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  1. Only in America

    There are reasons to carry a gun.   God made men and Sam Colt made them equal.
  2. Only in America

    When you run out of chicken nuggets in Chicago: Strange, the is white and all rioters are black.
  3. Only in America

    If I remember correctly, Trump was elected in a democratic election. So, it was the will of the voters.
  4. I would throw everything out! Don't mess around with that old sh.. What about the water pipes? Are they also that old? I would not risk a breakage. 10cm of water in the living room is no fun. Better you do it before you move in than opening the walls when furniture and wallpapers are there.
  5. Where to purchase motor oil for car ?

    I don't live in Heidelberg. I live in a little town some km away from Hd.
  6. Not that I know. You should ask a local electrician to check the installation. How old is the building? To my knowledge electrical installations have a life expactancy of 40 years. That doesn't mean that older installations are dangerous to be used. However, in the last years some safety requirements changed, e.g. RCD's are now erverywhere. Possibly you only have to replace the distribution box, if there are already 3 wire cables in the walls you should not need to replace them, even if they are older than 40 years.
  7. Where to purchase motor oil for car ?

    Not in my town! They say, return to the shop where you bought it.
  8. Where to purchase motor oil for car ?

    You can buy all brands of motor oil on the Internet, but do you do with the used oil?
  9. Wärmepumpe - too expensive, aren't they?

    My very late answer: if the ground is not too sandy you can extract approx. 80W/m if you use the "Ringgrabenkollektor" from "" So, if the ditch is 100m long you should be able to extract 8kW. + 2kW from the grid (the heat pump needs energy) you get 10kW which should be enough for a modern 150m² house at -15°C. If you have extracted to much energy from the soil end of winter, the water around the tube will freeze, however, freezing will release even more energy. In spring you will have a block of ice under you lawn, but over the summer it will melt. The guys who recommended this type of collected said the "6 feet under" is optimal, meaning, you have too make sure that no ancient grave yard is under your plot of land.
  10. The War in Ukraine

    The tanks they are talking about are outdated Leopard 1 from scrap yards. The soldiers in the Ukraine are used to Russian T64's, T72's. How long does it take to train the 3 man crew to effectively use the tank? Three month? And they would have to be trained in Germany.
  11. The War in Ukraine

    I would say yes, however, I think it is a photo from last year. Did we hear anything else than lies from the Russians? I saw many interviews of Russian soldiers and young adults living in the Ukraine with a Russian father and a Ukraine mother or vice versa. There blieved the Russian propaganda and not what their children told them. Ridiculous! Here is an example (the telephone call is at the end):