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  1. Left scene of an accident before police arrived

    I think, if the value of a car (befor the accident) was lower than the costs of the damage, the insurance would only reimburse the value of the car. So, possible the lady would have to pay 1000€ out of her pocket. That's the problem with older cars that are in a good condition, but are only worth 1000€. If somebody damages door and fender - 3000€ damage. You only get 1000€. However, you will not be able to buy the same car again for 1000€.  
  2. Explosion on London tube train   The 5 countries where people click most on ISIS propaganda "Who looks at Islamist extremist content online? A new study ( released Tuesday by the Policy Exchange think tank based in London, whose reports often inform government policy in Britain, ranked the top consumers of propaganda produced by the Islamic State, by country of origin, as measured by clicks. The top consumers of Islamic State videos were from Turkey, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Britain, which registered the largest number of clicks in Europe."   I think, we can expect more terrorist attacks in Britain.    
  3. Best strategies for two couples

    From 2007 to 2015 in average 1000000 people visited the Oktoberfest on the first weekend. In 2016 the number dropped to 500000. This years estimate was 600000. People seem to don't like fences, Merkel Lego and all that security stuff. It should not be too full this year.
  4. Left scene of an accident before police arrived

    If you damage my car, I can decide whether I repair it or leave it as it is and just take the money (minus some %) - not you. If you damage my Mercedes, I can go to Mercedes - independent of the size of the showroom- and let them repair it. I don't need to go to an indy with my 200000€ SLR. I suggest you just don't damage the property of other people.  
  5. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

      Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know Hamburg is in Germany. There was a time when parts of it belonged to Denmark, long ago.  
  6. AfD on the rise

    my problem is that so many refugees don't respect German law: Migrants found by German police in back of truck go missing "Almost all of the 51 Iraqi refugees found in the back of a truck in the German town of Eisenhüttenstadt on Saturday have gone missing. Officials are waiting to see if the refugees register at another reception center. The missing Iraqi migrants were most likely picked up in Eisenhüttenstadt and driven away by relatives already living in Germany, said Frank Nürnberger, head of the town's reception facility, speaking with Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. While it remains unclear when exactly the refugees left the facility, unconfirmed reports stated that a number of people got into cars with license plates registered in Bielefeld. Read more: German police find 51 migrants in Turkish truck Two of the migrants found in the back of the truck reportedly stayed at the facility. On Saturday, German police found 51 migrants, including 17 children, crammed inside the back of a Turkish truck on the border with Poland. Officers described the "harrowing image" from inside the truck, where all the travelers were thirsty and hungry, with some showing signs of dehydration. They were all taken to the Eisenhüttenstadt facility, while the truck's driver, a 46-year-old Turkish citizen,"   Of course without passports. They just decided to go to another town. The law in Germany is not enforced. These kinds of incidents are the reason why the AfD is on the rise.        
  7. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

    "I don't care about neighbors, it's my shop!! Neighbors should get out of my lawn! It'll definitely be a workshop cause i have so many plans and not just bikes but cars and heavy machinery."   That's the kind of attitude (not only) Germans like. Is Erdogan your father?  
  8. Why isn't Lower Saxony actually lower?

    What about the sex in Middlesex? Is it better than in Sussex?
  9. What made you laugh today?

    OK, not for everyone..
  10. Dissertation instructor

    Why not a ghostwriter? Ghostwriting has a long tradition in Germany. Especially dissertations.
  11. Food allergies - where to eat?

    Search google for "steakhouse frankfurt" I am pretty sure if you order plain beef, it's sugar, wheat/gluten, dairy free.    
  12. Don't some public insurance already impose a "Zusatzbeitrag" since they spent more money than they take in?
  13. zwiebelfisch: I don't understand why you recommend the TK for him. If all people with low income and rotten teeth join the TK, your and my premiums will increase! I also would never recommend my local doctors on the Internet. Their waiting rooms are already full enough.
  14. Only in America...   "The First Count of Fentanyl Deaths in 2016: Up 540% in Three Years Drug overdoses killed roughly 64,000 people in the United States last year, according to the first governmental account of nationwide drug deaths to cover all of 2016. It’s a staggering rise of more than 22 percent over the 52,404 drug deaths recorded the previous year "   "This is the first national data to break down the growth by drug and by state. We’ve known for a while that fentanyls were behind the growing count of drug deaths in some states and counties. But now we can see the extent to which this is true nationally, as deaths involving synthetic opioids, mostly fentanyls, have risen to more than 20,000 from 3,000 in just three years. "   " It’s an epidemic hitting different parts of the country in different ways. People are accustomed to thinking of the opioid crisis as a rural white problem, with accounts of Appalachian despair and the plight of New England heroin addicts. But fentanyls are changing the equation: The death rate in Maryland last year outpaced that in both Kentucky and Maine. "   Is living in the US such a pain that so many people need drugs"
  15. Help! issue with flooding and police misconduct

    The only thing you need to know in Germany is to call 112 and not Porsche.