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  1. I don't understand why they drove 700km to buy the car. is there something speacial about the car? Since you are leaving the country, in your case I would go to a laywer and ask him to write the guy a nice letter. Letters from laywers are always a little threatening. That should stop the buyer.
  2. health care (not about health insurance)

    I googelt with "hüftoperation kosten". The 3rd or 4th hit was statista.   now it doesn't work anymore   As far as I remember: Spain 7000€, Switzerland 17000$, Australia 20000$, USA 30000$
  3. health care (not about health insurance)

    Should somebody interested in the costs of a hip remplacement, Germany:6500 to 8000€. In the US it's more expensive since they use artifical hips made of gold and diamonds:  
  4. health care (not about health insurance)

    Should somebody be interested in the cost for an MRI (or MRT MRtomography in Germany): here is a table: Not so expensive. Except the machines. That is the reason why they try to run the MRT's around the clock. (and why the prefer patients that privately insured)
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I did not know that the BBC homepage also has a pidgin part: "Parliament for UK go dey suspended for September, wetin e mean? Inside one move wey shock pipo on Wednesday morning, Britain new Prime Minister Boris Johnson set up di motion to suspend Parliament for UK- wey mean say di time wey di MPs get to debate Brexit, how UK wan comot di European Union, go reduce."   Will pidgin English replace "Oxford English" in future?
  6. Shop lifting and impact on residency or Blue Card

    This post from the worst jokes thread came into my mind: A British man is visiting Australia. The customs agent asks him, “Do you have a criminal record?” The British man replies, “I didn’t think you needed one to get into Australia anymore.”
  7. stairwell terror

    I have never heard of people doing execises in stairwells. Is that an Australian habit? " And then she is there for hours and hours with the lights on in several rooms which we all foot the bill for. " If the other people don't care, why do you? Mind your own busines. Close your door.
  8. What made you smile today?

    A new Michael Schumacher is born: Polizei erwischt Achtjährigen am Steuer – zwei Tage später fährt er wieder   Er fuhr öfter Kart und bekam Lust, den Wagen seiner Mutter auszuprobieren: In der Nacht auf Mittwoch erwischte die Polizei einen Achtjährigen auf der Autobahn 44. Jetzt ging er den Beamten erneut ins Netz – noch schneller als beim ersten Mal   „Ich wollte nur ein bisschen Autofahren“, gab der Junge zu Protokoll, als die Polizei eintraf. Er habe sich bei Tempo 140 auf der Autobahn nicht mehr wohlgefühlt und sei auf den Parkplatz gefahren.   He used to go karting a lot and wanted to try out his mother's car: In the night on Wednesday the police caught an eight-year-old boy on the Autobahn 44. Now he went to the police again - even faster than the first time. "I just wanted to drive a car," the boy put on record when the police arrived. He didn't feel comfortable on the motorway at 140 km/h and drove to the parking lot.
  9. Sold my car in Berlin - need advice

    What do you expect from a 18 year old car? You are not a child anymore. When you sign a contract, it is binding! Why didn't you get red plates and drive the car to you mechanic to check it. If you would have checked the car you would have seen" that the brake pads were full of grease".  
  10. Only in America...

    I don't understand how you get a minature horse weighing more than 50kg into a seat on a plane:   Miniature horses still cleared to fly as service animals "Your next flight could feel more like a petting zoo. Miniature horses are among the types of service animals the US Department of Transportation has approved for planes in its latest ruling on the matter. The decision came after more than a year of deliberations over how to regulate service animals and emotional support animals on flights. Travelers have tried to bring in all kinds of animals onto flights in recent years, from peacocks to pet pigs."   A 50kg horse is allowed, but peacock not. (only if you leave the pea at home) A horse in a plane: Must be business class.  
  11. DHL lost my package. Have I any comeback?

    I sent a parcel with car parts to the US and for 3 weeks the location did not change. I "contacted" them via   The nasty thing is, that you don't get a telphone number and nobody called me. I had to send files with my complaints. (After three weeks my parcel appered. Possibly stuck at the customs.)  
  12. Car Insurance Claim

    It's very simple: get a lawyer. Insurance will only pay if they are forced to.  
  13. How to date without tinder

    Maybe they are afraid that they would end up wearing a burka?
  14. Car registration address change

    No  telephones at HDI?