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  1. youngtimers, modified ,British MOT

    I your case I would just go to the TÜV and ask. The headquarter of TÜV Rheinland even is in Cologne.   The rules are here:,   Basically modifications are allowed if they were possible not later than the 10 years after the registration.  
  2. Relocating to Germany with german citizenship

    Do you need to live in a town with more than 100000 inhabitants? If you want work and a not so expensive flat you should also consider smaller towns. Here is a map of the unemployment rate in Germany:
  3. Relocating to Germany with german citizenship

    1. The reason why it is so difficult to find a flat in Germany and so easy to find one in Poland is, that so many Poles moved to Germany (no joke) 2. If you want to work in Germany, why are you in Berlin? You should go to Southern Germany. Berlin is the target for people who want to live on dole.     The people in Berlin complain about the high rents not because the rents are so high, but the saleries in Berlin are so low.
  4. On the other hand you are rarely offered a shotgun, a bible and a flag if you buy a car in Germany. "Alabama dealership offers car buyers shotgun, Bible and flag to celebrate July Fourth" (found it in "Only in America")
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    The farmers are harvesting crop, the days are getting shorter, Christmas is nearing.
  6. What irritated you today?

    This video irritated me a little. Do you all have comprehensive insurance for your cars?
  7. Freak accidents

    Also modern cars don't have a built in ESCape function. There is no button you can press to escape a nasty situation.
  8. What made you laugh today?

    This great dancer: and here:
  9. Travel with pet from NYC

    Did you try Lufthansa? I think, they are very animal friendly. 40 years ago they even transported thousends of swallows from cold Germany to Italy: "18. 10. 74. I'm sitting in a Boeing 727 from DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA. Flight no. LH 306 from Frankfurt/Main - departure 13.00 hrs - to Genoa. On board: 140 passengers, also approx. 2000 swallows. They are smoke and meal swallows, which are flown from the rain-wet, cold Hessenland into the sunny south. Exactly 446 swallows come from the collection point of the DBV district federation "Kinzig" - Gelnhausen-Schlüchtern -" which we furnished in sea wood. Why do I fly? There was so much back and forth, hips and bottoms, pros and cons of the "swallow action" - I want to see with my own eyes how our protégés survive the flight, how they arrive south of the Alps. Approach. Very slowly the plane loses altitude. Experienced passengers are surprised. The thoughtful gliding down happens because of the swallows. Amazing, how much care the captain spends for our feathered friends. What had I read there at a door in the district freight sales management? WE DO WHAT. LUFTHANSA. Not only that. They do it with devotion. Great! Excellent also the whole organization of things in Genoa. It is in the hands of Silvano Stefanacci, an "Assistant Station Manager", when we arrive. About 15 minutes after landing the "swallow boxes" will be opened. Everything happens - as already in Frankfurt when loading - unbureaucratically, engaged, almost lovingly." Translated with
  10.   Difficult to read. Looks like you should pay.
  11. Buy a "Grundstück" and build your own flat/house

    Banks expect you to have 20-30% Eigenkapital. 700000€ from the bank? You can't be sure to stay inside the budget, you even can't be sure to survive the next year. Possible risks: during excavation they find a bomb: you will have to pay for disarming, it turns out your site is an archeological site: you pay. However, if the find a 200000 year old sceleton you have the right to name it. The could find that the ground is swampy, you have to pay for deeper excavation. Life doesn't come without risks. You can specify almost anything in a contract, but you will have to find somebody to sign it. These days construction companies are very busy. If your are lucky you find one, however, I doubt that they will accept all your clauses in a contract. If a company is willing to accept such a small project nowerdays, why? How high is the risk that they deliver good work and/or don't go bancrupt? (Luckily we bought a house 10 years ago)
  12.   Not only on the streets, the first one was seen on an Autobahn: "A 28-year-old has covered about seven kilometres on the A46 with his electric scooter. According to the police, the man's unusual journey began on Monday afternoon at Erkelenz station in North Rhine-Westphalia - where, according to information, he no longer wanted to wait for a train: "He used the navigation function of his mobile phone and was guided by it over the motorway."
  13. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

    Currently the outside temperaure here in a little town close to Heidelberg is 39°C. In our house (no A/C) we have 25°C. I read, that German doctors recommend that with an A/C the difference between inside and outside temperature should not be higher than 6°C, because that might cause the dreaded "Kreislaufstörung" or colds. Should we open doors and windows to decrease the temperature difference?   Just read (, Deutsche gesetzliche Unfallversicherung)) that outside temperatures above 32°C are thus not allowed in Germany! " Die Lufttemperatur in Büros soll 26°C nicht überschreiten. Bei darüber liegender Außentemperatur darf in Ausnahmefällen die Lufttem-peratur höher sein (siehe Frage 3).Bei Büroräumen, die mit einer Klimaanlage ausgestattet sind, sollte an heißen Tagen im Sommer eine Temperaturdifferenz von maximal 6°C zwischen Außentemperatur und Raumtemperatur eingestellt werden  
  14. ADAC battery replacement

    I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member. Read more at:   I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member. G. Marx   I always drove old cars. No risk no fun.   I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member Read more at:
  15. ADAC battery replacement

    my two cents: If it sound a little different when starting your car, replace the battery immediately. It will only get worse. Batteries are cheap. Never jump start a newer car with an another car! You could damage your elctronic control units. Two years ago, after a three week holiday I found the battery completely dead. In a parking garage at the airport. Sunday 5 o'clock. So, no chance to buy a new battery. A taxi driver jump started the car and we drove home. After 30km the airbag control lamp came on. Since the battery was completely dead the voltage spikes of the alternator were not buffered by the battery and killed the airbag controller. I was a 20 year old car. Would have been wiser to return by train form the airport, return the next day , take a taxi to the next shop, buy a new battery and install it. It could have been worse, since airbag controllers are not that cheap. Prices of the ECU's hurt more.