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  1. Just read in "Der Spiegel":   International gangs The billion Euro business of shop lifters Internationale Banden Das Milliardengeschäft der Ladendiebe Der Staat zeigt sich machtlos, die Händler sind frustriert: Millionen Ladendiebstähle pro Jahr verursachen in Deutschland einen enormen Schaden. Offenbar schlagen immer häufiger gut organisierte Banden zu.   " Sehr oft reisen die professionell agierenden Täter aus dem Ausland an. So ist der Anteil Nicht-Deutscher, die des schweren Ladendiebstahls verdächtigt werden, seit 2007 rasant gestiegen, von 40 auf inzwischen knapp 70 Prozent. Die Profis kommen nach Erkenntnissen der Ermittler verstärkt aus Osteuropa, Nordafrika und Georgien. " So, the share of non-Germans  is already 70%. The professional thiefs come from Eastern Europe, North Africa and Georgia. If I were I store detective I would doe "racial profiling" and concentrate on non-Germans.  
  2. Wedding Harry and Meghan

    Why did they used this Jaguar E-Type Concept Car with the steering wheel on the Continent side: Did they wanted to show that the Royals are against Brexit?
  3. Wedding Harry and Meghan

    The only guy who knew how to dress was George Clooney. When I saw the other guys I understood what "morning suit" means: jacket and vest but you can leave your pyjama trousers on. Men with tatoos and sun glasses at a Royal Wedding? I first thought it was Jack the Ripper. Some people can wear what they want and be very rich,you immediately see lower working class.
  4. @BayrischDude: When you keep the windows of your bedroom tilted during cold nights, cold air will enter and warm, moist air will leave the room. In the gap between window and wall the cold air cools the warm wet air and water can condense on the reveal. If the conditions are right mold can grow. A second point, you burn a lot of gas/oil/wood to heat your house and thne you open a hole to heat the universe. In your car only 30% of the fuel is used propell the car, 70% is heat. You may use it or not. If you have a draft in your car you may get a stiff neck. I think, that's proven.   PS I prefer 22 to 24°C in the bedroom. I don't like quilts and blankets and all this stuff. My legs need freedom! ..and we have two matresses, a harder one for me and a softer for my wife, a towel for me as a blanket and a thicker one for my wife. (we also both have our own clothes and don't share anything)
  5. Legal financial duties of marriage

    If he owes certain people money, I would not exclude that those guys would try to get the money from you. It's called "Moskauinkasso"
  6. Legal financial duties of marriage

    Leave him in his Vietnam mentality and file for divorce otherwise I see problems ahead.  
  7. ..and 70% of the "recycled" plastic is burned in domestic incinerators. Which is actually good, since otherwise they would have to inject heating oil to burn the residual waste. PS I am still waiting for tooth brushes made from recycled toilet brushes. Would be a killer application.  
  8. So, you first burn thousends of liters of heating oil and then vent the energy it into the athmosphere? Obviously, your wife is not a voter of the Greens.
  9. If you live in your own house you could drill two large holes into to walls and buy a ventilation system with heat exchanger like this one: Cold air is sucked in and heated with the same amount of air from the bedroom. Always fresh air without the need to ventilate the room. The air is filtered. Also special filters for allergic people are available. Cost: approx. 1200€/room. Problem solved.
  10. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Russians are tough. Even using 100g of the most letal nerve poison is not enough to kill them. Ex-spy Sergei Skripal discharged after poisoning Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal has been discharged from hospital after being poisoned with a nerve agent in Salisbury. The 66-year-old was found slumped on a park bench in the city on 4 March, with his daughter Yulia. They were taken to Salisbury District Hospital's intensive care unit, where they were stabilised after being exposed to Novichok. Ms Skripal was released on 9 April and was moved to a secure location.   So, the only victims were 2 guinea pigs (they starved in Skripals house) and the house cat which was killed and burned by the Brits (the only witness, it knew to much).  
  11. Getting scammed by the car handler

    Only private persons can sell a car without garantee. That's why dealers only sell old cars "im Kundenauftrag", meaning you buy the car from the previous owner. No reputable dealer will sell old cars. Too risky.  
  12. Getting scammed by the car handler

    Nobody would give a garantee for such a cheap/old car. Should there be a problem with the gearbox 5 month after the sale, the vendor possibly would have to fork out 3000€. The shops that did that in the past are surely all bankrupt now.
  13. Car modifications

    Why don't you just go to the TÜV and ask? If you ask in advance and only modify what's allowed you should have no problems. It's also possible to built a car:
  14. What made you smile today?

    This morning I heard on the radio that the autobahn A3 had to be closed for hours since there were 5 water buffalos on the tarmac:   Wasserbüffel sorgen für Vollsperrung der A3 Fünf Wasserbüffel haben in Nordrhein-Westfalen über Stunden den Verkehr auf der Autobahn 3 lahmgelegt. Erst am Morgen konnten die Tiere von der Straße geholt werden
  15. What made you laugh today?

    Social justice warriors, as thick as a brick: Why Do So Many White People Speak Non-White Languages? Cultural appropriation is a real issue, okay?  One of the worst cases of this is in the realm of second languages.  Caucasians love to appropriate cultures through language as a way to intrude on the lives of those who might not speak their language.  It’s seen as “fun” or “interesting”. For those of you into anime, I’m sure you’re aware of the weeaboo problem.  Some white anime fans love to appropriate Japanese hair styles, musical tastes, and even the Japanese language itself.  This is one blog that demonstrates the problems of non-Japanese people learning Japanese. Spanish is another issue  and tumblr has had this debate before.  You see so many white kids at high school or college who are proud to be able to speak Spanish.  Why not speak a European language like German instead of appropriating the culture of minorities?