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  1. Unable to pay Large Sum Personal Loan

      i will try to call the bank tomorrow and ask for temporarily waive the repayment which will make my life easy for now. i hope it will work and help me.   Schuldnerberatung is covered in rechtschutz or not?   thanks
  2. Recently i lost my job and i am on Arbeitlosgeld now. I have a personal loan from a bank of around 74000 outstanding. now i cant pay the installment of 1168 per month. i dont have any insurance for this loan amount.   so my question is what options do i have now can i ask bank to freeze the installment for sometime until i start a job then i will be able to pay? or should i engage i lawyer to deal with this   is there would be any criminal case against me because the loan amount is very big?   also i am getting eligible for the German passport in August 2021, is this going to effect that ?   thanks