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  1. Best options for new central heating system

    A drum with a diameter of 1m and a height of 1.5m already contains 1200l. You don't have that space in you building?
  2. Numbers have already been invented. It would be good to know what high means in numbers. Not the €'s but kWH/a.
  3. Diesel Euro 4 across German cities?

    I would first check, how high the fines are. In Germany it is definitely cheaper to pay the fines than buying a new car. No risk no fun. (Says somebody who's car once had a red sticker. I removed it. Looks much better now.) What he should avoid is parking on the streets. He should use parking garages.
  4. What is the fine for a car accident

    Even if you would have killed the cyclist, the chance that you would go to jail are slim. Possibly after the 10th..
  5. Odd news

    Not all ships are female. I know at least one exception (from wikipedia): " 1992 wurde der Peter von Danzig, benannt nach der gleichnamigen Kogge, vom Akademischen Seglerverein Verein (ASV) in Kiel als neue Hochseeyacht und Ersatz für die im Vorjahr verkaufte Yawl gleichen Namens in Dienst gestellt. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Nissen 55, einen Einzelbau. Der Peter hat mittlerweile 11 Atlantiküberquerungen hinter sich und eine Weltumrundung. Er gewann einmal den Schlimbach-Preis "   The best thing about rules is, that they have exceptions.
  6. Scum of the Day

    Rotterham in Germany   The article is about the 21 year old Iraqi who raped and killed a 14 year old in Wiesbaden sorry, the article is behind a paywall:   I used deepl to translate some lines   The case against Ali B. His tactic of approaching young, inexperienced girls, in his eyes all "sluts", was well-considered. He, the eldest, sent his little brother away, who not only dealt with drugs like a professional, but also knew how to make contacts to girls between eleven and 13 years - seemingly harmless, almost childish, "sweet" just that. When these girls let all caution drive, he appeared according to the indictment - Ali, the big brother. You have to be careful of him, warned the younger one. Because Ali struck. Ali always had a knife with him. And Ali was constantly on the lookout for "virgins". If he was looking for one, he would say, "Bring her to me!" ... In court, his clever approach becomes clear: how he sent young Keysi forward to lull Susanna to safety until he was finally alone with her. How he tortured her for five hours until he decided to eliminate her. He admits the killing, but not the rape. It was consensual, he claims. Before, Susanna had sent calls for help by text message to her friends in vain, if she could stay overnight with them. He "touched" her. ... All witnesses had noticed that Susanna's desperate mother searched in vain for her. Everyone knew what Ali B. had presumably done. They remained silent because they feared that Keysi would be deported along with his family. He should stay and so should the other "cool guys". Three girls wanted to see the crime scene and the hole with the body. A fourteen-year-old, who is now suspected of having helped Ali B. to bury the body, led her through woods and fields, where they were disappointed to find out that nothing could be seen. Childlike naivety or indifference? ... He said, "He fucked it up," Ali B. said to apologize. He now has too few cigarettes and too few television programs and no holidays, he complains. He had only killed one girl, all girls in Wiesbaden were "sluts". Before the trial, an expert asked him what he liked about Germany. He replied that one could get money without working here, that one could have sex without having to fear family language, and that one could drink alcohol and trade drugs. There are worlds colliding.   Parents, keep an eye on your daughters.
  7. Bank no longer accepting my iTan numbers

    To do Internet banking, I use a Knoppix (Linux) system on a USB stick or on DVD and iTAN. I would not consider this unsafe. Doesn't matter if there is a virus on my Windows. I don't use it. (I know, I have to change in September)
  8. E-bikes that enable you to as fast as 40km/h are not allowed on bicycle path and need an insurance (also license plate?) Just read, that e-scooters are not allowed on pedestrian paths in France.
  9. Bank no longer accepting my iTan numbers

    I dug even deeper and found that they think about also using the card reader method. More information in summer.   What makes me angry is, that they offer free accounts and assume you have an smartphone. If not, get one with costs of 500€ per year. (I also found that that they still support mTAN).
  10. Best options for new central heating system

    Here is an example for a horizontal loops heat exchanger: You of course need a garden large enough to dig a 100m trench. Buy 1000m of 3cm PE tube, should cost you 1000€. Rent an excavator with a 1.2m bucket ask some friends to help you. Cheapest method.  
  11. Best options for new central heating system

    Heat pumps are only efficient, if they don't have to cope with a too large temperature difference. If you want 22°C room temperature -in a house with underfloor heating- you need a floor temperature of 24°C (if it's not too cold outside).  In the scred you loose approx. 6°C so the water in the underfloor heating should be 30°C. If the outside temperature is 0°C yould need to "pump" from 0 to 30°C. (air heat pump) If you have digged 1000m of PE tube 2m deep in your garden you only need to pump from approx. 10 to 30°C. In 2m depth the temperaure is approx. 10° for a long time in winter. To generate 4kW of heat you will need 1kW of electrical energy. Radiators need a water temperature between 45 and 50°C. When a heat pump has to produce taht warm water the effiency goes down a lot probably you need 2kW to produce 4kW of heat. When the temperature difference is even larger you will heat your house completely with electricity.   All the thermal energy a house looses through walls, windows and the roof has to be provided by the heating. If you have underfloor heating it has to go through the floor. If you have a modern house that needs 60kWh/m²*a the temperature of the floor will be pleasant. If you have a house that needs 240kWh/m²/g. The floor will be unpleasantly warm and you will get a decent bill from your electricity provider. Last year our house needed 7500kWh for 130m² -> 58kWh/m²/a.   Spiderpig: keep it simple. I would suggest pellets. LPG is the most expensive heating option. Forget heat pumps!    
  12. Sounds like you have been trained in the Department of Propaganda. Was Goebbels your boss?
  13. Who the hell needs a "creative communications expert"? For me that's a very "odd job"   Germany needs teachers, doctors and engineers.    
  14. As far as I know, you can only buy a car "without" VAT, if it belonged to a company, meaning bought without VAT. (the offers than say "MWSt ausweisbar") If the car was bought by a private person you can't claim the VAT back. (as far as I know). Anyhow, the people in Lux have the highest income in Europe, why do you care about peanuts (2% difference in VAT)? Possibly the dealer wants to avoid trouble. If he sells a car without VAT and you do some tax evasion, they can get into ntrouble .  
  15. Did the German Zoll say that? Possibly you have to pay the VAT and get it back later?