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  1. Hi,

    So I am a Master student who has been unable to mobilize the full €11,000+ needed for a full year residence permit. I understand that without this there is no way I can obtain an "Aufenthaltserlaubnis" that is a year long. I do have some money but it is not adequate for a year. But is there a chance that I could perhaps get at least a Fiktionsbescheinigung or maybe some breathing time regarding money? Like I could apply with all my other documents... Or do they usually reject the application ASAP when they see the full money is not there?


  2. @LydiaAK: Wow that sounds fun! Like a lot of events :) Can't wait to attend curry night especially though.


    On 10/03/2016, 17:13:50, AnswerToLife42 said:




    I study chemical engineering bachelor's. Yes frankly it was a bit of a shock for me too that they had to subtly comment on unnecessary things. 


    No I don't. 


    @dan_JT: Yes, so over the pastfew weeks I managed to get a few things done. I went to the Counselling and Student Services office to get some help. They made some valid points and scolded me a bit for being too timid and being too lazy to make new connections despite having been given opportunities  to do so lol. Although I do agree with them a lot. So they gave me a series of pep talks and asked me to take the summer semester as a fresh start to meet new people and sign up for clubs. I hope it all goes down well. I hope so :) :)


    I also wanted to ask if you have any additional suggestions to you know be a bit more popular and easily more likeable among the crowd of students of this culture. I just hope I don't keep making a fool of myself and become shunned after my first interaction with everyone I meet. I do agree I have to be myself. But a more appropriate and better version of myself. Frankly my first term at college was an eye-opener, I learnt: that the real world is not very different from high school.


    Also thank you all for really some good advice on not to be around with the mean group of people. I was way to desperate and clingy and couldn't see that they were actually being jerks. I thought I was "mean" if I did not keep being "nice" to them. I guess its better to have no friends for some time than being friends with anybody who would just make your life hard.




  3. @kiplette: yes definitely going for it, I need to pluck some courage and try to join one of these clubs. I am a bit of a procrastinator lol so yeah i will have to double the effort to get out there and make new connections soon. I did not particularly follow what an "incrowd phenomena" - has it to do with some club we have to join? Although its in England I havent seen something like that in Munich as of yet over the past few months. However i have managed to distance myself from the group - not in a physical way - i still proceed to class with them. But its like i have cut a certain emotional chord in my mind where my happiness no longer depends on how they treat me. It's liberating actually :) Oh yeah I have scheduled an appointment with student counselling office for the next week so hope it goes well! I hope by the next semester which will start in April I will be all settled and happy.



    @LydiaAK: Yeah I felt that Stammtisch situation was quite a shocker too :'( :'( Anyways I totally agree :) it's far more liberating to let go of them (at least in my mind) so even if I smile or talk to them I don't expect them to reciprocate because they won't. So I hang out with them but I am definitely nothing more than merely a classmate of theirs. Yes I would love to meet up sometime very soon - at the moment it's a bit stressful because of tests and submissions for practical work - but I hope to finish it off faster and thoroughly. Are there Toytown Munich meetups? I would love to get to know you all! :) :)


    @Metall: :( :( I can completely relate to that feeling. Even in school I felt that way all the time. Its nice to hear that now things are better for you. Frankly at the time of graduating high school I had this wish that my adult life should be  more straightforward and nothing like my school days. Honestly all that drama and cattiness were too much for me to handle lol :D Unfortunately I am feeling that things are almost the same. Not as dramatised and immature as school, and there may be quite more number of people who are real and genuine but for the most part I feel the real world is just a continuation of high school. 


    @trr: oh yeah that snickering does feel terrible and how much ever confident one is being jeered at or mocked does feel hurt. But it's nice to hear things turned around for you and the situation got better  :) I hope for the same. I shall wait to find the right people.


    @Joanie: the chilly and unfriendly treatment is indeed very perplexing to have to endure because one is left to wonder what wrong one has done to be treated that way. I am really glad for you and how you found friends that could relate to the feelings :) . Finding the correct people certainly does take a while and I shall try to be patient and build a long listening relationship with a few close friends. I wasn't able to understand the "German thing" like "why you are talking to me". Frankly I think that's a bit too rude lol.











  4. @Erdmann Hmmm yeah I also thought that I was imagining things and maybe things here work differently. But even as months keep passing by I am noticing that they are behaving very differently with me in particular. They are trying to make it clearer and clearer that they don't like me through their actions without explicitly saying it. But I am afraid one say they will ask me to stay away, its been many months and the situation is not getting better. I shall just give up trying to be close and friendly to them because I am finding its not worth it. Yes, I really agree with your point - to channel my energies into something I am passionate about instead. I thought I could join the film or book review club or robotics. Maybe I might make a few connections :) I am also so glad and happy to hear you had a wonderful college experience :) I'd love to hear about it.


    @LydiaAK Yes I really agree with you - I feel by now it's high time to slowly dissociate myself from the group of classmates as they seem to be being meaner and meaner day by day. Just yesterday I gave it my last and final chance when I went out with them for Stammisch and when I went to use the bathroom (I told them I am going) I came back and saw that nobody bothered to wait. I know that I have been living here for some months now and should be independent but the place we went was unfamiliar and it was a rather scary experience having to ask dozens of strangers on the way where the bus stop is and where the group of girls and boys have gone. They pretended not to hear anything I said after I rejoined the group and asked them why they abandoned me. It's really enough I think - I am unable to endure the psychological torture of being nice to them and setting myself for failure because nobody cares to reciprocate. Lol sorry about that long rant, but I am really thinking and wondering whether such sort of behavior on their part is completely crossing a line. And if it really is high time for me to officially end things with them? I shall slowly try to find a few like-minded people I can get along with but as a terribly socially awkward person I occasionally wonder what if the next interaction also results in me making a fool of myself and yet more people hating me. And that feels a bit scary.



    @parabum: Yeah lol speaking of my family back home they keep asking me how I am and I have to say I am doing great and good. So they have no idea what's going on. But soon one of my cousins will be coming here to germany for a business trip and she will also be checking on how I am doing probably in April. Before that I really wish I could get settled so that nobody thinks anything is wrong with me. Thanks for your kind wishes :)



    @john g.: Yes I shall definitely not bother with those classmates anymore and I shall stop caring about fitting in. I don't think it's going to work as they have already made up their mind to dislike me. I hope I find a group of people soon. Thanks you for the wishes :)



    I was just wondering if I can send a message to anyone as I feel I might be a bit too personal to talk about all the situations and everything of the past 5 months here.




  5. Hi... Thanks for reading my post :) The rude people are the group of friends I go to class with. Because I study with them I thought I shall try to hang out with them but they are all seem to be unwelcoming. Yeah lol I am familiar with my friends borrowing my notes and stuff before tests and the rest of the time they pretend like I don't exist. They don't ask me to go away or anything, but I can seriously see it written all over their faces like they are trying to avoid me and get rid of me. They all hang out together underneath the slide after lecture is finished and then when I come and meet them they slowly start walking away. I understand what you are saying that the university is crowd is a mix of friendly and not so friendly people, nice and not so nice people. But I don't understand why everyone in my classes and clubs I try to meet are acting like snobs to me lol. I mean I doubt if all those people can be snobs. Therefore I am wondering if there is something about me in particular that is weird or not so attractive then I wish I could know what that is and change it. I have noticed that I am the shortest and shiest and well, ugliest among the lot of my friends... I have a high pitched voice and a funny accent ... I wonder if it has something to do with it. I mean some of them have explicitly commented or shown a disdain for what I look like. Lol, I just try to dress up decently and comfortably and may not look so nice but I hate being persecuted for that. I don't dress up like a freak but I look a bit boring someone has said. I really agree with you on the part where I shouldn't make myself uncomfortable to get friends. But whoever I meet and talk to just give me the same facial expression looking up and down and saying something very short or ignore me.Then I feel guilty and wonder if I offended and did something bad to the person. I wonder if this is some sort of a horrible nightmare that is not ending. I know I am here to study and get a degree but I hate being disrespected so much.


  6. Hello, I have been studying in Technical University of Munich since winter semester 2015. This post is just to express a few of my difficulties I have getting around here. This is not just a random rant I really am looking forward and hoping to have a solution and I would be really grateful if someone here can help me out. I don't mean to offend anyone here.


    Frankly put I am finding my life here a bit difficult. I mean I have settled down in terms of the finances and the academics and I am doing moderately well. But I am rather very lonely and depressed because for some reason it appears that people don't like me. I mean I know I should be more happy about my classes and education and should be happy about it but it just feels bad to live like an outcast.


    I don't remember being rude to anyone in my circle of friends. I just smile (not in a creepy random way at anyone who walks around, but in a welcoming way when someone walks up to me) and try to be polite and thoughtful. But often when I try to be nice it gets unrecognised and ignored. Nobody seems to say thank you when I try to be nice and do a favor. Also I don't understand why some people are being a bit superficial with me. They ask me why I am so short and why my clothes are not so pretty. There are these two girl in our friends circle who are rather brash, talkative and impatient and rather impolite in my opinion but they are tall and dress up like models and are beautiful and get away with doing anything. People dub me as boring and when I start to say anything (mostly I am quiet) they don't pay attention and roll eyes.


    Frankly I thought Germans were the most real and least superficial bunch of people. But all of this reminds me of high school once again. The cool pretty girls get away with being mean. The ones who are a bit "boring" and socially awkward always have to face social seclusion. I still don't mean to point finger at anyone. Someone please let me know where I could have possibly gone wrong. I try my best to be open and non-judging and forgiving. I help people but nobody had helped be once even when I asked. Do you think that everywhere someone goes looks and charm play a big role in being accepted by the group? Is there something really wrong with me? Lol frankly I don't think it's my fault if I am ugly and short and have no fashion sense.


    Once again thank you for reading this. I request you to kindly refrain from trolling and saying mean things. I am already very confused and all I wish is to sort things out.


  7. Hello,

    I will be going to LMU or TUM in October 2015 as an undergrad degree-seeking student. I just wanted to know the opinions of students who study there? How is life there? How are the people there? How are the classes and lectures? Are there many fun projects and research opportunities for students to partake in? Are there also other extra-curricular activities like conferences etc.? How are those? How is the student population there? Is it hard to settle down and get along with people? Are they friendly and fun with a good social life? Is it more fun and exciting than other unis in Europe?


    Thanks in advance... :) :)