfriends)
  8. Isn't Sweden the first world country where the gave elderly Covid patients morphin to let them die instead of bringing them to a ICU and apply oxygen? I prefer to live in a county where they have yellow paper booklets and would send me to an ICU and not put me to sleep should I get sick at an age over 65. Howver, you we get a nice hologram on your coffin. Machine readable. (e.g.,  google will give you more articles)
  9. What are you watching right now?

    Have you ever seen a flying Dutchman?
  10. What made you laugh today?

    If you want to know what MikeMelba is doing the whole day, here is a video from his workplace:
  11. Why are you unhappy today?

    The world's most experienced plaque-unveiler has died.   Prince Philip is dead
  12. What made you smile today?

    Not one, the German top tourist attraction. Forget the stuff in Bavaria.
  13. Experience or Suggestion for a new Toyota Car in Munich...

    Necessary in Munich. I would prefer a car with ventilated seats. My seat is warm after five minutes, but my back is completely wet after 30 minutes in summer.
  14. Ispropyl Alcohol / Isopropanol -- seeking

      So, the substance would kill the inhabitants of a whole town, but would be safe for horses? Reminds me of botox. Ten millionth of a gram can kill a man, but it can safely be applied on women.
  15. Ispropyl Alcohol / Isopropanol -- seeking

    Except drinking you can do anything with 99% alcohol. Dilute it as you want. It will not get hot like when you dilute concentated sulphuric acid with water. Tap water or destilled water? Tap water contains lime. If you dilute your alcohol with tap water and let the mixture evaporate on a clean surface the lime will stay on it. So, it depends what you plan to do.