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    "Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar" - not if you are gay or black or dreadlocked, ich glaube nicht.


    You are a Fritzy lurker aren't you, Frank?  No worries.  Can you recommend any local contacts?




    As I said, I had dreads, am married to a black descending woman and, well dunno, my days with the gays are long ago, but apart from that, can speak of experience. I could tell you some funny stories, but I think alot of the ppl here just want to stick with their picture in mind and not mine.


  2. I really can not believe a word here. Apart from not seeing to much h ppl on the streets, when I go out, I smell weed if I want to. And police does a good job not to over react. Ok, as I had rasta locks they screened me twice, that is sad, but I really had my fun. They dont force you to do anything. Not like take your cloth of and give you a blow job or something. Only if a nice police she. :P


    "Gegen die Menschwürde" § 1 GGB "Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar"


  3. For a woman something easy as spray should do it. there is puncture repair spray for bikes that does it without changing anything. Forget about the text on it. Works nice even for years.


    And YES, I actually know how to do it with a std. puncture repair kit.


  4. hmm tricky question indeed (where I as a german seem to know the difference between changing a tire and a wheel), this one is more like:


    1. Ever understand why the "hinterland" ppl voted for bush

    2. Understand in general (Politics, Grouping etc)

    3. Why after 2 bottels of wine I can still walk straight

    4. Why I listen to X-Mas music just now ?

    5. Hmm, Ohh, can you hear me thinking. *fart*


  5. too...I was 'okay' with No Doubt...but this is quite funky.  Hope she keeps it up!





    Gwen roxxoors :)


    Else I´m mainly into reggae, dancehall, soul, rnb, jazz, rock, metall, "good" techno such as breakbeats and ambient music.


    /ja maaan


  6. After all it comes down to "DO NOT GENERALISE", no german and no other nation. People are different here as they are everywhere else. It all depends on your specific constellation. *Erm* No I´m not an astreologist :P


  7. Didnt get any Stamps, but wanted something to send to my family. As I then went to the local post office the week later to send it out, and pay for it, I asked and complained that I didnt get a stamp. The guy behind the counter only replied, alot would have not received it, but everybody was free that friday to use one from the local post office. they had them on stock :P


  8. I must say I thought the same as I lived my 2 years in the UK. The wine is amongst the most expensive and usually has one and the same taste, if it didnt go vinegar by wrong handling. Veggies and Salates are OK, but I dont want to know how they where farmed and still way to expensive.


    About Service ? To be honest, I never really need more then to "where is this or that" and that worked out nicely in the UK as it does here. Last time I had housewarming party here in munich and had not enough glasses, quickly went to the HL around the corner and she gave me a handfull for free, because it where the last ones from somewhere out of a corner. Something for free in UK ? no way. only thing you get there for free is trouble.


    24h shopping? If I should really need anything badly on the times where grocerie stores are closed, I go to the gas station shop. More then that I usually suffer more with the people that have to work for low pay in the night.


    What I recognized when I first moved from my home area in palatinate to munich, you can get some bad stuff sold here, that they would not dare to sell there. Because the customers wouldnt come back. It seems to be, that there´s more demand for certain stuff and its wide spread that around the corner stores have not the freshiest almost whereever you go in and around munich.


    and I never had the idea to see something there, that I wouldnt get here. I actually think theres a bigger variaty in drinks, hardware and food here then in the UK.


    my 5 €c


  9. I dont think the german social system should move into free market direction as I dont think that all Krankenkassen have to be merged. Both will simply be wrong and not helping the general economy. What I support is a stronger inclusion of > 46500 € into the gesetzliche Krankenkassen. This could also result into easier/smaller surgery/dental care will be payed by them and not the > 46500 € private insurance will have to, which then must result into less pay for actually having the private insurance.



    German men are still people.

    I do know some very funny and charming German men, like I know some very funny and charming men from other countries.

    Perhaps they are not funny and charming at all, it could be my distorted perception of the world per se.

    Perhaps my personal humour and charm is just being projected onto other people and all other people in the universe of all sexes and nations are in fact reflections of my wondrous personality being scattered by the light radiating from the stars.

    Alternatively it could be that I am talking complete and utter bollocks yet again.

    You can tell I'm on prescription painkillers for my back, can't you?


    Yours, heading for rehab,


    PS All the tablets are for meeeeeeeeeee. You can't have any of them.





    :) nice Katrina. I know that painkiller feeling. :rolleyes:

    Regarding the actual post, I feel as if I have to say, speaking entirely for myself, I am entertaining and spontaneous and a good l0v3r! :P


  11. It is free, also if you did not pay into the health insurance.


    My uncle (german) went to sea for 30 years, and payed not into the health systems here.

    As he returned he gotten terribly sick and got FREE treatment. In that case the Sozialamt of the local Council makes arrangements.


    I think if its necessary it doesnt even matter if you are german or not, you´ll get FREE treatment.


    Ofcause that will not work with everybody, else nobody is paying into the pot!