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  1. The Christchurch mosque massacre   Headscarf for Harmony about 'showing solidarity' with Muslim women in NZ   " Organisers of tomorrow's Headscarf for Harmony day say there are no rules around what sort of headscarf to wear or how to wear it, rather it's simply a way for Kiwis to show their support for Muslim women in New Zealand.   • Open to both men and women, However, a furore has erupted with some calling the move oppressive and signalling women as subservient to men. But an Auckland University Islamic scholar says he's proud of the initiative and believes Muslim women in New Zealand would be too." Obviously , I am not the only one who is thinking that that is going too far: However, many Kiwis on social media have written of their disgust of the event on twitter, responding to co-organiser Rachel McGregor's post calling it oppressive to women. "Yes, women need oppressing. Funny, in Iran, the women protest and take their headscarf off, end up getting beaten and thrown in jail," one person wrote, while another said "Wearing a symbol of oppression and discrimination to mourn a massacre. Let that sink in".  
  2. What is an earth leakage breaker? I only know FI's or the new term RCD - residual current detector They measure the current difference between the current going in and the current going out. If the differential current is larger than 20mA (or 30mA, or 100mA) they will switch off the line. Formerly only in bathrooms, now in every circuit. In our house we have 4. The more, the better, because it would not be dark in the whole house if only a plug in the living room is affected (and also the fridge in the cellar has no power).  
  3. This are electric fuses, not switches that are meant to to switch electricity on and off! These fuses are only switched off, when somebody is installing lamps, etc.
  4. I have never seen an electrical installation, where where plugs can be switched on and off. These appliences can draw a lot of current -16A. Switches are normaly rated less than 10A. Unless it is a special switch, I would call the installation unsafe.
  5. Shamima Begum.. IS Teenage Defector wants to return

    Simce the IS fighters and their women like beheadings so much, I would suggest to install these old tools at the European borders:
  6. Shamima Begum.. IS Teenage Defector wants to return

    Two quotes: Isis bride Shamima Begum: ‘When I saw my first severed head it didn’t faze me at all’ A teenage girl who fled Britain to join Islamic State has said the Manchester Arena bombing was “justified”.   I would not like to see this female devil in school.
  7. What made you smile today?

    9 am, 4°C, sunshine, 3 starlings are having their regular bath. Definitely not akin to swimmer.
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    In constrast to burning airplanes and burning cars, the Hindenburg burned environmentally friendly. No soot and normally you even don't see a flame.
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    No reason to be unhappy, people who emigrated from Europe to America 100 years ago would never see their relatives again. You can hop on a plane fly to SA in 12 to 15hrs. 550 to 660€
  10. Scum of the Day

    I am for gender equality, she should rot in hell too:  
  11. What made you smile today?

    Car thieves in New Guinea have a bad taste: PNG police seek return of almost 300 luxury cars missing after Apec summit Officials have failed to return Toyota LandCruisers and Mitsubishi Pajeros, but 40 Maseratis and Bentleys have been handed back.   Possibly the streets in New Guinea are just to bad for this kind of cars.
  12. Santorini

    Last year we did not fly to Santorini,  we decided that the island was too small for a week. We flew to Madeira. However, this March it's Greece. Aghia Galini on the south coast. I had a look at the village close to John, but I am lazy. I just bought a package at the local travel agency.
  13. I didn't write it down everytime it happened. A short google search:;art4,3082354,vermisste-mainzerin-pk-100.html   also men:
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

    How can somebody with such an attitude be an English teacher?