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  1. Germany to recognise third gender

    What is the 3rd gender? It-girls?
  2.   How the US Government Makes Gun Records Impossible to Trace The agency gets more than 1,000 requests for gun traces each day. But even small-town libraries have better record-keeping systems. The trace starts with a call or fax to the National Trace Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia. A police department has recovered a gun at a crime scene that was bought from a dealer that has since gone out of business. The inquiring officer turns to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to find out who purchased the weapon and when.   Federally licensed gun dealers are required to submit sales records to the ATF when they close up shop. The agency has acquired a massive library of such records: some 285 million, which it scans and digitizes. Those documents are saved into one of the 25 "data systems" that help the ATF source guns used in crimes. The physical records, some 8,000 boxes, are then stashed away in the Trace Center building. Another 7,000 or so are kept in nine shipping containers outside. They are stored there to keep the floor inside from collapsing. The good news is that agents usually don't need to search the boxes by hand. The bad: The computerized system isn't much better. The ATF's record-keeping system lacks certain basic functionalities standard to every other database created in the modern age. Despite its vast size, and importance to crime fighters, it is less sophisticated than an online card catalog maintained by a small town public library. To perform a search, ATF investigators must find the specific index number of a former dealer, then search records chronologically for records of the exact gun they seek. They may review thousands of images in a search before they find the weapon they are looking for. That's because dealer records are required to be "non-searchable" under federal law. Keyword searches, or sorting by date or any other field, are strictly prohibited. The government takes making gun records difficult to search quite seriously. A Government Accountability Office report released last month concluded that in two data systems, the ATF did not always comply with "restrictions prohibiting consolidation or centralization" of records. The GAO, which is tasked with making sure federal agencies follow the law, was essentially chiding the ATF for making it a bit easier for its hundreds of investigators to do their jobs. Why are there so many boxes of records anyway? Until very recently, gun dealers were prohibited from using electronic, cloud-based computing systems unless the ATF granted them specific permission to do so. As a result, many records are on index cards, water-stained paper, or, in some instances, even toilet paper and napkins. "   Have fun reading it!      
  3. What about a gatling gun on the altar? Like a "TERRORIST KILLER US military GAU 19B 50 Cal Gatling Gun" "Another great weapon for the US military and us army. Could prove useful in combating terrorists in Texas" Since many Americans worship weapons more the Jesus, replacing the cross with a gun seems straightforward for me.
  4. Possibly he won the rifle in a church raffle like the one I cited in my post before.
  5. 1. Guns are made to kill people. 2. Another proof that there is no god. 3. Concerning weapons and churches -> 4. Don't call me cynic
  6. Harassment law in Germany

    .and everytime you get an email, SMS, telefone call, sent a copy to his parents.
  7. When is a good time to ask for a raise?

    I would not ask for a raise directly. Ask you boss for a personal conversation and ask him how satisfied he is with your work. Possibly talk about the things you like or dislike etc. The last thing should be that you ask him if he would consider a pay rise for you. (If he only has complaints you should skip it)
  8. For dogs with a pedigree use "Sie", for dogs without, "Du".
  9. In Germany you use "Du" only if you talk to children (or people you know well). Using "Du" with strangers means, you don't respect them.   " Is it the British equivalent of wearing your underwear on your head in public... " No It's the equivalent of putting your underwear on the head of the one you address.   It doesn't hurt to be a little to formal and use "Sie". If the other one doesn't like it he/she will anyhow suggest to use "Du"
  10. What made you smile today?

    Guy gets a Ph.D. in threesomes — and his findings are titillating "A British man got a Ph.D. in threesomes after discovering there are few academic studies about the steamy sexual dynamic, according to a report. Ryan Scoats, a researcher at Birmingham City University, was inspired to study ménage à trois after having a hot one with his ex-girlfriend and another woman, he told Later, he tried to read up on the subject and found it hadn’t been thoroughly researched — especially threesomes among two men and one woman. He pitched it to the university as the focus of his Ph.D. and spent months surveying college-age people about their sexual encounters, the site reported."   I think, I studied at the wrong university.
  11. Only in Berlin

    And thus, they deserve a monument! 2016: Immortalising Berlin’s drug dealers with a monument An American artist has gained political support to erect statues for ‘the last heroes’ Writing in a petition to the local government, Holmquist states: “Drug dealers perform a socially valuable service appreciated by many people – especially where they are easily reached, in the middle of the neighbourhood, and especially in parks.” " The petition has sparked debate from within the Pirate Party, as reported by Berliner Zeitung. Speaking to Artnet News, party spokesperson Felix Just said: “We welcome this proposal because it allows for the discussion about the conditions in Görlitzer Park to be expanded beyond a debate over criminality.” "
  12. Only in Berlin

    We have a thread "Only in America". I think we also need a thread "Only in Berlin" We know, that they are unable to built an airport, but that's not what this post is about. From Nov. 22th 'til January 14th there will be an exhibition with presentation about "Berlin Park Drug Sellers". (possibly the reason, why they are unable to built an airport) No, not in the local jail, it's in the Friedrichshain Kreuzberg Museum. Germany would be better off with a wall around Berlin.
  13. Timber framed house - pros and cons please

    Walls don't breath!! If you have a well insullating wall you must avoid that moist air comes in contact with cold material. water+ organic material >mold Also wooden houses have a membrane that is almost steam tight for that reason. Inform yourself how houses are built in germany nowadays. Don't ask these questions in forums where people mostly know nothing about construction techniques.
  14. Timber framed house - pros and cons please

    Wood is not a beamter, so be prepared that it works. How many stories does the house have? If you have a wooden ceiling, expect that you will notice when people are walking. However, this is something you can check. One reason why I don't like wooden houses is that if a tube has a leakage you can have water in the walls. Wood will start rotting and you will have a lot of trouble to repair it.
  15. Tips on getting an apartment?

    Since 2009 we are living in our own house, the years before I lived in 7 appartments. Nobody asked for references.