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  1. Buying Land + grunderwerbsteuer

    Resurrecting old topic please. I am in the process of buying a plot of land from the Stadt (Gemeinde). Will the notar be involved in this type of contract (Between a private citizen and the Gemeinde). I know I will still have to pay the  grunderwerbsteur.
  2. Did anyone attend BAMF's "Deutsch fuer den Beruf"?

    Thank you @Space Cowboy, I contacted the Agentur für Arbeit agent; We would not have to pay anything as she is jobless
  3. Did anyone attend BAMF's "Deutsch fuer den Beruf"?

    My wife (unemployed) has received a Berechtigungsschein from the Agentur für Arbeit to attend the Berufsbezogener Sprachkurs. It is stated in the Berechtigungsschein that it is free for unemployed, but those in employment with income above 20.000 or 40.000 jointly assessed annual income will pay 50% of the cost. If I do my annual tax return as jointly assessed will we pay the 50% of the cost, as I earn more than 40.000 Thanks  
  4. The embassy does not answer phone. Thanks
  5. I will be travelling with my non EU wife to the UK. She has EU family permit visa. We will be travelling this christmas and I will only stay in the UK for few days, but she will stay for another 2 weeks. Will it be a problem if I return to Germany before her or must we return at he same time.
  6. Does anyone knows if EU family permit will still be issued post Brexit. I'm travelling to the UK with my spouse in December for christmas.